Run For Cover – October 6th

It’s not uncommon for traditionally emo and punk bands to start to shift their genre with time – all you have to do is look at Title Fight and Turnover to see how it’s done – but Ohio four-piece Citizen have done it more dramatically with their latest record, As You Please. The balance between the impulsive, raging grunge and melodic emo is at its best here on ‘Medicine’ and the ethereal ‘In the Middle of It All’, with soft harmonies and glitchy drum fills that remind you of the more experimental band they’ve become. But what makes this record so gut wrenching at its core is the narration of fear, despair and hope lead singer Mat Kerekes expels – the human condition in nuanced at best, so having bands like Citizen navigate it so effortlessly on As You Please is as refreshing as it is devastating.

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