Citadel’s organisers could be forgiven for booking their two exclusive headliners, Sigur Ros and Caribou, and not bothering with the rest of the lineup. After all, plenty of festivals do exactly that. They nab their bigger acts and settle for a mediocre undercard – Citadel, however, appear keen to avoid the usual pitfalls. Admittedly, we were pretty much convinced to attend on the strength of those two acts alone, but the additions of Maribou State, Susanne Sundfør, Cat’s Eyes and The 2 Bears have us flocking to Victoria Park even quicker. While the musical acts that dominate the lineup are certainly impressive, there’s plenty in the small print to prompt surprise, and ensure that Citadel sets itself apart quite smartly.

If we’re utterly enticed by the musical offcuts, the choice of what to see and do first across the site is bound to be a little overwhelming. We’re known for our athleticism at London In Stereo so we never shy away from physical activity, even if we’re probably more suited to the provocatively titled Relay Rum Matches and Disco Dodgeball than the Tug Of War Battles. You’re welcome to line up against us on the playing field, but we feel like we’ve already got this one in the bag. Sorry.

After limbering (and seizing) up, we’ll seek out much-needed refreshment via the Corona Sunsets Stage featuring ice-cold beer and music from the Balearics apparently, which is a terrific combo in our book, or perhaps in the comforting embrace of old favourites Patty & Bun. If you fancy slowing down the pace, a special edition of Sunday Papers will fit the bill nicely, especially with an eye-catching roster of names involved such as Sofar Sounds and i-D. Alternatively, continue to attack the festival at breakneck speed by crashing onto the Rock N Roller Skate stage without pause for breath. We’d recommend staying relatively sober for that feat, however.

While exploring with Secret Adventures and tucking in at Eat Your Art are on our checklist, there is one moment that we certainly won’t miss: sunset. The atmosphere is electric. The distorted vocals of ‘Can’t Do Without You’ seep from the main stage and into the soles of your feet. Need we say more?

Get better acquainted with the line-up using this handy playlist

Citadel is on July 17th at Victoria Park, grab tickets now.