CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye // Album Review

96021Virgin EMI/Goodbye Records – out now

“I’ll go my way if I’m going at all,” sings Lauren Mayberry on Every Open Eye’s opening track: the message is clear. CHVRCHES are doing exactly what CHVRCHES want to do. Having eschewed an expensive studio in favour of their own Glasgow flat, there was money to be spent on all the Moogs their hearts desired and it shows. Synths dance through the album like dragonflies, ranging from classic ‘80s electro to something that sounds like a dotmatrix printer having a love affair with an accordion. This is a band that is older but trying not to be weighed down by it, as urgent beats underpin huge stadium bangers leading into a pensive, almost haunting ending. If Every Open Eye could be summed up in one song it would be ‘Make Them Gold’. It’s textbook CHVRCHES – pure pop shot through with thoughtful sentiment.

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Live: Alexandra Palace – November 27th