Christian Löffler gives us a tour of a day spent recording in his isolated studio on Germany’s Darss Penninsula.

Located next to the ocean, surrounded by a countryside landscape of sparse trees and shrubbery, it’s perhaps no surprise that you can almost hear the surroundings of Christian Löffler’s studio in his work. The German producer’s haunting, melancholic electronica is moving, intricate and expansive and seems to innately evoke the isolated surroundings in which it was created.

Located on the Darss Penninsula in Germany, overlooking the Baltic sea, Christian’s studio is where he taught himself to use a variety of programs and instruments and to collect a huge sound bank of field recordings, which have culminated in the making of two albums: 2012’s A Forest and 2016’s Mare.

Alongside vocalist Mohna and London based string quartet Iskrastrings, Christian will present his new project ‘Christian Löffler and Ensemble’ at new London venue E1, on the 23rd February. In the meantime, we’re delighted to share with you Christian’s photos of a day spent making music at his studio.

You can get tickets to his E1 show here.

Woke up this morning, got myself a coffee and went into the studio. A plus but not a must – the sun is shining.

This is how my studio looks like basically.

Let’s try some music.

Let’s try some more.

Got this little elektron in the mail this morning. Now linking them both together for my live shows.

Editing some things.

When not doing music, I paint a lot.

Going jogging is important for me since I sit a lot in the studio, on planes or in hotels. I really enjoy the fresh air.

This is what I call home.

This is what I call home, Pt. 2.

In the afternoon rehearsing with my friend Hior Chronik.

See you soon

Christian Löffler and Ensemble plays E1 on 23rd February.