Our introduction to Christian Alexander, on the release of his Summer ’17 project, was sweetly simple: “I made this over the span of a couple weeks recently in my bedroom when I was feeling low.” So, yeah, you kinda know what you’re getting here – downtempo, lo-fi productions and disarmingly-straightforward lyrics, ruminating on the constant mess of life, love and loneliness.

But what sets this Preston native apart from so many of his peers is the wildly imaginative, yet subtle take on RnB snaking through his arrangements, recalling something closer to the glorious icy detachment of Frank Ocean, that Jai Paul mystery and maybe even Tyler, The Creator’s calmer, more downbeat moments. His debut track, ‘Going Thru’ was the perfect first step, but it was the November release of Summer ’19 that really got us paying attention, and eagerly anticipating what comes next for 2020.

Photo by Mowgly Lee.