Chorusgirl – Chorusgirl // Album Review

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Sparkling with bright rhythms and jangling pop, Chorusgirl provide the easy entertainment that those original dancing ladies did, but with hints of something shadier, bittersweet and more potent. On their self-titled debut, Silvi Wersing and her London band perform with zest and fizz: tight drumming cavorts with meandering guitar lines, all enveloped by hazy chords and bustling dynamism. Like skittles scattered across the grey pavement of a northern town, there’s a sugary brightness scattered across depictions of life, love and death, with gritty subjects sounding fresh but never diminished. In some ways it could be on a Best of the 90s compilation – jangly guitars, Britpop simplicity and grungey sheen – but as is often the way, it’s so much better than the sum of those parts.

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