As we all know, it’s a quiet time for live music at the moment, and as you may have read from our announcement yesterday it’s set to be a quiet time for us too. So we’ve decided to take this opportunity to promote the work of some of our brilliantly talented photographers who work tirelessly to be our eyes at shows across London. It isn’t always as glamorous as it might seem, but our gang of contributors always deliver the goods.

To start things off, this week we will be featuring Chloe Newman. She’s basically a household name in the music photo scene and it’s no surprise why. Chloe’s got a style that makes you think, ‘ahh yeah, that’s a Chloe Newman photo’ before you even see the credit. She’s been shooting for London in Stereo since the very beginning, so it makes sense that she’s our first featured photographer. Below are some of her favourite shots, from 2016 to today.

Jorja Smith at ICA, 2016 – ‘This was the first time I shot Jorja, she only had ‘Blue Lights’ and ‘A Prince’ out at the time but even with a small room of people I could see how much people fell in love with her voice in that moment.’

Travis Scott at O2 Brixton Academy, 2017 – ‘The maddest show I’ve ever experienced, the crowd was on another level of energy, smoke everywhere I couldn’t see the stage and suddenly Travis comes flying out kicking the mic stand over in front of me. The energy is unmatched at his shows.’

Childish Gambino at Lovebox Festival, 2018 – ‘Lovebox is always one of my favourites, the whole weekend is such a vibe and the line ups include a vast range of artists. When shooting this I remember thinking how surreal it was that Donald Glover was less than a meter in front of me.’

Rosalia at Somerset House Summer Series, 2019 – ‘Rosalia is a personal favourite, I love all the elements that she puts into her performances, the whole vibe she brings to her shows is so unique I can’t wait to shoot more of her.’

Mabel at Eventim Apollo, 2020 – ‘My first show of this year, I’ve been shooting Mabel since her first show at Notting Hill Arts Club back in 2016, it’s so nice to see her playing to huge crowds now and see her journey and confidence grow on stage throughout the years.’



Chloe Newman is a London-based Photographer specialising in music, fashion and still life areas. Working with brands such as Nike, BBC 1XTRA and Missguided, she has also photographed artists including Jorja Smith, Childish Gambino and Rosalía. 




Chloe is available for portrait and live work, get in touch with her at:
#supportlocalphotographers #lisphotographerseries