Until relatively recently, Glasgow probably wouldn’t have been your go-to hub for the best new rap acts, but thanks to pioneering club nights like Peach and Tomboy, the underground is thriving. A regular at the former, Chlobocop – real name Chloe Boyd – is leading the vanguard for Scotland’s second city, with a sound she’s billing as, “The tales of a red-hooded fairy navigating the trials and tribulations of life, psychedelically.”

Raised on a staple diet of Jay-Z, Kanye and Lil Kim, thanks to her hip hop-loving mother, and strongly influenced by the output of legendary New York label, Duck Down, Boyd has been spitting bars since school. Now 21, she’s established a distinct, almost jazz-trap aesthetic, characterised by woozy sonics and her brilliantly insouciant flow. From the Spanish guitar-flecked groove of 2019 single, ‘Narcotics’ to breakout track, ‘999’ – from 2018’s promising Pay As You Go EP – there’s already plenty to dig into, and hopefully much more to come.