To celebrate the release of their debut LP ANYONE, get to know CHINAH In Five…

Fine Glindvad, Simon Kjær and Simon Andersson are Copenhagen trio CHINAH. Celebrating the recent release of their debut album ANYONE – a shimmering twelve track project that positions them in a space similar to that occupied by the likes of Tirzah, Smerz and Kwamie Liv – the Scandi outfit will play Bermondsey Social Club on Tuesday 13th November. The release marks the end of a big year for CHINAH that has seen them supported by tastemakers such as Benji B, Annie Mac and Jamz Supernova.

Of ANYONE the band say: “ANYONE is trying to capture the feeling of disconnection. The gap between the inner and outer world, the physical reality and the digital connection. In a constantly shifting world, vulnerability is often looked upon as a sign of weakness. To be strong is associated with staying unaffected and in control. The album tries to embrace the weakness of human beings and the mixed feelings we constantly have towards the world, ourselves and other people.”

From beginnings as a folk trio before flirting with synth pop and progressing to the hazy R&B you find on the new record, CHINAH are inspired by all sorts – from pop princesses, to the scuzzy bedroom sound of Awful Records, to the grit of King Krule and the heart-wrench of our former cover star Tirzah.

To celebrate the release of their debut LP ANYONE, get to know CHINAH In Five…


We hadn’t heard of ABRA when we started work on the album, but we were introduced to her early in the process. Fine had just started experimenting with different approaches to vocal recording and mixing – techniques like recording whilst lying down and even using the built-in microphone in a cheap headset. ABRA gave us some of the vibes that we already were playing around with in our own recordings, and it inspired us to continue even further in this direction. ABRA’s sound is cold, electronic, minimalistic and rough, but still very catchy. This track is a true banger.


At the beginning of the album process we were listening to a lot of noughties R&B and getting inspired by producers like Timbaland and Pharrell Williams. We were inspired by the simplicity and groove of the beats, and the naive vibe of the song writing. One day we were playing around with some different tunes. Simon was fooling around in Ableton and tried playing Britney Spears with ‘Mannequin’ pitched down, like when you playback a vinyl at the wrong RPM. The sound of this track in slow-motion hits us instantly. It had a punchy but gritty vibe, and everything felt more laid back. From that experience we knew which direction we wanted the LP to take. We wanted it to be a slow-mo melancholy Britney!


We’ve been listening to a lot of Kanye West over the last couple of years. You can always go to a Kanye West album if you feel stuck and you’re looking for inspiration. As hip hop is more beat-oriented we find it’s often a good place to inspire pop music. We’re interested in the way Kanye West samples, especially on ’Feedback’ and the rest of The Life of Pablo. Everything feels roughly put together, and you can often hear the noise from the start and end of the sample. For us, the samples in TLOP create the schizophrenic expression, which works perfectly for our album. Though not using samples in the same manner as Kanye does in TLOP, we’ve been doing a lot of sampling ourselves, which, for instance, has given us the freedom to implement more acoustic elements. That said, ANYONE is our most electronic record to date.


Being three people in a band isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s hard to find music we all agree on. We all dug ‘Czech One’ from the first listen. It’s such a laid-back track and feels more like walking into an atmosphere than a record. The overall sound is acoustic, but it still has an electronic feel to it. Throughout ANYONE we have been working with implementing acoustic elements in similar ways.


We’ve been inspired by Tirzah for ages – tracks like ‘Inside Out’ and ‘I’m Not Dancing’ in particular. Tirzah, like ABRA, has a unique approach to her vocal, and production in general. Everything sounds a bit like a demo, but this sound can be way more intriguing to dig into than the polished sound of some modern productions. When Tirzah released Devotion we were almost done working on ANYONE, but we were still inspired by her approach. All the tracks from Devotion make sense with and within each other. As a listener you want to listen to this album from start to finish.  ‘Do You Know’ is too beautiful not to include in our In Five.

CHINAH’s debut album ANYONE is out now via No3.