Marathon Artists – July 21st

Childhood introduced themselves in a rush of heady, hazy psychedelia on 2014 debut album Lacuna. On its follow- up, the London four-piece have switched lanes completely. Universal High is one of the smoothest records of 2017, but under its caramel grooves and glassy melodies lies heartbreak. “I never learnt to love as well as I could tell a lie,” Ben Romans-Hopcraft admits on the dusky ‘Californian Light’. On ‘Melody Says’ he warns “They’ll only love you ’til the end of the night”, while on the vintage ‘Don’t Have Me Back’ he’s yearning for “the only thing that hurts”. It’s a record full of growth, and in balancing lyrics full of despair with rich, texture-filled sounds, Universal High transcends Childhood’s past work and lifts things to new stratospheres.

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Live: Scala on November 28th