For their upcoming release, Bristol club night and label Illegal Data have gathered a stellar array of artists including AYA, Mouse, LUCY, Emily Glass and more. Today we have the pleasure of sharing London-based artist Chikaya’s contribution to the compilation. To celebrate the release we asked her some quickfire questions. Stream ‘Himalayas’ and get to know Chikaya In Short.

On ‘Himalayas’ Chikaya takes her ethereal, cosmic soul to sublimely transcendental heights. Imbued with a rich warmth and velvety, resplendent intonations the track offers a slice of graceful, lo-fi sonic escapism. Accompanied by a suitably mesmerising video, made by Chikaya herself, ‘Himalayas’ blends rippling, pared-down hip-hop grooves with swirling, silky vocals and glistening instrumentation, culminating in a truly celestial listen.

Get an exclusive listen to Chikaya’s new track and get to know her In Short…

Three words to describe my music… Ethereal, Otherworldy, Cosmic

Last photo on your phone… 


Favourite instagram account… Deffo poundlandbandit, the account is too jokes, the accuracy – its comedy gold also the way he incorporates throwback music inbetween, music like smashing pumpkins and the smiths who i grew up listening to, i rate that. so all in all its just good content.

The best venue I’ve played… BOOMTOWN, the hidden woods, this summer. It was the loudest my voice had ever been, the biggest space my music had filled ..shit was epic

Earliest song you remember… i mean…i’d love to say something cool like the fugees or nina simone but its probably a nursery rhyme

The worst job I’ve ever had… I’ve never really not liked a job I just get on with it

My Favourite word is… Cosmic ofc 😉

Things that cheer me up… Just being in good company, with family and friends,laughing and dancing, after i have a good work out, good hair days fruit pastilles- and Its Always Sunny never fails to cheer me up

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be… it will be Royal Albert Hall one day.. with a full orchestra

I think you should listen to… Go onto youtube and listen to a little tune called ‘What are we’ by ‘Yungest’ if i ever play this I garauntee someone will ask me who it is, its one of those chill, nostalgic summer evening type songs, so perfect for December ha!

If I could see anyone play live it would be… Hans Zimmer

Illegal Data Compilation #1 is out this Friday (6th December) and the launch party takes place in Bristol at The Old England, tickets here.

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