When Chassol released the sun-kissed, dream-like ‘Savana, Céline, Aya Pt. 2’ back in January we completely fell under the track’s enchanting, hypnotic spell. Ahead of his new album coming out tomorrow, Chassol talks us through five tracks that have influenced the sounds on Ludi.

A resplendent, playful trip through meandering free jazz compositions and layers of textural sonic experimentations, Ludi feels at once intricately intimate and resonantly expansive. Spanning 30 tracks, this new release from French-Martinique artist Cristophe Chassol is a multi-disciplinary project comprising a double album, film and live show. Informed by Herman Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game, the record sees Chassol’s take his visionary compositions to new realms, with the influence of his work scoring films tangible in the radiant, cinematic vibrancy of the album.

Ahead of Ludi‘s release, get to know Chassol In Five…

Jumping someone else’s train (THE CURE)

A fast postpunk beat, a very elegantly drawn attack-bass line and a simple but quite innovative videoclip. I looooove that track since I am a teenager, and wanted the same drive for my track on LUDI Rollercoaster part 2

Gunz & Butter (ASAP ROCKY)

On tour, we are like brothers, …travelling together, sleeping together, eating, playing, dancing, laughing and listening to stuff together. Mathieu Edouard who plays drums with me brought that track on the summer of 2018 and we’ve been learning the lyrics by heart, analyzing what makes it swinging that much, deconstructing the back vocals who act like hi-hat,…we literally were swallowing the track….I think most of the hip hop track we were listening to those last two years influenced our last album LUDI….from Vince Staples, to Asap Rocky, to Playboi Carti, Kohh, Slum Village, Denzel Curry, OG Macco, King Louie, Earl Sweatshirt etc etc….

Zombies (MAGMA)

This piece is a ritual moment for us on tour….before the performance we put it in our brains and body because of its sophisticated primitive violence….and its bass line….It has been a permanent influence on me in terms of Lyricism, power, hubris and infinite cosmos…

What’s Happening Brother (MARVIN GAYE)

I could have write about Minnie Ripperton’s Come to my garden, but I guess this particular moment of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On Suite”: What’s happening Brother was very present in my mind when I wrote and recorded the last part of LUDI called “Le jeu de la Phrase” because it moves so much from one chord to another but with smoothness, and lush strings and vocal arrangements….and on all LUDI, I ‘ve been trying to write very precise and playful and fat but sophisticated bass lines, and in that Marvin’s album…James Jamerson is playing the Bass

One Note Samba (JOBIM)

For the introduction of LUDI, I wanted to put in music an excerpt from The Glassbead Game, a book by herman Hesse….I was wondering how to adapt a text in music…and decided conceptually that I would go with a melody based on one note only, like in Jobim’s famous song…

Ludi is out tomorrow (6th March) on Tricatel. 

Photo credit: Flavien Prioreau