Heavenly Recordings – October 12th

Effervescing with urgent, frenetic rhythms, bubble-gum melodies and high-octane vocals, PINK exudes unadulterated exuberance and irresistible charm.

The debut release from Japanese four-piece CHAI, their kaleidoscopic kawaii-meets-punk attitude defies expectation at every turn with mischievous buoyancy.

Across the six tracks, CHAI embrace self-love and acceptance, reject beauty norms, tackle the world of modern dating and alight on the ‘Hello Kitty cult’ with their playful and defiant vitality. The versatility of their sound is astounding as they deliver the funkiest bass riffs on ‘Boyz Seco Men’ whilst ‘N.E.O’ offers a heady fusion of sharp, relentless dance rhythms and roaring vocals imbued with garage-rock sensibilities. An inimitable debut, CHAI are resolutely here to wrap you up in their curious, saccharine world and you won’t want to leave.