Cerebral Ballzy – Jaded & Faded // Album Review

cerebralballzyCult – out now

With a disgusting mess of raucous guitar, obnoxious lyrics and a spit-in-your-face unapologetic attitude, Cerebral Ballzy have nailed the defiant and belligerent punk stereotype down to a tee. You have to hand it to the Brooklyn-based band; they’ve stuck to their guns in terms of messy production values and, by initiating a delirious jam of intense chaos, they’ve formulated something really fucking cool indeed. ‘Better In Leather’ is the driving force of the album, with distorted guitar and Ramones-esque choral punches, whilst ‘City’s Girl’ and ‘Fast Food’ ensure the two-minute blasts of unruly noise will give your eardrums a good battering. Jaded & Faded isn’t for the feebly inclined, but if you’re after a band with serious ‘ballz’ then you’ve found your guys.


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