Tanya Tagaq – Animism // Album Review

For all its difficult elements, or perhaps because of them, Animism is genuinely an adventure. An album unlike anything you'll hear all year

the innocence mission – Sun On The Square // Album Review

The band's first effort for Bella Union is simply gorgeous; mission accomplished.

Cullen Omori – New Misery // Album Review

There is life after the Smith Westerns, and it’s sounding pretty darn sweet.

Emma Kupa – Home Cinema // Album Review

As poignant and expertly detailed as it is consistently lovely.

Lou Rhodes – Theyesandeye

Lou Rhodes' fourth album reminds us of humanity’s incessant taste for the tragic, even among all this love

The Wytches – All Your Happy Life // Album Review

By finding the light to their shade, The Wytches have added a new dimension to their already powerful sound

Adam Betts – Colossal Squid // Album Review

Detractors will say it‘s all triggers and software, but it’s hard to deny Colossal Squid’s intelligent design

Review // MGMT – MGMT

Columbia/Sony // September 17th Not quite the sales catastrophe their record label had feared, MGMT's self-styled 'anti-commercial' second album 'Congratulations' appears to have emboldened the...

W.H. Lung – Incidental Music // Album Review

Any self-respecting supermarket plays incidental music. If supermarkets played as mesmeric, non-incidental music as the content of W.H. Lung’s Incidental Music, then arguably more people would go shopping.

Lubomyr Melnyk – Fallen Trees // Album Review

Melnyk is one pianist that could outmanoeuvre Nils Frahm in a thumb-wrestling contest.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Jaakko Eino Kalevi // Album Review

On Kalevi's self titled debut, synth pop and disco sit next to lounge-y psychedelia, melding diverse influences ranging from techno to eighties pop and post-punk into a cohesive sound

Akua Naru – The Blackest Joy // Album Review

Displaying the strength in the history of the oppressed, sampling James Baldwin, celebrating Serena and Venus Williams, Naru works to educate and inform as she raps and rhymes within the intricate instrumentation.

Tim Hecker – Virgins // Album Review

Forming a tapestry of ambient hymnal pieces harking to a destructive crescendo

Wall – Wall // EP Review

The E.P has so far received a fair amount of attention, and with just one listen you immediately begin to see why.

Mammoth Penguins – Hide And Seek // Album Reviews

Rejection, hope, despair and all the usual common grievances of being in your late twenties/early thirties are a persistent theme on Hide and Seek

Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra // Album Review

“There’s so much more to life, than all these wastes of time” sings Cothran and, other than ‘New Alhambra’’s superior bookends, it’s an apt sentiment here.

Wild Beasts – Boy King // Album Review

While there are no happy endings for these flawed boy kings, it’s an apocalyptic vision you can dance to

Julia Jacklin – Crushing // Album Review

...Jacklin's latest release Crushing is an emotive time-capsule that solidifies the singer's identity and radiates an impeccable sense of self- assurance.

Review // Pond – Hobo Rocket

Modular // 5th August There’s something very charming about the ramshackle and raw edge that a Pond record tends to exhibit. That’s not to say...

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