Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On // Album Review

But this record is less a riot, more a beautifully shuffling glide. A gorgeous, quiet album made in loud, confusing times.

Liars – 1/1 OST // Album Review

They've said it's the last we'll hear from them. But then, they are Liars.

TTNG – Disappointment Island // Album Review

The dizzying knot of complex riffs and intricate time signatures remains, but Disappointment Island bristles with a playfulness not heard before

Pawws – Sugar // EP Review

Kylie Minogue's effervescent, floor-filling influence is peppered throughout this hyped debut. “Upsetting disco” never sounded so sweet

Ratboys – GN // Album Review

A worthy addition to both the American dream-pop and post-country genres.

Los Angeles Police Department – Los Angeles Police Department // Album Review

Ryan Pollie’s lyrics are enigmatic and all at once dramatic, romantic and abstract.

Torres – Sprinter // Album Review

Aggressive, fist-clenching, serene, Torres has become a front-runner in her genre; what difficult second album?

Lunice – CCCLX // Album Review

Four years since we last heard from him, on his long awaited debut, Lunice is comfortably at his trailblazing, bat-shit best.

Adam Betts – Colossal Squid // Album Review

Detractors will say it‘s all triggers and software, but it’s hard to deny Colossal Squid’s intelligent design

Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love // Album Review

The trio are as impassioned as ever, intent on bolstering their already-incendiary legacy. And that’s precisely what they do, unleashing a scorching set of razor-sharp punk-rock that puts killer hooks and powerhouse choruses at its heart.

Field Mouse – Episodic // Album Review

Field Mouse are a band that sound comfortable in their own skin on their second record, fashioning a fervent indie-rock groove delivered with genuine sincerity that positions itself as an important piece of work in their early career.

Best Friends – Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane // Album Review

A triumphant record of fuzz-laden bright melodies and nods towards that pre-9/11 era when everything was fun and chill

Tigercub – Abstract Figures in the Dark // Album Review

This new compilation of fuzzy noise-pop prove exactly what noise-rock trio Tigercub are capable of.

Speedy Ortiz – Twerp Verse // Album Review

But despite the doom there's hardly a moment among these 11 songs that isn't danceable, that doesn't energise us and inspire us to defeat this generation's great monster.

La Luz – Floating Features // Album Review

The heat of the west coast oozes through the four-piece's third album, melding into their psychedelic haze like melted ice cream into the pavement.

Review // Deap Vally – Sistronix

Universal Island // Out Now Clutter is a concept that Deap Vally might not even grasp if the spareness of 'Sistrionix' is anything to go...

Torres – Silver Tongue // Album Review

The follow-up to 2017’s Three Futures, in Silver Tongue Torres continues in her sumptuous pop, rock and electronic hybrid, musing on love and desire; finding it, chasing it, fighting for it, losing it, understanding it.

Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear // Album Review

Produced in collaboration with Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen, it's also a more refined record.

Kim Gordon – No Home Record // Album Review

The real treat is that voice of hers: witnessing her tear in to modern pop culture phenomena like Twitter and AirBnB with a mixture of fascination and disgust is a peculiar joy, but a real one.

MoStack – Stacko // Album Review

MoStack cements his place as one of the front runners of the burgeoning UK scene with his debut album Stacko. Read our review.

The Fresh & Onlys – House Of Spirits // Album Review

Flitting from jangly pop to country Americana and underpinned by garage roots, House Of Spirits works as a collection of good songs, but as an album?

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