Che Lingo – The Worst Generation // Album Review

"Che Lingo’s undeniable talent aside, the key to the success of this record lies in the fact it tackles serious issues but avoids sounding heavy"

Review // Nightworks – Urban Heat Island

Night Works Urban Heat Island Loose Lips // March 4th The original Metronomy line-up has fledged its fair share of minor stars, but nothing in the...

Review // Drenge – Drenge

Infectious - August 19th The debut album from Drenge see's the Sheffield brothers sticking firmly to what they know - bitchy party rock. Yep, the self-titled...

Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe // Album Review

The overall effect is of Alexa Chung’s Instagram feed mid-beach break: full of beautiful people and exotic flourishes, but ultimately smug and soulless.

Brawlers – I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit // EP Review

debut EP I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit is just what we need to shake up the mass of social media lemmings.

The Acid – Liminal // Album Review

In the tussle between organic, analogue elements and slick electronics a beautiful, rich variety emerges. Liminal is an intoxicating blend but no two tracks are the same

Blonde Redhead – Barragán // Album Review

Nine albums in and the trio hammers out the most ramshackle, loose, gritty and shambolic effort of their 21-year career - and it’s great

Krill – Lucky Leaves // Album Review

Collecting disorientating and obscure quirk rock tunes, Lucky Leaves is a deviant and oddball album, and so much the better for it

Yung – Alter // EP Review

Veering between regal acoustic jangles and epic shout-along choruses with clarion-calling urgency.

Gnod – Infinity Machines // Album Review

Patience helps unlock the sprawling, intense music littered with disturbing spoken-word passages – but only if you can stomach their claustrophobic low-end grooves and trance-inducing drone rock

Rolo Tomassi – Grievances // Album Review

Rolo Tomassi have managed to merge together complex muscular grooves with melodic hardcore sensibilities to craft an album that’s the equivalent to perfectly unbalanced musical kryptonite

The Phoenix Foundation – Give Up Your Dreams // Album Review

Give Up Your Dreams is too smart, experimental and rhythmic to be wholly tamed by processed sheen

Kurt Vile – B’Lieve I’m Goin Down

Not one to pen a duff track, Kurt Vile's sixth album is his cohesive best, thanks to his trademark laconic delivery, bluesy acoustic guitar licks and a greater focus on his singing

Lizzo – Big GRRRL Small World // Album Review

Sounding both older and bolder, it feels like Lizzo has not only mastered what she’s saying but how she’s saying it too

Savages – Adore Life // Album Review

Adore Life finds the glowing embers of Silence Yourself and stokes them with a confidence that sees the band roar into glorious life

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