Tame Impala – Currents // Album Review

With Currents, Tame Impala's place in the annals of pop is assured. Time will agree.

Leroy – Skläsh // Album Review

An album with all the crowd pleasers apparently taken out, you have to put in a bit of effort to get the rewards

El Vy – Return To The Moon // Album Review

Stepping out from the confines of indie behemoths The National, Matt Berninger and Menomena's Brent Knopf unleash El Vy’s debut

Cage The Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty // Album Review

It’s as solid as one ought to expect but if you’re looking for thrills here, you’ll be hard pushed to find them.

Palehound – Dry Food // Album Review

Dry Food is world-weary and hurt, wanting revenge but failing and eventually beginning to get over the hump

Mark Pritchard – Under The Sun // Album Review

Toeing the line between sparse, spacious sounds and forward thinking, futuristic tones.

Blood Orange – Freetown Sound // Album Review

It’s a Blood Orange record - there’s no two ways about it - but it’s one with infinitely more social standing than ever before, and it’s all the better for it

Mild High Club – Skiptracing // Album Review

"Skiptracing is the perfect escape from the strangest of summers"

The Veils – Total Depravity // Album Review

More than twelve years on from the release of their debut, alternative indie outfit The Veils have returned with their fifth studio album, Total Depravity.

Diana – Familiar Touch // Album Review

Familiar Touch might not be enough of a step up from their debut but expect to find Diana gracing those End Of Year lists nonetheless


Jambinai tick all the right post-rock boxes, complete with their own brand of euphorically performed soundscapes.

Dirty Projectors – Dirty Projectors // Album Review

Sonically, it's remarkably upbeat, and the arrangements, melodies, mastery of instruments and production are all staggering.

Lily Allen – No Shame // Album Review

By contrast, No Shame finds the singer-songwriter abandoning that distracting slickness, and exploring personal traumas to create her strongest set since Alright, Still.

Spinning Coin – Permo // Album Review

The tracks on Permo cover all sorts of terrain, and that's due to the band's two songwriters Sean Armstrong and Jack Mellin taking turns on principal writing duties.

Florist – If Blue Could Be Happiness // Album Review

Contemplative, gentle, and calming, Florist’s second full-length If Blue Could Be Happiness is an unexpected lesson in appreciation.

Various Artists – Voyager Interstellar Record // Album Review

What's out there? No one knows.

Holly Miranda – Mutual Horse // Album Review

Mutual Horse is Miranda’s most collaborative project to date

Anna Calvi – Hunter // Album Review

On a record of refinement rather than reinvention, the corners are darker and the brightness more dazzling than before.

Miya Folick – Premonitions // Album Review

Ultimately, Premonitions implores you to be happy, loved, and to pay it back in like kindnesses – and is that so much to ask?

Sigrid – Sucker Punch // Album Review

There’s risk of not delivering when the time comes – but Sigrid's outdone herself.

Marina – LOVE + FEAR // Album Review

Boosted by previously-released singles ‘Superstar’ and ‘Baby’, her dual-concept album LOVE + FEAR holds our hand as we venture through a jungle of infatuation, confusion and growth.

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