Tycho – Weather // Album Review

When Saint Sinner – aka Hannah Cottrell – crops up, things start to get interesting. Her delicate, drifting vocals aren’t an overbearing presence amidst the heady swirls of Tycho’s instrumentals...

The Wytches – Annabel Dream Reader // Album Review

Their self-penned description of ‘Surf Doom’ seems spot on; a tangled mess of reverb and distortion,

Cut Copy – Free Your Mind // Album Review

always smart enough to make sure they follow their own blissed-out, technicolor identity. It makes for a head-onistic experience.

Stella Donnelly – Beware Of The Dogs // Album Review

Lyrically, Beware of the Dogs bears Donnelly’s particular, wry demeanour as she astutely balances sharp wit alongside stark vulnerability, purveyed via her soaring vocals.

Hilary Woods – Birthmarks // Album Review

And this intensity pervades throughout, as across the eight tracks, Woods explores fluctuating experiences of selfhood and becoming expressed with unbridled ferocity.

boygenius – boygenius // EP Review

...could three of the most accomplished new singer-songwriters on the planet really be collaborating?

Torn Hawk – Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time // Album...

It may seem challenging at first but delving deeper into its meaning you find a sincerity that no attempt at an ironic title could throw off

Tim Hecker – Virgins // Album Review

Forming a tapestry of ambient hymnal pieces harking to a destructive crescendo

Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts: Red Classroom // Album Review

It’s become clear to me by now that Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart can do pretty much anything he wants with sound.

Tacocat – Lost Time // Album Review

Seattle’s Tacocat are a band that can’t help but have fun; Lost Time is gloriously unique from start to finish

Mr Jukes – God First // Album Review

First and foremost, this is an album with its roots deep in the hip-hop culture of sampling.

Charli XCX – Charli // Album Review

When it peaks, though, it’s clear to see why there’s so much buzz surrounding the artist...Because let’s be honest, she’s royalty-tier now.

Orchestra of Spheres – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music // Album Review

I urge you to merely behold the cover of Vibration Animal Sex Music to revel in its bizarre barrage of snakes and apples – the love supreme of biblical partners in crime.

Woods – City Sun Eater In The River Of Light // Album Review

City Sun Eater In The River Of Light reaffirms the band hasn’t run out of steam yet, instead emphasising and improving on their best elements

Lily & Madeleine – Keep It Together // Album Review

New West Records - February 26th Aside from the introspective confessionals of the early Seventies West Coast folkies, has any musical generation sounded so glum?...

James Holden & The Animal Spirits – The Animal Spirits // Album Review

Each one is beautifully imagined and superbly executed, as if Holden was leading a kosmische caravan through uncharted territories of long-form funk and jazz.

HEALTH – Vol. 4 :: Slaves Of Fear // Album Review

Following on from 2015's Death Magic, Vol. 4 still packs a fair punch, but once more redraws the lines of what to expect from this atypical heavy band in 2019.

Low – Double Negative // Album Review

It's demanding music, but it sounds like they needed to make it.

Hieroglyphic Being – The Disco’s of Imhotep

The Chicago producer's latest is perfected not just in the odd combinations of skittering snare fills, bleeps and pulsating ambient washes – but in the way he’s mixed it, with each element cleverly balanced and holistically intertwined

Preoccupations – Preoccupations // Album Review

The band’s name has changed; their status as untouchable standard-bearers of modern post-punk excellence has not.

Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks // Album Review

This seismic anniversary prompted veteran music-maker Brian Eno to revisit his flawless Apollo soundtrack and create an album’s worth of new material. He needn’t have bothered – Apollo was already regarded as an ambient masterpiece.

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