Los Angeles Police Department – Los Angeles Police Department // Album Review

Ryan Pollie’s lyrics are enigmatic and all at once dramatic, romantic and abstract.

Tuff Love – Resort // Album Review

It may be a compilation by definition, but Resort is as cohesive and, crucially, infectious as any great debut album should be.

Review // DIANA – Perpetual Surrender

 Jagjaguwar // 19th August Montreal and Portland have dominated North American indie for God knows how long, but Toronto is gradually creeping up on the...

Gulp – Season Sun // Album Review

At times risks Season Sun risks criticism of derivativeness but nonetheless triumphs in its humble mission statement of creating a perfectly pleasant sunshine pop record

Lunice – CCCLX // Album Review

Four years since we last heard from him, on his long awaited debut, Lunice is comfortably at his trailblazing, bat-shit best.

Sleaford Mods – Key Markets // Album Review

As funny, cutting and numbingly repetitive as you either expect, or dread. Their best album? Fuck knows, but until everything gets well and truly sorted out, there’s room for thousands more.

Rosie Lowe – The Right Thing // EP Review

‘The Right Thing’ is an experiment of exquisite rhythm vivisectionist, with the music standing out in all of its awe.

Richard Hawley – Further // Album Review

His unpretentious sentimentality is as strong as ever, despite tackling the weighty topics of ageing, loneliness, solitude (which he points out is not the same thing on ‘Not Lonely’), and time.

Femme – Debutante // Album Review

It’s a fun record to listen to, with some big choruses and a refreshing vocal delivery throughout.

Bodega – Endless Scroll // Album Interview

Danny Wright assembles Robin Murray and Hassan Anderson to discuss Brooklyn's hottest new property.

Young Liar – Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend? // EP Review

It takes quite some creativity to tell a story in a lyricless post-rock song, but Young Liar manage it magnificently.

Bibio – Phantom Brickworks // Album Review

It makes sense for the record to stretch over the seventy minute mark, each track mostly improvised and afforded the room to unfurl and mesmerise with quiet purpose.

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB // Album Review

Synth-heavy haze enveloping songs reliant on the extent to which Deheza’s swooping melodies haunt your daydreams

Review // James Holden – The Inheritors

Border Community // June 17th There’s a fine line between beauty and chaos. Think Jackson Pollock, think Picasso, think Lindsey Lohan. Visionaries who blurred the edge of...

Royal Trux – White Stuff // Album Review

Album of the year? Fucked if I know. But, yeah. Maybe.

MØ – No Mythologies To Follow // Album Review

The twelve tracks embody everything that enticed the blogosphere back in 2012: attitude, passion and a thoroughly empowering knack for melody

Review // Anna von Hausswolff – Ceremony

City Slang // June 17th Understandably, with the relentless rate of great artists appearing through the scene, everyone falls over themselves for Swedish electronic music....

Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, Girl // Album Review

Filthy and poetic, Hval returns to push the sonic boundaries of her hallucinatory and warped pop music

Koen Holtkamp – Motion: Connected Works // Album Review

Plug an LP directly into a wall socket it would undoubtedly sound like Motion, which positively bubbles over with its dynamic and propulsive energy.

Flamingods – Hyperborea // Album Review

the title referring to a mythical land of eternal sunshine, Hyperborea plays like a sonic odyssey; a quick fire tour of the globe

Shura – Nothing’s Real // Album Review

Nothing’s Real she says, but out of unreal early attention we find a very real artist indeed

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