Tuff Love – Resort // Album Review

It may be a compilation by definition, but Resort is as cohesive and, crucially, infectious as any great debut album should be.

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project // Album Review

The wraith-like airiness that clung to PJ Harvey's last LP has been replaced by melodies that feel more urgent, and that are unafraid to embrace dissonance

Minor Victories – Minor Victories // Album Review

It’s probably less than the sum of its parts overall, but lower your expectations and Minor Victories is an interesting proposition nonetheless

Sanford Parker – Lash Back // Album Review

Lashing back? Or just lashing out? It’s not entirely clear who’s giving or receiving here – but it’s a pummelling either way

PARTYBABY – The Golden Age Of Bullshit // Album Review

The LA good-time-bringers’ debut album may have been surprise released, but the strength of its contents is no less than expected.

Billie Marten – Writing Of Blues And Yellows // Album Review

Listening to Writing Of Blues And Yellows, it’s really no surprise that Billie Marten has been doing this since the age of eight

Katie Gately – Color // Album Review

Gately’s irrepressible enthusiasm provides an infectious energy that runs throughout this playful debut set

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana // Album Review

A curious taste of what might come next, and just so happens to serve as a suitably bleak accompaniment to the utter state of the world.

Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens // Album Review

A stargazer's fantasy of club music, intended for escapism and immersion through detail-rich layers.

CYMBALS – Light In Your Mind // Album Review

This is CYMBALS relaxing into their identity, breaking down barriers and seeking new beginnings.

Alex Cameron – Forced Witness // Album Review

Cameron's morphed into character again, but the world this time around is a much murkier one.

John Maus – Screen Memories // Album Review

Like with all Maus albums it feels as if you are seeing a vast, dystopic cityscape in the reflection of a river, so that nothing is distinct but all is more beautiful for it.

No Age – Snares Like A Haircut // Album Review

With all the jittery unease and anxious nervous energy that currently pervades the world, it feels like these times are calling for a band like No Age.

Lotic – Power // Album Review

Using a myriad of stylistic leaps, Power blows from hot afro-futuristic jams to cold Squarepusher- esque hooks.

Ex:Re – Ex:Re // Album Review

Fans of Daughter will be pleased to hear Ex:Re is packed full of chilling emotion, driven by the haunting brilliance of Tonra's unmistakable vocal and themes of heartache and drunken rants.

Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Tomorrow Comes The Harvest // EP Review

West African percussion meets pioneering Detroit drum patterns in the pair's first collaborative release.

Martha // Album Review

"a perfect slice of pop-punk perfection" We listened to the new Martha album.

Cate Le Bon – Reward // Album Review

At once a comforting and curious listen, Reward is an excellent album from an artist finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Ride – This Is Not A Safe Place // Album Review

Marking the sixth studio album since the band’s formation, shoegaze pioneers Ride return this month with an outstanding twelve-track release.

Bodega – Shiny New Model // EP Review

There are few bands around who pack as much to think about into a few short lyrics too.

Omar Souleyman – Shlon // Album Review

Here, Souleyman’s singing seems to revel in the time and space to create something fragile.

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