Moses Boyd – Dark Matter // Album Review

Now, these 10 tunes offer a delicious fusion of his highly-syncopated drumming with some exquisitely lush grooves, topped off with an electronic flourish.

HAAi – Systems Up, Windows Down // EP Review

Ending with that magnificent title track, she is truly laying down a marker, following those sought-after London residences with a fine, nuanced, and endlessly exhilarating new EP.

Caribou – Suddenly // Album Review

Suddenly hits far deeper, like the emotions laid bare in its predecessor were compressed into a kaleidoscopic prism that Snaith uses to explore each new song in minute detail.

Poliça – When We Stay Alive // Album Review

The contrasts between Channy Leaneagh's ethereal hyper-pop vocals and sardonic lyrics steeped in cryptic metaphor are exquisite - an aural to-and-fro that seems to epitomise the whole process of realising one's vulnerability.

Katiely Gately – Loom // Album Review

"Gately’s necromancer aesthetic makes sense, given that her production chops are truly their own kind of occult magic – conjured most artfully on 10-minute centrepiece ‘Bracer’"

Summer Camp – Romantic Comedy // Album Review

Romantic Comedy, though, is the logical step from pop rushes and speedy crushes to something more tangible, more satisfying - with a few sweet crushes thrown in on the way, of course.

Hannah Diamond – Reflections // Album Review

Perfectly polished, it seems the label’s long-standing mission of creating a new kind of popstar have been fully realised on Reflections.

Omar Souleyman – Shlon // Album Review

Here, Souleyman’s singing seems to revel in the time and space to create something fragile.

Holy Fuck – Deleter // Album Review

Yet the tenacious, rhythmic loops of the band’s oft-colourful electronic rock sporadically cradle us from being swallowed into a total funk, instead lifting us up into the funk.

ShitKid – Duo Limbo/Mellan himmel å helvete // Album Review

Although the results are a bit too eclectic and random at times to feel like a well-rounded album, you get the sense with ShitKid that’s the sort of thing they wanted you to expect.

Squarepusher – Be Up A Hello // Album Review

After a five-year hiatus, Tom Jenkinson revives his Squarepusher project for an LP that could have been named by an AI.

Torres – Silver Tongue // Album Review

The follow-up to 2017’s Three Futures, in Silver Tongue Torres continues in her sumptuous pop, rock and electronic hybrid, musing on love and desire; finding it, chasing it, fighting for it, losing it, understanding it.

Halsey – Manic // Album Review

"Manic is Halsey’s most introspective and uncompromising work to date, introducing the world to the woman known as Ashley Frangipane"

Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline // Album Review

"It is Shauf’s marvellous empathy that makes him such a deft storyteller as well as a songwriter."

Wolf Parade – Thin Mind // Album Review

...And as they talk of losing ourselves to a digital world, Wolf Parade have never sounded better.

Mura Masa – R.Y.C // Album Review

Mura Masa has teased a new sound since the release of the dazzling, ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ featuring Clairo earlier this autumn, but this is far from what could’ve been expected.

Field Music – Making A New World // Album Review

Packed with ragged beats, jittery guitar riffs, and rippling funk bass, Making A New World balances historical documentation with creative exploration, giving you new ways to ponder over your history thesis on the dance floor.

Georgia – Seeking Thrills // Album Interview

Danny Wright discusses one of 2020's most unmissable releases with Gemma Samways and Charlotte Krol.

The Big Moon – Walking Like We Do // Album Review

...2020 brings us the vulnerable, Earth-bound Walking Like We Do. Their debut showed them reaching up and scraping the sky. In contrast, The Big Moon’s return orbits around everyday human flaws.

Giant Swan – Giant Swan // Album Review

These are capital B.I.G. anthems, which effortlessly meld disarming post-industrial clamour and tweaked vocal loops into the fold of more familiar white-label grooves.

Greentea Peng – Rising // EP Review

There are sexy saxophones slithering in and out of ‘Mr Sun’, nods to hazy summertime afternoons with friends and an air of sophistication wrapped around the EP that’s extremely promising for such a new face on the scene.

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