Fuzz – II // Album Review

II is something of a mammoth, but when it comes to loud and heavy seventies-style rock there are few better ways to spend your time

Hayden Thorpe – Diviner // Album Review

Most notably, it finds Thorpe undoubtedly at peace with the breakup of his band.

SOHN – Rennen // Album Review

Rennen is an exercise in restraint, an encyclopedia of skittering percussion and the sparsest synth settings available

LUH – Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing // Album Review

Joining forces with Dutch artist girlfriend Ebony Hoorn has lent Roberts a lighter touch, a synthier sound and maybe even something approaching peace

Animals as Leaders – The Madness of Many // Album Review

The Madness of Many is another technically-bewildering slab of djent from Animals As Leaders.

Lizzo – Big GRRRL Small World // Album Review

Sounding both older and bolder, it feels like Lizzo has not only mastered what she’s saying but how she’s saying it too

Skepta – Konnichiwa // Album Review

Konnichiwa will stand tall as a monolith of grime music. We just hope the Americans are ready.

Lion Babe // Album review

We listened to the new offering from the musical goddess Lion Babe, titled Cosmic Wind.

Rhodes – Wishes // Album Review

Wishes may not be a perfect debut, but it remains an impressive collection of tracks, and one that, at its finest moments, showcases the initial sparks of a truly undeniable talent

Hannah Diamond – Reflections // Album Review

Perfectly polished, it seems the label’s long-standing mission of creating a new kind of popstar have been fully realised on Reflections.

Milk! Records – Good For You // Album Review

Less the brilliant compilation it undoubtedly is, it instead feels like a signpost to the open-door clubhouse of one of the most talented crowds around.

Blonde Redhead – Barragán // Album Review

Nine albums in and the trio hammers out the most ramshackle, loose, gritty and shambolic effort of their 21-year career - and it’s great

Low – Double Negative // Album Review

It's demanding music, but it sounds like they needed to make it.

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell // Album Review

If you’re aware you should love Sufjan, but just having never learnt why, then this breathtaking record might just be the one to capture your heart, forever

Mr Jukes – God First // Album Review

First and foremost, this is an album with its roots deep in the hip-hop culture of sampling.

Hand Habits – Placeholder // Album Review

The tracks offer anything from rather close scrutiny of personal matters, to seeking comfort and reassurance.
1800 dinosaur

1-800 Dinosaur presents Trim // Album Review

It is the will to experiment that makes this album significant as the resurgence in grime reaches newer heights in 2016.

Drenge – Undertow // Album Review

A confident second album that steps out of the shadow of its predecessor whilst attaining all the essential qualities

Comet Gain – Paperback Ghosts // Album Review

Paperback Ghosts is an enchanting album of “lost souls… holding on to life,” and lord knows, that speaks to us all

Ider – Emotional Education // Album Review

"relatable, emotionally vulnerable, and, frankly, incredibly raw. IDER wanted this record to connect, and that’s exactly what it does best." - read our review of IDER's debut.

Helena Deland – From The Series Of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol. III And Vol....

The final installment of the Montréal artist's Altogether Unaccompanied series is not so much a significant step up from Vol. I & Vol. II than it is a continuation of Deland's intricate, intimate songwriting.

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