jj – V // Album Review

V is an immersive but pretty damn trying listen, one that seems less interested in offering solutions for the downtrodden than it is in dragging them down with it

Tony Allen – Film Of Life // Album Review

Film Of Life is a jaunty but profound update of the sound Tony Allen initially pioneered, with brash brass, slinking bass lines and dazzling polyrhythms present in abundance

Emmy the Great – S // EP Review

a delectable charm of spacious, electronically charged subtleness that strongly suggests that her next album could be a real treat.

Eschar – Nova // Album Review

Eschar have plotted a journey through the stars on a rocket made of riffs.

Du Blonde – Welcome Back To Milk // Album Review

heart-ravaged Du Blonde and has reconfigured her musical armoury into an angry melancholic spear with an edge that’s familiar, pop-wise, and in touch with her folky-melody roots

Gwenno – Y Dydd Olaf // Album Review

Gwenno relies on language and layering to deliver subtlety and depth, and it means her political messages will permeate stealthily

Ought – Sun Coming Down // Album Review

Ought’s 2014 breakthrough, More Than Any Other Day, wasn’t so much reviewed as exalted via encomia. Rightly so, and this ambitious follow-up is every bit as deserving of our plaudits

USA Nails – No Pleasure // Album Review

Their uncompromising drive for gnarly sound is challenging but the album refuses to degenerate into ugliness.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talk Tight // Album Review

Talk Tight fizzes with the urgency and confidence of a band more than ready to step up to the plate.

Underworld – Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future

Brutal techno beats, fleeting chordal swells and Karl Hyde’s agitated torrent-of-consciousness remains a loose template for Underworld’s best work into their seventh album

Femme – Debutante // Album Review

It’s a fun record to listen to, with some big choruses and a refreshing vocal delivery throughout.

TTNG – Disappointment Island // Album Review

The dizzying knot of complex riffs and intricate time signatures remains, but Disappointment Island bristles with a playfulness not heard before

Marin – Only Echoes // EP Review

The release showcases the fluidity of her vocal, at home driven by a drumbeat and immersive synths.

Toro y Moi – Boo Boo // Album Review

Boo Boo is as widescreen and elastic as pop albums get...

Brandt Brauer Frick – Joy // Album Review

Joy offers a fusion of styles and ideas that results in a chamber techno boasting some rather atmospheric and intriguing sonic combinations

!!! – Shake the Shudder // Album Review

!!!’s work has always been political, but here on Shake the Shudder the focus becomes more personal and self-reflective.

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer // Album Review

Tim Hakki reviews Stormzy Gang Signs and Prayer

Tenderlonious – The Shakedown // Album Review

Recorded in a single eight-hour session, the tunes sound fresh with Yussef Dayes' sizzling and shuffling drums as the engine room.

Death From Above – Outrage! Is Now // Album Review

Is 'Outrage! Is Now' the beginning of the next chapter for Death From Above?

James Holden & The Animal Spirits – The Animal Spirits // Album Review

Each one is beautifully imagined and superbly executed, as if Holden was leading a kosmische caravan through uncharted territories of long-form funk and jazz.

Stef Chura – Messes // Album Review

Inspired by folk greats and 90s feminist punk, the record marries a ton of emotion with bold collages of spiky guitars.

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