Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again // Album Review

Pond's latest effort is focused and concise, brimming with glam warmth. Perth's psychedelic coterie has your mind.

The Go! Team – The Scene Between // Album Review

Impactful vocal hooks and euphoric melodic swells make The Scene Between as revitalising as a lungful of sea breeze

The Lovely Eggs – This Is Our Nowhere // Album Review

Lancastrian duo The Lovely Eggs continue their predilection for accented, disorderly and melodic pop music... This Is Our Nowhere is to be appreciated as a collection of lyrically absurd, short and snappy punk songs

Bully – Feels Like // Album Review

They’ve found their niche and they thrive within it, but such are the quantities of irresistibly sweet pop coating on their refreshing brand of neo-grunge.

They Might Be Giants – Why? // Album Review

They Might Be Giants might be the only band who can make music for both children and adults without sounding pathetically quaint

The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful // Album Review

Ultimately, this record succeeds because of its earnest, uplifting spirit. A reason to be hopeful, indeed.

Africaine 808 – Basar // Album Review

The duo’s first album as eschews the pleasure-principled escapism of the Nineties ambient house scene.

Big Ups – Before A Million Universes

Shot through with existential dread, Big Ups’ second album simmers with barely-contained rage

Eagulls – Ullages // Album Review

On Ullages, Eagulls have tapped into an incredible knack for making the dreary sound delightfully dreamy

Deerhoof – The Magic // Album Review

The Magic isn’t a landmark release in Deerhoof's canon, but it’s perhaps more coherent than their last few, the sound of a rock band revelling in being the only ones doing whatever it is they do

Crystal Castles – Amnesty (I) // Album Review

Edith is here. Get over it. Move on.

Vomitface – Hooray For Me // Album Review

Hooray For Me could easily soundtrack each phase of a storm; a brittle yet powerful first step

Adam Betts – Colossal Squid // Album Review

Detractors will say it‘s all triggers and software, but it’s hard to deny Colossal Squid’s intelligent design

WSTR – Red, Green Or In Between // Album Review

Despite falling a little short in terms of musical originality, WSTR have done incredibly well with this debut, and 2017 looks to be a promising year for the band.

Tim Darcy – Saturday Night // Album Review

A poetic pop record haunted by abstract and obtuse folk influences at every turn.

Monster Rally – Flowering Jungle // Album Review

As we sink deeper into the grey slab of miserablism that forms the London winter, Flowering Jungle does everything you want from a Monster Rally album, and more.

Django Django – Marble Skies // Album Review

Django Django’s Marble Skies is a genre-blending spectrum of trippy, dance-fuelled fun. With the band returning to their DIY aesthetic, the collection feels fresh and summer-ready.

Protomartyr – Relatives In Descent // Album Review

It's all as rich in love as it is in violence.

Public Access TV – Street Safari // Album Review

But would temperance curb the creative dynamic of a quartet who shared more with their city's late-Seventies scenesters than just a preference for hedonism over hygiene? Happily not.

Nakhane – You Will Not Die // Album Review

Album highlights 'You Will Not Die' and 'Presbyteria' are slow-burning, piano-led anthems that put tenderness at the forefront of the record; his pain is there, demanding to be heard, but it's resilient.

Marquis Hawkes – The Marquis Of Hawkes // Album Review

A rare long player that captures the sheer fearlessness of its creator.

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