U.S. Girls – Half Free // Album Review

Just as label mates Grimes and St. Vincent broke through on later­-career releases that struck a subversive pop note, Half Free does similar work and deserves to be considered on a equal footing to those stellar records

Sudakistan – Caballo Negro // Album Review

Sudakistan have built themselves a reputation as one of the best live bands in Sweden

Bloc Party – Hymns // Album Review

When you look beyond the radio-ready songwriting of Bloc Party’s fifth album Hymns it’s evident that Kele Okereke is back on some kind of form

J Dilla – The Diary // Album Review

Dilla was a rare breed of genius and this album reveals penetrating new perspectives on his artistry

Greys – Outer Heaven // Album Review

Like a sober FIDLAR emerging from a weekend bender into the crisp Toronto daylight, this latest iteration of Greys feels jubilant and grubby

The Japanese House – Swim Against The Tide // EP Review

There’s a new clarity to everything, and Swim Against the Tide offers up the most vivid picture yet of just what The Japanese house is.

Preoccupations – Preoccupations // Album Review

The band’s name has changed; their status as untouchable standard-bearers of modern post-punk excellence has not.

Never Enough – Public Access TV // Album Review

The New York foursome have the energy inside them, it’s clear. They just need to let it loose.

Sløtface – Empire Records // EP Review

Snarling with angst yet sparkling with youthful exuberance.

Dearly Beloved – Admission // Album Review

Drenched in restless reverb, the ten track album is restless, lawless and elevating.

William Tyler – Goes West // Album Review

...it's the soundtrack of open roads at dusk, and the work of an artist who seems to reach higher peaks with each new offering, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Jen Cloher – Jen Cloher // Album Review

Jen Cloher's been overdue wider recognition for a decade or more, and her latest album may well prove to be the vehicle that enables her to achieve it.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice // Album Review

It's all down to the good vibes, Kurt explains, and the Philly native ain't wrong.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food // Album Review

While UMO's fourth album exhibits some of the bleaker elements of life in 2018, it tries to do so in a slick of upbeat, psychedelic disco.

Jim Ghedi – A Hymn for Ancient Land // Album Review

Basin Rock - 26th January We've seen a few articles recently with people using tools such as Google Maps to travel from the safety of their...

Finn Andrews // Album Review

Finn Andrews has never been one to stray far from melancholy and heartache. Following the break down of a relationship and a much-needed escape to New Zealand, the release of his long-awaited solo debut, One Piece At A Time, provided him with a raw, unrestricted outlet for emotional expression and self-discovery.

Homeshake – Helium // Album Review

Homeshake goes from strength- to-strength and it’s a treat to float away with Helium.

Molly Burch – First Flower // Album Review

As she confronts her own battles against anxiety and imperfections with an empowering lyrical twist, the singer-songwriter's vocals take centre stage throughout the album...

Jenny Lewis – On The Line // Album Review

Still, whilst long-time fans may miss the Watson Twins, or something about foxes portions, ‘Rabbit Hole’ will stick in your head for weeks. And that’s almost enough for us.

Flying Lotus – Flamagra // Album Review

FlyLo sounds content to let his identity wash in the bright lights of his star guests this time around, with his distinctive bass runs and texture running through Flamagra like a pillar.

Whitney – Forever Turned Around // Album Review

Broadening and deepening their sound while remaining true to that initial ethos, Whitney may just have crafted another classic.

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