Charly Bliss – Young Enough // Album Review

All the depth and changes aside, this record is fun and it's exciting to know there is more to come from them.

Sacred Paws – Run Around The Sun // Album Review

Run Around The Sun sees the band playing on themes of insecurity, loneliness and resilience.

Lydia Ainsworth – Phantom Forest // Album Review

Phantom Forest is her most sonically taut yet – one for listeners seeking evened plains – a concept record about humanity’s disregard for nature that’s set to a crisp, synth-pop soundtrack.

Amyl and The Sniffers // Album Review

Amyl and The Sniffers are an unstoppable force of energy. With their self-titled debut album, the Aussie four-piece assert themselves as one of the world’s most explosive new bands.

Mac DeMarco – Here Comes The Cowboy // Album Review

An air of sarcasm hangs over the whole record, and if I'm honest, I was hoping for something a lot more radical. Best listened to in the haze of lonely summer evenings.

Snow Ghosts – A Quiet Ritual // Album Review

...the trio return with their third studio album, A Quiet Ritual, offering a poetic and sobering commentary on the concept of death.

Rukhsana Merise // Album Review

We listened to Rukhsana Merise's brand new album, Today.

Sebadoh – Act Surprised // Album Review

Act Surprised feels like a familiar friend from the get-go. It’s got that youthful grit and energy that the band have come to be known for in their prolific career.

Kedr Livanskiy – Your Need // Album Review

Levanskiy is not paying homage, she’s simply setting out a new blueprint for us to embrace, examine and worship.

Drahla – Useless Coordinates // Album Review

As for the feel of their debut album, ‘hectic’ doesn’t even do it justice.

Vampire Weekend – Father Of The Bride // Album Review

For a band constantly criticised for being overly arch, they’ve always sounded joyfully unpretentious. And so it remains.

The National – I Am Easy To Find // Album Review

Their eighth album comfortably meets and exceeds the breadth of their past decade’s aural sublimity.

Kornél Kovács – Stockholm Marathon // Album Review

Recorded in the aftermath of a break-up and a period of self-reflection, Stockholm Marathon is the epitome of bittersweet...

Dave – Psychodrama // Album Interview

Danny Wright gathered Tara Joshi and Eki Igbinoba to discuss surely one of the finest records of the year.

Marina – LOVE + FEAR // Album Review

Boosted by previously-released singles ‘Superstar’ and ‘Baby’, her dual-concept album LOVE + FEAR holds our hand as we venture through a jungle of infatuation, confusion and growth.

Otoboke Beaver – Iketoma Hits // Album Review

If the eighteen-second and aptly titled ‘Mean’ makes you to question what this noise is yet draws you to listen further, you’re perhaps on the right track.

Jackie Mendoza – LuvHz // EP Review

LuvHz, her debut EP, is a succinct introduction to Mendoza’s imagination, full of kaleidoscopic range that merges with surprising cohesiveness.

Kevin Morby – Oh My God // Album Review

On Oh My God, Morby excels himself not by broadening his palette, but refining it.

SOAK – Grim Town // Album Review

Bridie Monds-Watson does possess an exceptional ability to transport the listener to a beautifully cold, movingly desolate place with her incredibly assured, thought-provoking and astute song-writing.

Craig Finn – I Need A New War // Album Review

...But, for all those generous nods to the Hold Steady’s beloved motifs, Craig Finn’s made a glorious solo record that sounds nothing like his regular band and, more so, doesn’t leave us kinda wishing it did.

Ruf Dug // EP Review

We review soul sunshine EP, Ruf Dug presents The Committee

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