M.T. Hadley – Empty // Album Review

"Hadley might be painting an image of a dark, nihilistic world but he does so with a gold brushstroke"

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – Bad Wiring // Album Review

While his tunes may appear shambolic, feisty and disjointed, they’re much more like three-minute masterpieces than mere doodles.

Cate Le Bon And Bradford Cox – Myths 004 // Album Review

Myths 004 is an outstanding record that continues the innovative work of Le Bon and Cox, while keeping us guessing as to what comes next.

Lucy Dacus – 2019 // EP Review

Though it doesn’t sound coherent enough to seem like she’d planned to release the project as a full-length album, as a side-project, it’s given Lucy more space to experiment and she sounds all the freer for it.

Lapalux – Amnioverse // Album Review

Paired with striking artwork and a forthcoming AV show, Amnioverse stands as Lapalux’s crowning glory and one of Brainfeeder’s most essential bodies of work.

TR/ST – The Destroyer 2 // Album Review

Musical direction differs from that of his past, but by incorporating raw, truthful elements into his music, Alfons has created an inspiring record – and his most consistent to date.

FKA Twigs – Magdalene // Album Interview

Worth the wait? Danny Wright decides with Thomas Hannan and Stephanie Phillips.

Turnover – Altogether // Album Review

With an uplifting sound and fresh new perspective on the world, the album brilliantly highlights the importance of human connection and experience.

Young Guv – Vol II // Album Review

There are tambourines and sweet harmonies. There’s a Lemonheads moment on ‘Can I Just Call’, a whole lotta cowbell on ‘She’s A Fantasy’ and slightly fuzzed-up Fannies on ‘Try Not To Hang On So Hard’.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – The Undivided Five // Album Review

Less uniformly ambient than their debut, this follow-up offers a range of mood pieces reportedly inspired by seismic life events, and the sacred significance of the number five. There’s not a dud amongst them.

Girl Band // Interview

"It's just nice to have music out and be a band again...though you’re always a little unsure if people will still care."

Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel // Album Review

Their sonic tomfoolery reaches a critical point on their seventh album, striking a newfound balance between scary precision and terrifying power. It’s a potent mix.

King Princess – Cheap Queen // Album Interview

Danny Wright discusses King Princess' first album, Cheap Queen, with Katie Thomas and Kezia Cochrane.

Nils Frahm – All Encores // Album Review

Yet even when Frahm is at his most ambitious, you get the sense it comes almost effortlessly to him.

Clipping. – There Existed an Addiction to Blood // Album Review

As the title suggests, blood paints the walls of every nightmarish room Diggs' narrator staggers through here - we review Clipping.'s latest horror-inspired release.

Bodega – Shiny New Model // EP Review

There are few bands around who pack as much to think about into a few short lyrics too.

Jacques Greene – Dawn Chorus // Album Review

A record dominated by engaging sonic beauty and real emotional impact, Dawn Chorus is an exceptional eulogy to the mercurial rave experience.

Kim Gordon – No Home Record // Album Review

The real treat is that voice of hers: witnessing her tear in to modern pop culture phenomena like Twitter and AirBnB with a mixture of fascination and disgust is a peculiar joy, but a real one.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors // Album Review

"On her fourth full-length album All Mirrors Angel Olsen seems to take a more pared-back approach" - Francesca Baker reviews Angel Olsen's new record.

Floating Points – Crush // Album Review

It's not all for dancing, nor is all of it melancholic enough for simply contemplating; Floating Points - aka Sam Shepherd - flits between experimental techno, transcendent house and dark ambiance to reach the recesses of the human brain.

808 State – Transmission Suite // Album Review

Full of sci-fi waltzes and intricate samples layered beneath tongue-in-cheek hooks and hefty basslines, Transmission Suite is understated, disjointed and masterful.

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