Clairo – Immunity // Album Review

Squaring up to The Japanese House, her songs are as sweet as sugar, especially when matched with her butter-wouldn’t-melt vocals that infuse upbeat indie with DIY electronica...

Marika Hackman – Any Human Friend // Album Review

Any Human Friend is a thick quilt of refreshingly varied sounds knotted by tumultuous turns of love, lust and fragility. Keep subverting, Marika.

Brian Eno – Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks // Album Review

This seismic anniversary prompted veteran music-maker Brian Eno to revisit his flawless Apollo soundtrack and create an album’s worth of new material. He needn’t have bothered – Apollo was already regarded as an ambient masterpiece.

Africa Express – EGOLI // Album Review’s jam-packed, fizzing over with the electricity of South Africa in ‘City in Lights’, languishing in the sunshine of ‘Where Will This Lead Us To?’ and fighting revolutions in ‘Africa To The World’.

KAINA – Next To The Sun // Album Review

Emitting an emotive warmth and vitality, Next To The Sun – the debut record from Chicago based artist, KAINA – is imbued with a glistening, rich humanity.

The KTNA – Life Under Siege // EP Review

The KTNA​ is genre-splicing twin sisters with boundless energy and unfiltered optimism. Made in Kenya, raised in Manchester, and now residing in London, ​Hope​ and ​Millie...

Carmen Villain – Both Lines Will Be Blue // Album Review

It’s a brave move for an artist to sidestep their usual set up and craft an album made up entirely of instrumentals, but Carmen Villain has good reason on Both Lines Will Be Blue...

The Flaming Lips – King’s Mouth // Album Interview

Does a new Flaming Lips album still fill you with excitement? Simone: I love the Flips live, I love looking around and seeing the faces...

Khruangbin – Hasta El Cielo // Album Review

Take a moment away from the frantic world we live in to relish the blissful sounds of Khruangbin.

Freya Ridings – Freya Ridings // Album Review

Moulded from the ashes of isolation, regret and vulnerability, the highly-anticipated debut album from London-born artist, Freya Ridings, is a thunderstorm of raw emotion.

Dude York – Falling // Album Review

On their fourth full-length album, the Seattle-based indie-rock/garage-pop trio have produced an excellent record that demonstrates range without sacrificing cohesion or quality.

Angie McMahon – Salt // Album Review

Routed in country and folk traditions alike, McMahon’s debut album, Salt, turns from driving anthemic rock to intimate melancholia in an instant...

Bleached – Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough // Album Review

Despite the dark times that influenced it, the record leaves one buoyant; a reminder that daybreak is always on the horizon.

Tycho – Weather // Album Review

When Saint Sinner – aka Hannah Cottrell – crops up, things start to get interesting. Her delicate, drifting vocals aren’t an overbearing presence amidst the heady swirls of Tycho’s instrumentals...

Dorian Electra – Flamboyant // Album Review

Flamboyant is pop to the core.

Ider – Emotional Education // Album Review

"relatable, emotionally vulnerable, and, frankly, incredibly raw. IDER wanted this record to connect, and that’s exactly what it does best." - read our review of IDER's debut.

Goon – Heaven Is Humming // Album Review

LA’s lo-fi dusky rockers GOON release their full-length debut on Partisan Records (Fontaines D.C, Dilly Dally) and it’s overwhelmingly encouraged. Throbbing like a three-year-long...

KOKOKO! – Fongola // Album Review

How often in life are we wholly, heart-stirringly stimulated? To be fuelled and fulfilled at the same time is an indulgence reserved for those...

Kate Tempest – The Book Of Traps and Lessons // Album Review

Having succeeded in this endeavour, The Book Of Traps and Lessons feels like Tempest at her most vulnerable; just her thoughts, no distractions.

Hatchie – Keepsake // Album Review

On Keepsake, the Brisbane artist retains the twinkling tones of her near-faultless Sugar & Spice EP but at points quarries deeper for trudging beats and lurching guitars.

Richard Hawley – Further // Album Review

His unpretentious sentimentality is as strong as ever, despite tackling the weighty topics of ageing, loneliness, solitude (which he points out is not the same thing on ‘Not Lonely’), and time.

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