Rise Against – The Black Market // Album Review

Angry as ever, while feeling more introspective and personal than previous efforts, Rise Against prove that a great collection of songs and a great album are two very different things

Widowspeak – Expect The Best // Album Review

Widowspeak’s fourth full-length has a defined sound that the band has been working to perfect.

Chain and the Gang – Minimum Rock’n’Roll

This Chain and the Gang album is good fun, but it will never bump off any of the Washington DC legend’s previous killer projects.

Baroness // Live Review

Because here were Baroness, back to unleash their devilishly complex take on power rock ‘n’ roll on London.


We went down for the shock tactics of SKYND's first headline show.

Craig Finn – I Need A New War // Album Review

...But, for all those generous nods to the Hold Steady’s beloved motifs, Craig Finn’s made a glorious solo record that sounds nothing like his regular band and, more so, doesn’t leave us kinda wishing it did.

Flying Lotus // Live Review

Despite his non-stop visuals, mind-melting beats and occasional raps, the Flying Lotus experience lacked the warmth

The Hold Steady // Live Review

the best part of a decade I abstained from seeing the Hold Steady felt worth the wait for this drunken one night stand.