Gardens & Villa – Dunes // Album Review

California’s Gardens & Villa, possesses an infectious bounce that is deliriously addictive.

Wife – What’s Between // Album Review

an album produced by The Haxan Cloak was never going to be kittens and ukuleles. Fitting snuggly and without fuss in Tri-angle’s oeuvre.

Mazes – Wooden Aquarium // Album Review

Schenke has brought a buoyant, beefy clout to Mazes’ most cohesive collection yet.

Korallreven – Second Comin’ // Album Review

Second Comin' feels a smidgen disjointed, but it's likely, however, that you'll be dancing far too hard to care

Songhoy Blues – Music in Exile // Album Review

Strip ‘Music In Exile’ of all context and what’s left is a funky, fiery, addictive record

Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth // Album Review

If you’re looking for your new favourite punk band, then you’ve probably found them

The Parrots – Weed For The Parrots // Album Review

The Parrots are blessing our ears with the kind of endearing grit and edginess that will bring this burgeoning Madrid scene to a wider audience still

Ducktails – St Catherine // Album Review

Mondanile takes us on a journey that at it’s core is about love, from its honeymoon beginnings to its inevitable end.

Hooton Tennis Club – Highest Point In Cliff Town // Album...

None of that can take away from the undeniable wit of this band, and even in the most unremarkable phases of this record they display a knack for making their personality shine through.

Lusts – Illuminations // Album Review

Bursting out of Leicester in a shower of squall drenched reverb, Lusts are an amalgamation of every different indie cornerstone from the past thirty years

Woods – City Sun Eater In The River Of Light //...

City Sun Eater In The River Of Light reaffirms the band hasn’t run out of steam yet, instead emphasising and improving on their best elements

Virgin Kids – Greasewheel // Album Review

This is an intriguing and entertaining first full-length offering, but one which feels more like a prologue, not quite chapter one.

Anohni – Hopelessness // Album Review

If there’s any small comfort to be taken from this music, it’s that if you too are paralysed by the inescapable shiteness of everything, ANOHNI knows how you feel

Less Win // Album

Big Oil Records - June 24th Like Joy Division and Gang of Four before them, Less Win have the knack for reflecting the kind of...

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years // Album Review

Pretty Years finds Cymbals Eat Guitars continuing their journey as one of the best rock acts around

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow // Album Review

Quashing any defeatist fears with all guns blazing, Gameshow’s neon-lights drag the party back on the road.
american wrestlers

American Wrestlers – Goodbye Terrible Youth // Album Review

For all the influences this album so clearly wears on its sleeve, there’s no doubt to the amount of love and passion McClure has pouring through

JMSN – Whatever Makes U Happy // Album Review

The album smacks of a confidence and assurance in its own stylings; a statement of intent from an artist who has finally found his own voice.