Factory Floor – 25 25 // Album Review

Born out of a desire to capture the raw energy of their live shows, 25 25's songs spark and nag and needle away, making your body jam involuntarily and your head throb

Bon Iver – 22, A Million

Half a decade since their last release, 22, A Million proves that few can push the boundaries and blend genre with such comfort as Bon Iver

Tycho – Epoch // Album Review

Steeped in nuance and ripe with replay value, Epoch is everything we've come to expect from Tycho and more.

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle // Album Review

Sprained Ankle is chock full of gorgeous, crisp gems

Chvrches – Love Is Dead // Album Review

The sound is maximised, the mythology more ambitious and it's their most cohesive work yet.

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins // Album Review

Painted Ruins sees the band at their most adventurous and sonically diverse with its shifts, stylistic breaks and layered electronic flourishes.

Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger In The Alps // Album Review

The quality of songwriting, and most importantly the composure with which these songs are delivered, screams of a musician far further down the line.

Julia Jacklin – Crushing // Album Review

...Jacklin's latest release Crushing is an emotive time-capsule that solidifies the singer's identity and radiates an impeccable sense of self- assurance.

LUMP – LUMP // Album Review

Lindsay's graceful compositions feature spacious layers of intimate electronica and precise instrumentation – plucked, blown and sequenced...

Rukhsana Merrise – Child // Album Review

After teasing a fans with singles, west London’s rising singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise releases Child, in the first part of her anticipated two-part album Child O Today.

Cyrene – Wicked Game // Review

We listened to the third release from the illusive, faceless folk newcomer, Cyrene. “It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do” Last week, ‘Wicked Game’,...

Spirtualized – And Nothing Hurt // Album Review

It's been seven years since 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light, and the world might be a horribly different place but, thankfully, J. Spaceman is still making stunning classical/gospel/blues/space-rock.

TR/ST – The Destroyer – I // Album Review

Taking a new approach towards writing and recording this album, Alfons sought absolute quiet to make sense of the inner workings of his mind, resulting in an enthralling two-part record.

Kate Tempest – The Book Of Traps and Lessons // Album...

Having succeeded in this endeavour, The Book Of Traps and Lessons feels like Tempest at her most vulnerable; just her thoughts, no distractions.

Black Belt Eagle Scout – At The Party With My Brown...

Ultimately, this album is a stepping stone, but if Paul can align her virtuosity with her vision, then her third album will triumph.

Young Guv – Vol II // Album Review

There are tambourines and sweet harmonies. There’s a Lemonheads moment on ‘Can I Just Call’, a whole lotta cowbell on ‘She’s A Fantasy’ and slightly fuzzed-up Fannies on ‘Try Not To Hang On So Hard’.

Allie X – Cape God // Album Review

2020 should be dominated by Allie X.

Sampha – Process // Album Review

For all his elegance and deft touches, no one has a firmer grip of 2017 than Sampha.