Car Seat Headrest // Live Review

It’s also his first London show, and one suspects from the occasional messiness of his band, he’s not yet acclimatised to the demands of the stage.

Kid Wave // Live Review

In a realm where electro-pop demons snare every musical trajectory, Kid Wave are gloriously unfashionable

Girl Band // Live Review

From sprawling seven-minute epics to searing eruptions of thirty-second vitriol, I’m headbanging all the way down the Northern Line.

Wet // Live Review

It’s a fairly short set but they sound amazing and, bathed in alternately blue, red and purple light, it feels like we’re all embraced in a really nice hug.

Bully – Feels Like // Album Review

They’ve found their niche and they thrive within it, but such are the quantities of irresistibly sweet pop coating on their refreshing brand of neo-grunge.

Leon Bridges – Coming Home // Album Review

There’s not a single dud song in the set and there’s nothing premeditated about it. Leon, you’re all soul.