Review // Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record

Merge // June 4th ‘Last Summer’, the 2011 solo debut born amidst the hiatus/combustion of Fiery Furnaces, remained puzzlingly undiscovered by the record-downloading public. This...

Alessia Cara – The Pains Of Growing // Album Review

Overall, the album makes excellent use of Cara's much-loved songwriting formula, blending captivating vocals with steady R&B rhythms...

Bloody Knees – Stitches // EP Review

Their latest EP Stitches is everything you could want in a melodic pop punk record.

Blessa // Live Review

Hoxton Square bar and Kitchen is transformed into the home of new and emerging music for a two week showdown; the Artrocker New Blood event.

Kornél Kovács – Stockholm Marathon // Album Review

Recorded in the aftermath of a break-up and a period of self-reflection, Stockholm Marathon is the epitome of bittersweet...

Phoenix // Live Review

Almost two decades in the game, Phoenix deserve every ounce of headline status.

Vessels – Dilate // Album Review

The warmth of Vessels’ earlier guitar-heavy sound is gone, but on Dilate they remain as thoughtful and precise as ever

IAMDDB // Live Review

We went to see the imitable force that is IAMDDB at The Roundhouse last Thursday.

Ariel Pink // Live Review

Yeah, he's strange and all that, but he also writes bafflingly brilliant music with killer hooks

Live Review // James Holden

Corsica Studios - 15/6/13 I'll admit I didn't catch all of James Holden's set to celebrate the release of his glorious new album, The Inheritors....

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep… // Album...

Their second full-length offering is a modern pop masterpiece – and who’s to say it won’t be their first of many?

Bodywash – Comforter // Album Review

Montréal’s Bodywash sit comfortably between experimental chaos and a calm serenity on their outstanding debut album, Comforter.

Bad Breeding // Live Review

The vicious singer prostrates himself before his audience screaming fiercely cynical and antagonistic truths directly into the microphone.

Glitches & Femme // Live Review

Synths, big beats and bubblegum-pop clash at Birthdays tonight as Glitches and Femme hit the stage.

Tim Darcy – Saturday Night // Album Review

A poetic pop record haunted by abstract and obtuse folk influences at every turn.

Live Review // Public Service Broadcasting

The Lexington - 17th July It's neither electronic nor ambient: London duo Public Service Broadcasting have an incredible skill in making their music highly emotional...

Kid Wave // Live Review

In a realm where electro-pop demons snare every musical trajectory, Kid Wave are gloriously unfashionable

Waxahatchee // Live Review

leaving the lasting impression one of nostalgia and profundity, apt given the overwhelming surge of benevolence that radiates

Brainchild Festival // Review

Being free from the grimey clutches of the Man is key to Brainchild’s appeal, joyous energy and critical success. It’s also the only festival I’ve been to and not seen a single can of Carling...

Martha – Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart // Album...

Sharing songwriting and vocal responsibilities makes for a multifaceted and deeply personal record for each member. Delivered with such a joyful and infectious pop undercurrent, you can't go wrong

Axes – Glory // Album Review

if you’re looking for something fun, something colourful with a touch more euphoria than you’re regular math rock outfit, Glory will be as equally pleasing to your earholes.