USA Nails – No Pleasure // Album Review

Their uncompromising drive for gnarly sound is challenging but the album refuses to degenerate into ugliness.

East India Youth – Culture of Volume // Album Review

This is an overwhelmingly immersive release that deliberately shies away from being solely electronica

Desperate Journalist // Live Review

the unquestionably brilliant Desperate Journalist create an indie sonic boom at the launch of their self-titled debut album

Girl Band // Live Review

From sprawling seven-minute epics to searing eruptions of thirty-second vitriol, I’m headbanging all the way down the Northern Line.

Katy B – Little Red // Album Review

Staying true to her Rinse FM roots, Katy B’s worked with Geeneus, George Fitzgerald, Jacques Greene and Artwork to create big-hearted pop

Porches – Pool // Album Review

The confidence from Porches on Pool is striking in comparison to what has come before; if this meticulous process continues to result in brave, beguiling records such as this one, long may it continue

The Hold Steady – Teeth Dreams | Album Review

Teeth Dreams delivers everything we’ve come to expect: it’s about as surprising as watching a rerun of Friends, but as deeply comforting too.

Royal Headache – High // Album Review

And there you have it. Royal Headache have outdone themselves and become one of indie’s most vital acts.

Review // Ethan Johns – If Not Now Then When?

Three Crows Music - 4th February  As a producer, Ethan Johns took under his wings, the likes of  Laura Marling, Ryan Adams and the Vaccines....

Amber Mark // Live Review

For a debut performance, Mark certainly displayed potential.

Hot Chip – Why Make Sense // Album Review

Hot Chip's sixth LP is kind of catchy and succeeds in production quality, but if you were hoping for something a little more innovative, then you’ll be pretty disappointed

Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not //...

There’s slightly more polish to proceedings these days, and Lou Barlow is rightly given room to shine, but for the most part, it’s just a welcome elongation of their heyday

The Spook School – Try To Be Hopeful // Album Review

Ultimately, this record succeeds because of its earnest, uplifting spirit. A reason to be hopeful, indeed.

Perfume Genius // Live Review

In fact, the entire audience behaved like Hadreas had just walked out and held a knife up to each and everyone’s throat.

Review // CSS – Planta

SQE Music // June 10th Consistency has always been a problem for CSS and in perfect keeping with tradition; they skip gleefully from the sublimely...

Hieroglyphic Being – The Disco’s of Imhotep

The Chicago producer's latest is perfected not just in the odd combinations of skittering snare fills, bleeps and pulsating ambient washes – but in the way he’s mixed it, with each element cleverly balanced and holistically intertwined

Shame – Songs Of Praise // Album Review

Recorded in just ten days, Songs Of Praise is entirely flab-free, and ably captures the visceral energy and the grimy, claustrophobic feel of the five-piece's legendary live performances.

10 Reasons to go to Slottsfjell next year // Preview

This year we went out to Slottsfjell festival in Tønsberg, Norway, to hang out on a mountain, watch some bands and eat a whole...

St Vincent – MASSEDUCTION // Album Review

Kate Solomon and Hassan Anderson deconstruct Annie Clark's latest LP.

Ben Howard // Live Review

All things aside, Ben Howard is still an absolute master of his art. He’s the whole package.

Shura – Nothing’s Real // Album Review

Nothing’s Real she says, but out of unreal early attention we find a very real artist indeed