Deerhunter // Live Review

"Cox is in particularly fine form tonight - although admittedly when isn't he?" - we caught Deerhunter's much-anticipated return to the capital.

Review // The Child of Lov – The Child of Lov

The Child of Lov - The Child of Lov Domino // May 5th The Child of Lov bursts onto the scene with a fistful of attitude....

Review // Cloud Control – Dream Cave

Infectious Records - September 16th Ever been to the Blue Mountains? It’s where Cloud Control grew up, and where they wrote and recorded their Australian...

Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs // EP Review

a few choice moments such as the crunchy guitar of ‘El Rito’ rescue an otherwise forgettable release.

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter The Slasher House // Album...

A strange sort of super group whose debut album is hard to decipher

Rise Against – The Black Market // Album Review

Angry as ever, while feeling more introspective and personal than previous efforts, Rise Against prove that a great collection of songs and a great album are two very different things

King Tuff – Black Moon Spell // Album Review

King Tuff delivers 14 songs packed full of sex, classic rock references, parties, teenage rebellion, weirdness and downright stupidity

Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. // EP Review

From the atmospheric into more alt territory, possessing one of the best vocal choruses the band have penned.

King Khan & The BBQ Show – Bad News Boys //...

King Khan pitches up in psycheville with his freaky BBQ show in tow, gargling out grubby little earworms and demonstrating his best Screaming Jay Hawkins impersonation

God Damn – Vultures // Album Review

It lacks conviction and melody. God Damn are good players, but they need to do some serious woodshedding as songwriters.

LA Priest – Inji // Album Review

Inji is a strange but beautiful beast, a glowing journey into a space, bizarre landscape, showing off an eccentric and inventive mind - one seemingly brimming with out-of-the-ordinary ideas

Deradoorian – The Expanding Flower Planet // Album Review

The latest solo offering from Dirty Projector/Slasher Flick member Angel Deradoorian is an album of somnambulistic grooves

Wavves – V // Album Review

For its countless instant pop-punk hits, V has to be commended – it arguably contains more of them than any other Wavves record.

Joanna Newsom – Divers // Album Review

Divers is a record which highlights a wildly creative imagination, provides deft musical touches and deals in dense symbolism and references

Mothers – When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired...

Leschper’s moreish, yearning voice cracks and strains with anger and loss in a manner that elicits comparisons to Angel Olsen, but there is something more intimate, urgent and elegant at play here

Pet Shop Boys – Super // Album Review

The one thing Superis not is tired; it crackles with energy and is at once lusty, sad and amazing

sir Was – Says Hi // Album Review

As introductions go, it’s more hesitant handshake than warm embrace but that’s okay – against all the odds, sir Was’ indecision makes for some spectacular tunes

Knox Brown – Searching // EP Review

Searching is Knox finding his own voice after standout solo track ‘Harry’s Code’. It’s early days but he would do well to avoid being typecast as easy listening.

Happy Diving – Electric Soul Unity // Album Review

There’s a whole world of fuzzy wonder to lose yourself within on Electric Soul Unity.
Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor – Cody // Album Review

Cody isn’t about becoming jaded with age – it’s about seeing the world for how it really is, and making peace with that

Bonobo – Migration // Album Review

As delicate as it is confident Migration might have been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.