Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex // Album Review

Instrumentally the record is pleasant enough, if a little uninspired.

The Comet is Coming // Live Review

Comet Is Coming are a formidable live force...

Angel Olsen // Live Review

Her voice judders like on record but in person it’s more visceral; it’s Olsen alone, but it’s her at her best.

Dutch Impact at The Great Escape // Live Review

We went along to see the best of Dutch talent at The Great Escape.

Pumarosa – The Witch // Album Review

Pumarosa have achieved something envied by all artists alike: carving out their own, attributable sound.

Sylvan Esso // Live Review

The crowd are putty in the hands of Sylvan Esso, hanging onto every word of every song.

Palace // Live Review

Palace are four guys making music to think about, ruminate over and decode; to revel in its vivid lyrical imagery.

Los Angeles Police Department – Los Angeles Police Department // Album...

Ryan Pollie’s lyrics are enigmatic and all at once dramatic, romantic and abstract.


Nubiyan Twist and their fun-filled live shows will grow into legendary status.

Martha // Live Review

Politically charged, with dry wit in spades, Martha are the quintessential Fortuna Pop band.

Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens // Album Review

A stargazer's fantasy of club music, intended for escapism and immersion through detail-rich layers.

Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes // Album Review

Los Campesinos! are back and thankfully, they’re on full- throttle form.

Sampha – Process // Album Review

For all his elegance and deft touches, no one has a firmer grip of 2017 than Sampha.

Estrons // Live Review

Fuckboy-inspired favourite ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ creates a lasting impression of Estrons as a band kicking patriarchy in the nuts (and making some pretty fine melodies whilst doing so).

Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone // Album Review

Carner has that knack of telling everyday stories through a unique perspective, one that turns the ear and intrigues.

Ezra Furman // Live Review

Ezra is very much at a unique intersection between the traditional and the transgressive, and his shows are a home for the strange.

Dream Wife // Live Review

With an exhilarating live show and the crowd to match, it's hard to believe there will ever be another Halloween quite like this one.

Simple Things // Festival Review

A brilliantly surreal and diverse line up, a mash up of indie, hip-hop and electronica, with all the jagged pieces somehow fitting together.

Oasis Festival // Review

"At a time when our city’s nightlife appears under constant threat, we should take note of Oasis Festival."

LVL UP – Return to Love // Album Review

LVL UP’s Return to Love – their third LP and Sub Pop debut – is the result a truly collaborative effort.

patten – Ψ // Album Review

While nothing can compete with their live show, Ψ is an electrifying reminder of what patten can create