Gala Drop – II // Album Review

Perhaps sat on a Portuguese beach, sipping on caipirinhas, II would begin to get a whole lot more appealing, but right now it seems a tad underwhelming

Oh Wonder – Ultralife // Album Review

So while some of the wistful vulnerability from that debut is lost, they make up for it in exploring the catchy pop hook.

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle // Album Review

Sprained Ankle is chock full of gorgeous, crisp gems

George FitzGerald – All That Must Be // Album Review

All The Must Be isn’t by any means a classic; it's a huge step in what was already the right direction.

PJ Harvey // Live Review

"There’s a reverent hush in the arena, for this is pure theatre."

God Damn – Vultures // Album Review

It lacks conviction and melody. God Damn are good players, but they need to do some serious woodshedding as songwriters.

Anderson .Paak // Live Review

Anderson .Paak was the consummate showman at Alexandra Palace last Friday, wowing a sold out crowd of 10,000 with a stunning performance.

S4U – Heart To Say // Album Review

Here, the London duo retain pop sensibilities à la Lauryn Hill and TLC but launch them firmly into 2018.

Laura Marling – Short Movie // Album Review

one more deliberate and gradual step forward for one of contemporary music’s most assured and consistently remarkable artists.

Charli XCX // Live Review

an hour and a half of spiky attitude-filled, non-stop pop hits. And tonight there’s no let up: it’s a perfect showcase for Charli’s perfect pop.

Aphex Twin // EP Review

We listened to Aphex Twin's long awaited Collapse EP

Slow Club // Live Review

dressed sleekly in all black – they have evolved into a genre-spanning pop band with soulful sensibilities.

Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés // Album Review

Fourth album Dark Days & Canapés continues the live band sonics of its predecessor Shedding Skin while sounding like a more realised work.

American Football – LP3 // Album Review

If you regard second-wave emo as a genre that set the (music) world on fire, then LP3 seems to acutely trace the path of its fading embers with serene, stylistic beauty.

Review // Barbarossa – Bloodlines

Memphis Industries - 5th August The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have a lot to answer for. By making confessional R&B cool, they’ve liberated potentially hundreds...

Lykke Li – I Never Learn // Album Review

When it comes to marrying heartache with delicately restrained Scandi-balladry, and the occasional pop juggernaut , Lykke's the best around

Peggy Gou – Once // EP Review

It's nothing short of euphoric to witness Peggy Gou’s reinforcement of her position as one of the dancefloor’s greatest interpreters in 2018 and beyond.

Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal // Album Review

An exasperating listen, but it opens the door for Parquet Courts to literally go anywhere they want to next. Slackers with a plan... who knew eh?

Ryan Adams // Live Review

The musician has proven that he is indisputably a genuine country-rock icon, worthy of going down in history along with rock’s greatest legends.

Milk Teeth – Vile Child // Album Review

For the most part though, Vile Child shows that there’s one thing Milk Teeth love more than anything: making a hell of a lot of noise.

Bon Iver – 22, A Million

Half a decade since their last release, 22, A Million proves that few can push the boundaries and blend genre with such comfort as Bon Iver