Bad Breeding // Live Review

The vicious singer prostrates himself before his audience screaming fiercely cynical and antagonistic truths directly into the microphone.

Girlpool // Live Review

The LA-based DIY punk duo have brought their acclaimed sophomore album Powerplant to the Village Underground, and seem louder than ever.

Yoke Lore – Goodpain // EP Review

Going by the moniker of Yoke Lore, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Adrian Galvin has managed to impress with atmospheric beats and plush vocals on his latest EP.

Anna Calvi – Strange Weather // EP Review

Strange Weather is enfolded by a fascinating sense of mystery, sounding like a musical response to a David Lynch film.

Toro y Moi – What For? // Album Review

the gateway drug you’d hope will lead on to more sonic explorations from Toro y Moi

Broken Bells – After The Disco // Album Review

Burton's behind-the-scenes contribution can be harshly overlooked, but only because his influence is constantly drowned out by Mercer's sour whining

New War // Live Review

Their relentless, cyclical basslines and clipped rhythms throb with an obsessive compulsive pulse that's often as hair-raising as it is dance-inducing.

Fear of Mean – Loom // Album Review

There is a quiet anger behind the softened DIY aesthetics, a disconnected wide-eyed stare behind those ever present jangly guitars

Gum Takes Tooth – Arrow // Album Review

The duo have created a wild landscape where you forget where you’ve been and can’t see where you’re going.

Live Review // Advance Base

The Lexington - 12th July It’s hard not to be a little bit in love with Owen Ashworth; with his self depreciating humour and a...

Courtney Barnett // Album Review

Take an in depth look into Courtney Barnett's new album 'Tell Me How You Really Feel'.

Palehound – Dry Food // Album Review

Dry Food is world-weary and hurt, wanting revenge but failing and eventually beginning to get over the hump

Mac DeMarco – Here Comes The Cowboy // Album Review

An air of sarcasm hangs over the whole record, and if I'm honest, I was hoping for something a lot more radical. Best listened to in the haze of lonely summer evenings.

Woods – City Sun Eater In The River Of Light //...

City Sun Eater In The River Of Light reaffirms the band hasn’t run out of steam yet, instead emphasising and improving on their best elements

Junior Boys – Big Black Coat // Album Review

Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus’ sixth album as Junior Boys is equal parts familiarity and revelation

Les Sins – Michael // Album Review

Michael pogoes its way gleefully through a universe of displaced dance music influences, and more often than not comes out smiling

Oasis Festival // Review

"At a time when our city’s nightlife appears under constant threat, we should take note of Oasis Festival."

Playlounge – Pilot // Album Review

The record is single-minded in its approach, but that's what's so enjoyable about it

Young Guv – Vol II // Album Review

There are tambourines and sweet harmonies. There’s a Lemonheads moment on ‘Can I Just Call’, a whole lotta cowbell on ‘She’s A Fantasy’ and slightly fuzzed-up Fannies on ‘Try Not To Hang On So Hard’.

The 1975 // Album Review

There is nothing brief about the third album from The 1975. In fact, A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships offers pop synths, jazz, auto-tune, and even the voice of Siri in an album that feels both expansive and cinematic.

Ricky Eat Acid – Talk To You Soon // Album Review

Talk To You Soon is a meticulous collection of glimpses into worlds packed with feelings and ideas that you either already know or – mostly – wish that you knew