Little Simz // Album Review

Our review of Little Simz's long awaited album, Grey Area.

Billie Marten – Writing Of Blues And Yellows // Album Review

Listening to Writing Of Blues And Yellows, it’s really no surprise that Billie Marten has been doing this since the age of eight

Happyness // Live Review

It may take Happyness a few more weird little birthday parties before they fully pull it off, but there'll be no shortage of interested guests to watch them doing so.


Casblancas has a way with the stage that is intrinsic, loyal but at the same time overly cool.

Kwes – ilp // Album Review

Often understated, incessantly beautiful, ilp simply signals to the masses that Kwes is one of our brightest talents.

Mild High Club – Skiptracing // Album Review

"Skiptracing is the perfect escape from the strangest of summers"

Powell – Sport // Album Review

Powell has always strived to do something different and utterly confounding. In Sport, he’s surpassed that entirely - here’s an album that is truly special

Let’s Eat Grandma – I, Gemini // Album Review

I, Gemini is like the soundtrack to a lysergic fairytale, covering the spectrum of playful, dark and completely, wonderfully batshit

Charli XCX // Live Review

an hour and a half of spiky attitude-filled, non-stop pop hits. And tonight there’s no let up: it’s a perfect showcase for Charli’s perfect pop.

CYMBALS – Light In Your Mind // Album Review

This is CYMBALS relaxing into their identity, breaking down barriers and seeking new beginnings.

Gwenno – Y Dydd Olaf // Album Review

Gwenno relies on language and layering to deliver subtlety and depth, and it means her political messages will permeate stealthily

Yung Lean // Live Review

We went to see 22 year old Swedish rapper and black metal aficionado, Yung Lean, at O2 Academy Brixton.

Review // CSS – Planta

SQE Music // June 10th Consistency has always been a problem for CSS and in perfect keeping with tradition; they skip gleefully from the sublimely...

Ghum // Live Review

"A band who have firmly positioned themselves in London’s pioneering post-punk scene, Ghum are gradually creeping up the pecking order of must-see bands in the capital, and last night’s sell-out proved why"

sir Was – Says Hi // Album Review

As introductions go, it’s more hesitant handshake than warm embrace but that’s okay – against all the odds, sir Was’ indecision makes for some spectacular tunes

Ryan Adams // Live Review

The musician has proven that he is indisputably a genuine country-rock icon, worthy of going down in history along with rock’s greatest legends.

serpentwithfeet – soil // Album Review

A classically trained musician who merges R&B, gospel, performance art and experimental electronica, Josiah Wise, aka serpentwithfeet, startles on his debut album.

Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady // Album Review

Not another wildly ambitious, technicolour, intergalactic, lesbian-themed sci-fi R&B concept album, you’re probably saying...

Girlpool – What Chaos Is Imaginary // Album Interview

Danny Wright gathered Stephanie Phillips and Kezia Cochrane together to talk all things What Chaos Is Imaginary.

New War // Live Review

Their relentless, cyclical basslines and clipped rhythms throb with an obsessive compulsive pulse that's often as hair-raising as it is dance-inducing.

Spirtualized – And Nothing Hurt // Album Review

It's been seven years since 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light, and the world might be a horribly different place but, thankfully, J. Spaceman is still making stunning classical/gospel/blues/space-rock.