The Goon Sax // Live Review

DIY Space for London - September 26th The Goon Sax are a pop band from Brisbane, Australia, whose three members are all under the age...

Deerhunter // Live Review

"Cox is in particularly fine form tonight - although admittedly when isn't he?" - we caught Deerhunter's much-anticipated return to the capital.

The Front Bottoms // Live Review

Coming away from the gig feeling nothing but pure joy, not remembering the last time I saw a gig at The Garage that felt like a Punk Rock show at The Black Heart or The Peel.

How To Dress Well // Live Review

While alarmingly adept at crafting songs with brutal resonation, How To Dress Well is equally as impressive in the throes of a crisis

Mbongwana Star // Live Review

Everyone roared back that they were happy to dance all night. No more eloquent endorsement was needed.

Hardly a Party // Live Review

It’s easy to love Art is Hard, even more so when their birthday comes around and they put on a buttload of rad bands for a ludicrously cheap amount

Death Grips // Live Review

"For all the hype surrounding Death Grips and the artifice they build around themselves, it’s undeniable that they are worthy of the adoration they receive."

Ben Frost // Live Review

More than just a gig, Ben Frost’s set tonight is an auditory, physical experience; uncompromising and unforgettable.

Kagoule // Live Review

It’s clear that their relentless touring schedule is paying off with bigger, more enthusiastic crowds.

Martha // Live Review

The pace is so breakneck it’s difficult to gather your thoughts between tracks, Martha almost start a riot.

Girl Band // Live Review

From sprawling seven-minute epics to searing eruptions of thirty-second vitriol, I’m headbanging all the way down the Northern Line.

Childish Gambino // Live Review

If Donald Glover is a man of his word then tonight – here in the cavernous o2 – we are witnessing the last show Childish Gambino will ever play in London. If this is indeed the end of the Gambino journey, it’s been an enthralling one.

By The Sea Festival // Review

Less a festival, more a gig that’s burst its seams, By The Sea is this seaside town’s attempt at celebrating the music scene, both local and international.

Live Review // Little Comets

The Borderline - 14/6/13 Before Phil Collins betrayed fans of progressive rock everywhere by steering Genesis from makers of 20 minute synth epics to producers...

Latitude // Festival Review

Latitude takes the opportunity of its twelfth edition to further verify its liberal, family-friendly superiority.

Pissed Jeans // Live Review

There are very real concerns that someone could lose a limb thirty seconds after Pissed Jeans ignite the fuse of their 100 Club show on Wednesday night

Le1f // Live Review

He's so spirited and brimming with personality - flitting between coy and frisky, militant and possessed - it's beyond captivating.

Animal Collective // Live Review

There’s a dreariness about them that completely juxtaposes the multicoloured freakout that’s happening.

Simple Things // Festival Review

Much like the accompanying artwork by Peruvian artist Jonathan Castro, Simple Things is a warping, future-facing prismatic beast. As always, both halves of Simple Things were impressively curated this year, but the daytime schedule was garbled in the best of ways.

Weezer // Live Review

Weezer are finally starting to strike a brilliant balance of providing both glossy-eyed nostalgia and fun of the highest level.

Son Lux // Live Review

Son Lux is here to play his debut London show, and having released his latest album 'Lanterns' to much critical acclaim recently, we can't wait for him to bring those tracks to life.

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