Palace // Live Review

Palace are four guys making music to think about, ruminate over and decode; to revel in its vivid lyrical imagery.


Nubiyan Twist and their fun-filled live shows will grow into legendary status.

Martha // Live Review

Politically charged, with dry wit in spades, Martha are the quintessential Fortuna Pop band.

Estrons // Live Review

Fuckboy-inspired favourite ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ creates a lasting impression of Estrons as a band kicking patriarchy in the nuts (and making some pretty fine melodies whilst doing so).

Ezra Furman // Live Review

Ezra is very much at a unique intersection between the traditional and the transgressive, and his shows are a home for the strange.

Dream Wife // Live Review

With an exhilarating live show and the crowd to match, it's hard to believe there will ever be another Halloween quite like this one.

Simple Things // Festival Review

A brilliantly surreal and diverse line up, a mash up of indie, hip-hop and electronica, with all the jagged pieces somehow fitting together.

Oasis Festival // Review

"At a time when our city’s nightlife appears under constant threat, we should take note of Oasis Festival."

End Of The Road // Festival Review

Here's all the fun we had at End of The Road.

Latitude Festival // Live

This is Latitude. This is not your average festival.
Credit: Anna Webber

Car Seat Headrest // Live

There's a breadth and depth to what Car Seat Headrest do that's head and shoulders above anyone else doing "emo" in 2016

Fiction Records Party // Live Review

Fiction Records proved at this party that they have the eye for talent, variety and killer tunes

Black Honey // Live Review

Black Honey, on to world domination? They certainly have the potential.

Outlier // Live Review

a yin-yang approach that created an optimal balance between live acts and DJs, the vibe was electric.

Traams // Live Review

No band is having as much fun with bitter anger and frustration as TRAAMS right now.

The Japanese House // Live Review

Bain does take you to a clean, wonderfully calming state of Lanzarote as if governed by Sofia Coppola, and it goes over a treat.

Martha // Live Review

The pace is so breakneck it’s difficult to gather your thoughts between tracks, Martha almost start a riot.

The Charlatans // Live Review

The Charlatans are busy flicking the switch that turns you into a 15 year old dancing around your bedroom.

Savages // Live Review

When she climbs into the crowd for a mercilessly intimate ‘Hit Me’ the moment feels unreal in its intensity.

Car Seat Headrest // Live Review

It’s also his first London show, and one suspects from the occasional messiness of his band, he’s not yet acclimatised to the demands of the stage.

Kid Wave // Live Review

In a realm where electro-pop demons snare every musical trajectory, Kid Wave are gloriously unfashionable

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