Happy Mondays // Live Review

Shaun and Bez are dab hands at turning a tetchy vibe into a united one, but that’s what they were always about.

Denai Moore // Live Review

It’s with high expectations that the audience awaited Denai Moore's set at Hackney’s Oslo.

Phoenix // Live Review

Almost two decades in the game, Phoenix deserve every ounce of headline status.

Trudy and the Romance // Live Review

Trudy’s drunken brand of 50s pop delivers those let-your-hair-down Friday night feels to a packed-out crowd of post-work drinkers.

NOS Alive // Review

NOS Alive is an absolute blast of a festival.

Loyle Carner // Album Review

Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning - 19th April 2019 It’s been two years since Loyle Carner released his debut album, Yesterday's Gone and...

Le1f // Live Review

Le1f’s got pizazz and a magnetic stage presence - it’s good, dirty fun, just how Grace Jones preferred it in New York City nightclubs 30 years ago

Steve Gunn // Live review

Neither flashy nor contrived, just simply one the best damn guitar players around.

Ásgeir // Live Review

It’s a refreshing live act to see – one where you feel constantly connected even despite language barriers and the lack of “singalong” tracks.

IAMDDB // Live Review

We went to see the imitable force that is IAMDDB at The Roundhouse last Thursday.

To Rococo Rot // Live Review

All of this good-natured industry and sonic anarchy was a joy to behold – especially for a band which rarely plays live.

Toy // Live Review

Toy’s return to the Amersham was compelling, diverse and all round entertaining.

Oneohtrix Point Never // Live Review

Some of the most hard-hitting and deeply idiosyncratic electronic music that's around right now.

Little Simz // Album Review

Our review of Little Simz's long awaited album, Grey Area.

Sigrid // Live Review

Sigrid's first major headline show in the capital was always going to be a litmus test.

Trembling Bells // Live Review

It's clear that the group are just taking smaller risks as they keep their vision of modern folk music looking forward, while still referencing the past.

Amber Arcades // Live Review

Amber Arcades' Annelotte de Graaf's voice is understated yet commanding, meandering through sweet melodies.

P Money // Live Review

When P Money finally takes the stage, the mosh-pit explodes as he launches into ‘Panasonic’.

Courtney Barnett // Live

The palatial grounds of Somerset House rise to the occasion for the pairing of two conversational songwriters with a strong sense of place...

Fat White Family // Live Review

the soundtrack of a debauched squat party where everyone is way more than half cut.

Black Honey // Live Review

Black Honey, on to world domination? They certainly have the potential.

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