Eliza and the Bear // Live Review

The London five-piece manages to fuse indie rock, pop and folk without erring on the sides of twee or effusive.

Fatima // Live Review

In a city where neo-soul is thriving, it could be difficult for an artist to really stand out. However, the talent, charisma and versatility that Fatima displays makes her a truly unique force. Therefore, it came as no surprise that her performance at The Roundhouse in Camden went down an absolute hit.

Lykke Li // Live Review

At her Village Underground show, Lykke Li takes what could be pure pop refuse for others and manages to turn it into a euphoric twist of passionate beauty

Lightning Dust // Live Review

They earlier joked that they thought no-one would turn up to the show because of the storm. These guys were a hurricane in their own right.
Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen // Live Review

If the crowd’s enraptured silence throughout the set is anything to go by, Olsen should feel very secure in her chosen career path.

Baroness // Live Review

Because here were Baroness, back to unleash their devilishly complex take on power rock ‘n’ roll on London.

Husky Loops – Husky Loops // EP Review

It’s a tricky task to pin Husky Loops down. One thing’s for sure: they’re not going to be shining any light into their darkness anytime soon.

Review // M O N E Y – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room - 13th June When probed about his ambitions for MONEY, front man Jamie Lee said this: “Our aim with this band –...

Charli XCX // Live Review

an hour and a half of spiky attitude-filled, non-stop pop hits. And tonight there’s no let up: it’s a perfect showcase for Charli’s perfect pop.

Live Review // Japandroids

Dingwalls - 17th July Holy chafing ball-sweat, Japandroids. Perhaps you are misanthropic, sadistic pricks. Perhaps you've not heard of heat exhaustion. Perhaps you didn't plan for...

Wolf Alice // Live Review

The London four-piece celebrate new album 'Visions of a Life' at XOYO.

Citadel // Festival Review

Citadel may have been their only UK festival of the year, but boy did Foals make it one of their best.

Live Review // Franz Ferdinand

New Slang - August 26th New Slang has become somewhat of an institution for music lovers in the South-west of London in recent times. With...

Sebadoh // Live Review

one great folly after another, hurtling maniacally and out of control, threatening disintegration at every turn.

End Of The Road // Festival Review

Here's all the fun we had at End of The Road.

Tove Styrke // Live Review

Tove proves that she’s got what it takes to stand alongside those stars and reinvigorate the often stale charts of today.

Alright The Captain – Contact Fix // Album Review

Without sacrificing their virtuosity the trio have embraced a denser, more satisfying sound to corral the head bangers and well as the beat-counters.

Scott Matthews // Live Review

Ending the set with two of his back-catalogue’s finest moments, he put out a statement of intent that his next chapter would be his finest.

Trust Fund // Live Review

The anxiety and uncertainty pent up in Trust Fund's songs are transformed tonight in to an overriding sense of joy.

The Bronx // Live Review

The Bronx don’t do off-nights, but right now they’re on blistering form.

Boy Pablo // Live Review

A killer combination of catchy, dance-worthy riffs and millennial meme-humour...

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