Pissed Jeans // Live Review

There are very real concerns that someone could lose a limb thirty seconds after Pissed Jeans ignite the fuse of their 100 Club show on Wednesday night

Bloc Party // Live Review

Each strand of their expanding catalogue is unified by a togetherness on stage that was clearly lacking before.

Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter // Live Review

Gareth Ware looks over a week of excellent shows curated by the wonderful people are Fortuna Pop!
Jerkcurb Jacob Read

Jerkcurb // Live Review

Jerkcurb's newly filled-out band play freaky show at Angel's Electrowerkz.

Hop Along // Live Review

Tonight’s set is consistently powerful, leaning on material from 2015’s exceptional Painted Shut.

Wet // Live Review

It’s a fairly short set but they sound amazing and, bathed in alternately blue, red and purple light, it feels like we’re all embraced in a really nice hug.

Black Honey // Live Review

Overall turmoil and chaos was officially the name of the game at the Sebright Arms tonight.

Live Review // On An On

Photo by Merlin Jobst On An On Birthdays // February 14th   It makes sense for a band, especially having just crossed the Atlantic, to take a few...

White Lung // Live Review

A meeting of the bare-bones nihilism of post punk and dirt-speckled rock ‘n’ roll glamour that is White Lung’s own

Oneohtrix Point Never // Live Review

Some of the most hard-hitting and deeply idiosyncratic electronic music that's around right now.

Janelle Monáe // Live Review

We went to see the queen Janelle Monáe at The Roundhouse, London on 11th September 2018.

Homeless Billionaires // Live Review

Homeless Billionaires have forged a sound that is not quite like anything on the circuit right now

Jenny Hval // Live Review

We’re left with more questions than answers, and that we are never once afforded the luxury of remaining emotionally passive.

Dave // Live Review

Visually it’s fantastic, but it’s the acerbic precision with which he spits out each bar that’s especially impressive

Fidlar // Live Review

Alert to the youthful crowd’s rampant enthusiasm, the band do their bit to crank things up a notch.

Angel Olsen // Live Review

Her voice judders like on record but in person it’s more visceral; it’s Olsen alone, but it’s her at her best.

Pet Shop Boys // Live Review

While it’s true that the Pet Shop Boys aren’t your usual Royal Opera House headliners, their performance tonight is pure theatre.

Rosie Lowe // Live Review

Lowe stands as a preacher in the centre of the stage, demanding the attention of every eye in the room

The Comet Is Coming // Live Review

Its psychedelic electronica meets tribal-jazz hypnotics again owning the room.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds // Live Review

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are more than capable of entrancing arenas.
Field Day Future Islands

Future Islands // Live Review

Those who were previously seated on the balcony had gotten to their feet, arms in the air, singing those lyrics that made the song an instant classic

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