The War On Drugs // Live Review

Huge, guitar-rock as it’s meant to be heard.

Live Review // Japandroids

Dingwalls - 17th July Holy chafing ball-sweat, Japandroids. Perhaps you are misanthropic, sadistic pricks. Perhaps you've not heard of heat exhaustion. Perhaps you didn't plan for...

The Breeders // Live Review

The night isn’t perfect, not totally polished, but that’s just the nature and mantra of The Breeders.
alex burey

Alex Burey // Live Review

A mesmeric mix of soporific guitar and muted brass – driven by a swing beat and embellished with the woozy swell of fairground organ – it’s a luxurious listen.

The Magic Gang // Live Review

The Magic Gang are enjoying themselves every bit as much as – perhaps even more so than – the legions of devout followers they’ve already amassed

Latitude Festival // Review

Latitude is a beautiful concoction of the avant-garde and experimental, the upcoming and the established.

Letherette – Last Night On The Planet // Album Review

this is a trusted and moreish combination of timeless ingredients.

La Luz // Live Review

Like a bizarro world Beach Boys, La Luz’s guitar-led slow jams are two parts surf, two parts R&B vocal harmony with a twist of gothic Americana.

How To Dress Well // Live Review

While alarmingly adept at crafting songs with brutal resonation, How To Dress Well is equally as impressive in the throes of a crisis

Scott Matthews // Live Review

Ending the set with two of his back-catalogue’s finest moments, he put out a statement of intent that his next chapter would be his finest.

Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie + Skinny Lister // Live Review

Ragan reminds us all that the next day is worth breaking a back bone for in his ground shaking Scala show

Review // M O N E Y – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room - 13th June When probed about his ambitions for MONEY, front man Jamie Lee said this: “Our aim with this band –...

Dungen // Live Review

They relaxed into the groove and treated the crowd to some sonic meanderings that were truly impressive.

Albert Hammond Jr // Live Review

“I feel like I’m dreaming…This is tremendous” is the assessment of the night from the man himself – he's welcome back any time.

CocoRosie // Live Review

There is something somewhat disturbing and deliciously fascinating in the way CocoRosie’s music taps right into people’s heads.

Peace // Live Review

Elevated sounds of slick unrivaled cool, that only reinforce the fact that Peace aren’t just another fad band, they’re here to stay for the long run.

LIZZO // Live Review

it's impossible to decide whether you'd prefer her to be your best friend or your leader.

Fish // Live Review

Any preconceptions due to their youth and inexperience, are dispelled in an instant.

Lucius // Live Review

The Lucius live experience is one that’s hugely transcendent of their record.

Fang Island // Live Review

while neither Fang Island nor Adebisi Shank really go off this evening, that doesn’t stop them threatening greatness.

The Two Bears // Live Review

The 2 bears’ penultimate set of their 12 week XOYO residency was a dancy affair. Inviting punters to connect with their dancefloor neighbour.

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