Yo La Tengo // Live Review

Over three decades in existence and fifteen albums to their name, we went to see if the legendary archetypal indie-rock band Yo La Tengo still pack the same punch in their infamous live shows - this time at the appropriately evolved EarTH, Hackney.

Stormzy // Live Review

Ending things with a positively militant rendition of his debut single ‘Know Me From’, it’s evident Stormzy’s rallying an army.

The Wytches – Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve // EP Review

Their willingness to experiment is at least admirable, but there’s nothing spectacular enough here to turn many heads.

Blood Orange // Live Review

They really are a spectacle to be marveled at. But for God’s sake, dance a little, or be prepared to feel the wrath of Hynes.

Kyla La Grange // Live Review

Returning from her one year hibernation, Kyla La Grange is back at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen to give us a taste of her new album ‘Cut Your Teeth’, due out in May.

Desperate Journalist // Live Review

the unquestionably brilliant Desperate Journalist create an indie sonic boom at the launch of their self-titled debut album


It did certainly hint that something greater is definitely out there... and for that victory alone, it was a success.
Jerkcurb Jacob Read

Jerkcurb // Live Review

Jerkcurb's newly filled-out band play freaky show at Angel's Electrowerkz.

How To Dress Well // Live Review

While alarmingly adept at crafting songs with brutal resonation, How To Dress Well is equally as impressive in the throes of a crisis

Holly Herndon // Live Review

Holly Herndon brought the critically-acclaimed and visionary PROTO to the Barbican last Wednesday for a sublimely unique audiovisual experience. At its core, Holly Herndon’s live...

Charli XCX // Live Review

"This is a double whammy of an ending to an exhibition of musical power and skill, of vivacity and venom."

DjRUM // Live Review

For his live performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall last Sunday, Djrum leant into the blissful and delicate sides to his greatly expansive sound.  As last...
alex burey

Alex Burey // Live Review

A mesmeric mix of soporific guitar and muted brass – driven by a swing beat and embellished with the woozy swell of fairground organ – it’s a luxurious listen.

Yung Lean // Live Review

We went to see 22 year old Swedish rapper and black metal aficionado, Yung Lean, at O2 Academy Brixton.

Lusts // Live Review

Lusts’ greatest triumph is the successful conversion of the ethereal harmonies that decorated the album onto stage.

Steve Gunn // Live review

Neither flashy nor contrived, just simply one the best damn guitar players around.

Balance and Composure // Live Review

this overwrought and passionate display is lacking the real bite and angst that B&C have successfully captured on record in the past.

Live Review // Franz Ferdinand

New Slang - August 26th New Slang has become somewhat of an institution for music lovers in the South-west of London in recent times. With...


Casblancas has a way with the stage that is intrinsic, loyal but at the same time overly cool.

Sunflower Bean // Live Review

By the opening strains of ‘The Stalker’ it’s pretty evident that the hype for their live show doesn’t need any justification.

Black Honey // Live Review

Overall turmoil and chaos was officially the name of the game at the Sebright Arms tonight.

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