New War // Live Review

Their relentless, cyclical basslines and clipped rhythms throb with an obsessive compulsive pulse that's often as hair-raising as it is dance-inducing.

Yak // Live Review

If Yak can harness this fierce and profound energy on record, then they may be able to make some history of their own - either way they remain a must see live band today

C Duncan // Live Review

Duncan’s gift for haute songcraft and honeyed melody was brilliantly served when set to chipper pop

Slow Club // Live Review

dressed sleekly in all black – they have evolved into a genre-spanning pop band with soulful sensibilities.

Mitski // Live Review

No bells and whistles, no excess baggage for this performer: hers is one soul bared for all.

Alex Cameron // Live Review

Al Cam made a mighty return to play London earlier this week, we headed down to catch him in action at Electric Brixton. “We got...

Wolf Alice // Live Review

Wolf Alice shatter any delusions they might be just another teenage band with their perfectly executed homecoming Scala gig

Wet // Live Review

It’s a fairly short set but they sound amazing and, bathed in alternately blue, red and purple light, it feels like we’re all embraced in a really nice hug.

Los Campesinos! // Live Review

It’s messy, it’s sweaty, it’s a bit unprofessional. It’s fun, basically.

Primal Scream // Live Review

London Palladium - April 1st 2016 The London Palladium seems too polite a venue for Primal Scream. Velvet seats, binoculars for a quid and £4.50 for...

Interpol // Live Review

Over-all this evening I experienced all the emotions you do when seeing a great band live; joy, excitement, melancholy and sadness.

Suzanne Ciani // Live Review

The audience's rapture is broken only once when a low battery sign appears on the projector - we caught pioneering modular-synth artist Suzanne Ciani live.

Peluché // Live Review

It's all a bit like watching Haim in their early days, if Haim then went on to make music that sounded a bit like Vampire Weekend
Cakes Da Killa

Cakes Da Killa // Live Review

Brooklyn-based rapper Cakes Da Killa seems to always do best when all eyes are on him.

The Kills // Live Review

With the weight of a full rhythm section at their disposal, The Kills set the songs from Ash and Ice ablaze this evening.
alex burey

Alex Burey // Live Review

A mesmeric mix of soporific guitar and muted brass – driven by a swing beat and embellished with the woozy swell of fairground organ – it’s a luxurious listen.

Latitude Festival // Live

This is Latitude. This is not your average festival.

Wolf Alice // Live Review

Nambucca - February 3rd The last time Wolf Alice played their hometown, back in September, they almost blew the roof off a sold-out Brixton Academy....

First Aid Kit // Live Review

It’s really enchanting to witness two such beautiful personalities channel a joy and heartfelt energy into the room tonigh

Denai Moore // Live Review

It’s with high expectations that the audience awaited Denai Moore's set at Hackney’s Oslo.

The Parrots // Live

"The Parrots’ palpable energy is unstoppable, unable to be slowed down and bottled."

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