Rae Morris // Live Review

Tonight her solo gig at Shoreditch’s Village Underground is a testament to a summer spent playing to increasingly big crowds.

Viet Cong // Live Review

It’s high time that Viet Cong continue to seize the high ground and unleash their deadly – and frighteningly bleak – musical arsenal.

Wolf Alice // Live Review

Such is the trajectory of Wolf Alice’s evolution, they’re already leaving behind the conventions of the genre, and are now making the rules themselves.

Perfume Genius // Live Review

But when you see Hadreas scream and shake, he’s every bit the superstar weirdo he ought to be.

Wolf Alice // Live Review

That seemingly unbreakable bond is perhaps the most special thing about the band who tonight confirmed themselves once and for all as the most special this country has to offer – a true national treasure.

Outlier // Live Review

a yin-yang approach that created an optimal balance between live acts and DJs, the vibe was electric.

Mitski // Live Review

No bells and whistles, no excess baggage for this performer: hers is one soul bared for all.

Lou Rhodes // Live

It felt fitting. No glamour, no posing, but a sense of wonder. Yes.

Puma Blue // Live Review

Puma for the cagey, twitchy power of singer/head-honcho Jacob Allen. Blue for the feels you get when listening to his sexy falsetto .

Heliocentrics // Live Review

A set of adept psychedelia, a miasma of swirling trance drawn from European space rock, North African funk and South Asian ragas.

Indian Wells // Live Review

It might have taken a while to get into a groove, but once Indian Wells had found his rhythm no one wanted him to stop.

Gigs of the Year // 2018

2018: the year that changed the way we look at live shows. We take a look back at some of our favourite live performances from David Byrne, Christine & The Queens, Janelle Monáe and more. 

Maribou State // Live Review

Maribou State bring their fresh new live performance back to London for the first time in two years and manage to sell out The Roundhouse with their return to stage.

Alex Cameron // Live Review

Al Cam made a mighty return to play London earlier this week, we headed down to catch him in action at Electric Brixton. “We got...

Wireless Connect // Live Review

Wireless have done their bit to ensure that festival season doesn’t end up as one of The Rona’s casualties with Wireless Connect - featuring a bumper weekend of Rap, Trap and R&B from both sides of the Atlantic.

Live Review // James Holden

Corsica Studios - 15/6/13 I'll admit I didn't catch all of James Holden's set to celebrate the release of his glorious new album, The Inheritors....

Sebadoh // Live Review

one great folly after another, hurtling maniacally and out of control, threatening disintegration at every turn.

LIZZO // Live Review

it's impossible to decide whether you'd prefer her to be your best friend or your leader.

Christopher Owens // Live Review

This is a spectacle, savage and hypnotic in equal measure, helmed by one of the most underrated songwriters of recent times.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen // Live Review

performing at the far loftier locale of the Guildhall School by the Barbican, returning as fully recognised, world-class composers

Kiasmos // Live Review

Carving breathtaking vistas out of cavernous beats, soaring strings and subterranean bass rumblings.

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