Homeshake – Helium // Album Review

Homeshake goes from strength- to-strength and it’s a treat to float away with Helium.

Virgin Kids – Greasewheel // Album Review

This is an intriguing and entertaining first full-length offering, but one which feels more like a prologue, not quite chapter one.

Dilly Dally – Heaven // Album Review

A year spent writing got the band out of the woods and back on gloriously abrasive form and, despite its uncertain beginnings, Heaven is a beacon of positivity.

Visions Festival Pre-Party // Review

We went to see Fucked Up, Bad Breeding and Sauna Youth a Visions Festival Pre-Party.

Johnny Foreigner // Live Review

Johnny Foreigner pour their heart and soul into every single song at the Borderline, with the energy of an overzealous teenage punk band

Touché Amoré – Stage Four // Album Review

Full access into the mind of a man trying to make sense of things after suffering the most personal of tragedies.

Warpaint – Warpaint // Album Review

Apart from a growing maturity and confidence as a band, in many ways the foursome are still very much working within their trademark sound

Arc Iris – Moon Saloon // Album Review

At times epic, at times uneasy, always thought-provoking and clever, you will find yourself returning to the Moon Saloon and you’ll feel like a better person when you come out

The Growlers // Live Review

By the end, it feels as if The Growlers have played the 1,700 capacity Roundhouse as effortlessly as they would to ten people in a small dive bar, which is perhaps how their brooding pop songs work best.

Green Man // Festival Review

Green Man was a joy. Shamelessly middle class at times, yes. But going on the music and lack of hangovers, a joy.

Mark Pritchard – Under The Sun // Album Review

Toeing the line between sparse, spacious sounds and forward thinking, futuristic tones.

Leftfield – Alternative Light Source // Album Review

Leftfield didn't get the progressive-house rep for nothing, and it's big-bottomed astral bangers like these that will keep this superstar soundsystem in arena-sized sellouts

Squirrel Flower – Contact Sports // Review

Read our review of Squirrel Flower's latest vinyl release, Contact Sports.

Trembling Bells // Live Review

It's clear that the group are just taking smaller risks as they keep their vision of modern folk music looking forward, while still referencing the past.

Kurt Vile – B’Lieve I’m Goin Down

Not one to pen a duff track, Kurt Vile's sixth album is his cohesive best, thanks to his trademark laconic delivery, bluesy acoustic guitar licks and a greater focus on his singing

Her’s – Songs of Her’s // Album Review

This round up of their material so far adds another dimension to the band’s spritely sound and shows off their ability to pen an earworm in whatever guise.

Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi // Album Review

Kintsugi is an emotional roller coaster proudly bearing its cracks for all to see

Sheer Mag – Compilation LP // Album Review

On the whole though, Sheer Mag don’t have anything to offer that we haven’t already heard before

Drugdealer – Raw Honey

If the remedy to a ‘London Nightmare’ can only be a California dream, with Drugdealer we now know that it will be an Angeleno leading the sound of the next British Invasion.

Slaves // Live Review

Despite the show’s somewhat basic structure, it is fair to say that the two-piece champion a chaotic strain of twenty first century punk that is rare.

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer // Album Review

Tim Hakki reviews Stormzy Gang Signs and Prayer