Review // Spectrals – Sob Story

Spectrals - Sob Story Wichita // June 3rd Spectrals (Louis Jones to his friends) fluttered into shot a couple of years ago boasting an array of...

Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains // Album Review

Are Josh Homme's gang of rock'n'roll punishers stepping into safer, more chart-friendly territory?

Kali Uchis – Isolation // Album Review

Isolation feels like a project of love, as it glides across genres, dropping hit singles along the way.

Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor // Album Review

"Williams made the album together with her self-proclaimed “chosen family” which is most likely the reason behind the album’s organic yet confident sound."

CFCF – Outside // Album Review

the record jumps from groove-laden synth-pop to ambient minimalism in heartbeat

Reviews // Mt Wolf – Hypolight

Mt. Wolf - Hypolight Two Sisters // Out Now The bolder, racier, elder sibling to last year's wide-eyed “dreamfolk” debut, Mt. Wolf's latest EP ‘Hypolight’ swells...

Junior Boys – Big Black Coat // Album Review

Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus’ sixth album as Junior Boys is equal parts familiarity and revelation

MØ – Forever Neverland // Album Review

In the four years since MØ released her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow, the Danish pop hero has become a global star...

Dutch Uncles – O Shudder // Album Review

Intelligent and impeccably orchestrated pop, coloured with a retro tint

Radkey // Live Review

Mixed with the curb-stomp beats of garage rock and delivered with the enthusiasm and energy of a band in their youth, it’s a familiar yet vital display.

Sebadoh – Act Surprised // Album Review

Act Surprised feels like a familiar friend from the get-go. It’s got that youthful grit and energy that the band have come to be known for in their prolific career.

Sleater Kinney // Live Review

"tonight proves that Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein are undeniably two of the greatest rockstars we have" - the mighty Sleater Kinney live at Brixton Academy.

Trust Fund // Live Review

The anxiety and uncertainty pent up in Trust Fund's songs are transformed tonight in to an overriding sense of joy.

Kiasmos – Kiasmos // Album Review

Intricate arrangements seem minimal thanks to a meticulous use of subtle dynamics, the result is a record far greater than the sum of its parts

The War on Drugs – Lost In The Dream // Album...

I’m not sure you’ll hear a better record all year.

Nathan Fake – Sunder // EP Review

Nathan Fake has embraced the messy energy of the recording, adding a personal touch to a record that is simultaneously industrial and deeply emotive.

Destroyer – ken // Album Review

This time, he's apparently digging the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. And man, do I dig how he digs the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

End Of The Road // Festival Review

Here's all the fun we had at End of The Road.

Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper // Album...

Armed only with some instruments and a bucketful of reverb, Panda Bear fends off the reaper with a collection of angelic, echoing songs. The death (of blissful electronic music) has been averted again.

Two Door Cinema Club – AMP London // Live Review

When Two Door Cinema Club were announced as headliners for Annie Mac’s inaugural AMP London series, a buzz immediately broke out as to what the Northern Ireland trio would bring to Oval Club - a tiny, cosy venue in East London.

Review // Drenge – Drenge

Infectious - August 19th The debut album from Drenge see's the Sheffield brothers sticking firmly to what they know - bitchy party rock. Yep, the self-titled...