S4U – Heart To Say // Album Review

Here, the London duo retain pop sensibilities à la Lauryn Hill and TLC but launch them firmly into 2018.

Rhodes – Wishes // Album Review

Wishes may not be a perfect debut, but it remains an impressive collection of tracks, and one which, at its finest moments, showcases the initial sparks of a truly undeniable talent.

Teeth Of The Sea – Highly Deadly Black Tarantula // Album...

It’s electronic drone metal for the dancefloor, with trumpets. It’s the soundtrack to a non-existent film about contracting STDs from tantric sex with robots. It’s terrifying. Listen to it, now.

Ólafur Arnalds – Eulogy for Evolution 2017 // Album Review

What is remarkable about Eulogy for Evolution is how contemporary it still sounds.

Jenny Lewis – The Voyager // Album Review

it’s the new Lewis on show here who takes pride in her scars and is able to majestically harness her emotional big bang into one superb album.

The Magic Gang // Live Review

The Magic Gang are enjoying themselves every bit as much as – perhaps even more so than – the legions of devout followers they’ve already amassed

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unravelling // Album Review

‘Unravelling’ finds the band assured and polished. Yet its colossal melodramatics cast a dense and joyless shadow, creating an unappealing, impersonal space to linger in for too long.

Rosie Lowe // Live Review

Lowe stands as a preacher in the centre of the stage, demanding the attention of every eye in the room

Ásgeir // Live Review

It’s a refreshing live act to see – one where you feel constantly connected even despite language barriers and the lack of “singalong” tracks.

Slaughter Beach, Dog – Safe And Also No Fear // Album...

These indie-folk anecdotes and internal musings of a far-from-spotless mind showcase Jake Ewald’s enigmatic, wry and pathos-laden storytelling.

Review // 65DAYSOFSTATIC – Wild Light

Superball Music // September 16th ‘Wild Light’ begins with a female voice stating ‘No one knows what is happening’ – and it’s a line that...

Robyn – Honey // Album Interview

Robyn's back to save us all, but was Honey worth the wait? Danny Wright, Rhian Daly and Kelly Ronaldson decide.

Beach Baby – No Mind No Money // Album Review

Beach Baby’s debut suffers from a terminal lack of inspiration as the group trundles inelegantly from one half-baked idea to the next

Pet Shop Boys // Live Review

While it’s true that the Pet Shop Boys aren’t your usual Royal Opera House headliners, their performance tonight is pure theatre.

A Giant Dog – Pile // Album Review

'Pile' is an exemplar of rock and roll remaining a relevant force in modern music.

Imarhan – Temet // Album Review

There's certainly a broader remit throughout and the songs promise a breathless live show, but; and perhaps it's a consequence of this, it's the quieter moments that standout.

Floating Points – Elaenia // Album Review

While you probably need to be a jazz aficionado to identity many of the influences churned up in Floating Points’ cogs, you don’t have to be to enjoy the end product.

Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair // EP Review

Equal parts Eric's Trip squall and perfectly scuzzed out pop a la The Amps, 'Real Hair' is tried, true and effortlessly lovable.

Beach House // Live Review

Victoria and Alex cast their rich gossamer threads over the audience, and when they do break out fan favourites it becomes obvious that we're caught in their web.

Field Mouse – Episodic // Album Review

Field Mouse are a band that sound comfortable in their own skin on their second record, fashioning a fervent indie-rock groove delivered with genuine sincerity that positions itself as an important piece of work in their early career.

The Lovely Eggs – This Is Our Nowhere // Album Review

Lancastrian duo The Lovely Eggs continue their predilection for accented, disorderly and melodic pop music... This Is Our Nowhere is to be appreciated as a collection of lyrically absurd, short and snappy punk songs