Review // Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

ATP Recordings // July 22nd After soundtracking the Olympics opening ceremony there might have been some pressure on Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power to...

Review // James Holden – The Inheritors

Border Community // June 17th There’s a fine line between beauty and chaos. Think Jackson Pollock, think Picasso, think Lindsey Lohan. Visionaries who blurred the edge of...

Review // oOoOO – Without Your Love

Nihjgt Feelings // Out Now Introverted, menacing, bleak and oddly compelling: The debut album from once Tri-Angle records signed producer oOoOO is a distinctly claustrophobic...

Tinashe // Live Review

There is no let up. The weak, the children and the elderly are left to wither and die at the bar. It's brutal.

Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition // Album Review

Like each Danny Brown album, Atrocity Exhibition is less commercial than the last, putting in him in the unique position of being a rapper whose star rises as his crossover potential diminishes

Asian Dub Foundation – More Signal More Noise // Album Review

Though the occasional rallying cry is dated by agit-skank circa the band’s nineties inception, ADF’s ace remains their fusion of bhangra, ragas and Eastern percussion to punky dancehall and drum’n’bass

Howling // Live Review

In their quest to merge their two spheres you feel like Howling are still finding the perfect match.

Lyla Foy – Mirrors The Sky // Album Review

A gorgeous debut that establishes Lyla Foy as a precocious talent with a very bright future ahead

Gorillaz – The Now Now // Album Review

No matter what mood Rolling Blackouts C.F. are in, you'll want to weather the storm with them.

Destroyer – ken // Album Review

This time, he's apparently digging the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. And man, do I dig how he digs the Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

Honne // Album Review

Honne's recent body of work ‘Love Me/ Love Me Not’ is the sophomore album that fans have been waiting for...

J Dilla – The Diary // Album Review

Dilla was a rare breed of genius and this album reveals penetrating new perspectives on his artistry

Live Review // Cayucas

100 Club - September 3rd September is upon us. The nights are noticeably drawing in. Summer is, alas, over. But as citizens of the U.K....

Remember Sports – Slow Buzz // Album Review

Slow Buzz, which comes via ever-loving US indie home Father/Daughter, is the Philadelphia-based four-piece's third LP and their most rambunctious and life-affirming to date.

Lost Village 2018 // Review

As we wave farewell to Festival Number 6 - joining Secret Garden Party on the scrapheap – it’s a great time time for a newcomer to help fill a boutique-shaped gap in the British festival circuit. Enter Lost Village.

Review // Nadine Shah – Love Your Dum and Mad

Apollo Records // July 22nd After years of shame brought on by Geordie Shore, the citizens of Newcastle upon Tyne have reason to rejoice in...

Virgin Kids – Greasewheel // Album Review

This is an intriguing and entertaining first full-length offering, but one which feels more like a prologue, not quite chapter one.

Live Review // Wolf Alice

It’s a mark of how good Wolf Alice are that, even though they’re ill, they still manage to put in a performance most bands would struggle to match in perfect health.

Frankie Rose – Cage Tropical // Album Review

Cage Tropical contains all of the refined maturity that comes from a fourth solo album.

The Districts – A Flourish And A Spoil // Album Review

To push any harder on this album than The Districts already do would find them reinventing the wheel – something that, at times, you suspect they’re more than capable of doing with maturity.

Dum Dum Girls // Live Review

"in this instance you can’t blame them, because the Dum Dum Girls are indeed, seriously freaking cool"