Lykke Li // Live Review

At her Village Underground show, Lykke Li takes what could be pure pop refuse for others and manages to turn it into a euphoric twist of passionate beauty

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye // Album Review

Silver Eye is consistently mesmerising and hangs together beautifully as a set.

Jay Daniel – Broken Knowz // Album Review

Broken Knowz creeps up on the listener in a similar manner to Daniel himself: unassuming on the surface but brimming with masterful purpose upon closer inspection

Warpaint – Warpaint // Album Review

Apart from a growing maturity and confidence as a band, in many ways the foursome are still very much working within their trademark sound


Woah Dad! - August 26th  Swedish psych outfit Hashish, headed by Subliminal Sounds honcho Stefan Kéry, bring us their debut full-length A Product Of. If...

Max Pope // Live Review

More than anything, it is the sincerity of Pope’s enthusiastic brand of poppy guitar music that shines through.

Rise Against – The Black Market // Album Review

Angry as ever, while feeling more introspective and personal than previous efforts, Rise Against prove that a great collection of songs and a great album are two very different things

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow // Album Review

Quashing any defeatist fears with all guns blazing, Gameshow’s neon-lights drag the party back on the road.

Review // Outfit – Performance

Double Denim // August 12th Emerging only two years ago to a plethora of positive criticism from the likes of Q, Pitchfork and NME following...

Zola Jesus // Live Review

Taking her through this journey, JG Thirlwell and a string quartet, playing on a bare stage, making the most of the cosy and intimate setting.

CHAI – Punk // Album Review

Merging the kawaii influence and positivity of their debut album, Pink, with a powerful and unapologetic feminist standpoint, the Japanese four- piece solidify their concept of self-expression and perfect imperfection without holding anything back.

Mirrors Festival // Review

We've had a smashing day, Mirrors Festival. On reflection, pretty damn good.

Continental Drift // EP Review

"Continental Drift offers a collection of songs to make your heart soar and your feet move, like all the best pop music should"

Beach House – 7 // Album Review

A paranoid darkness seeps into the set, capturing what the band term "the societal insanity of 2016-17".

SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land // Album Review

While undoubtedly harder work than its predecessor, stick with Wonder Where We Land and you’ll get brilliantly lost in SBTRKT's wonderful world

Eschar – Nova // Album Review

Eschar have plotted a journey through the stars on a rocket made of riffs.

Ho99o9 – Horrors of 1999 // EP Review

Horrors of 1999 is extreme music with extreme intent, whether you'll enjoy what you find is down to you

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun // Album Review

Every Country’s Sun blatantly looks to the band’s past for inspiration, while constantly looking ahead to the future.

Paul Kalkbrenner // Live Review

Danny Wright heads to Royal Festival Hall to see an incredible diverse and brilliant set from Yo La Tengo

Protomartyr // Live Review

The band lunge through nineteen tracks in total at breakneck speed

Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life // Album Review

At a time when bemoaning the lack of British guitar bands was becoming cliché, the London four - fronted by the increasingly assured charisma of Ellie Rowsell - were a beacon of hope.