Alex Lahey – I Love You Like A Brother // Album...

I Love You Like A Brother arrives towards the end of a huge breakout year for the Melbourne artist.

Squarepusher – Be Up A Hello // Album Review

After a five-year hiatus, Tom Jenkinson revives his Squarepusher project for an LP that could have been named by an AI.

Wet // Live Review

It’s a fairly short set but they sound amazing and, bathed in alternately blue, red and purple light, it feels like we’re all embraced in a really nice hug.

Arya Zappa – Dark Windows // Album Review

Dark Windows, the debut album from Berlin-based artist Arya Zappa has been a long time coming.

Edwyn Collins – The Possibilities Are Endless // Film Review

The Possibilities Are Endless, a moving documentary about Edwyn Collins’ life following his stroke in 2005 reviewed by Nick Mee

Factory Floor – 25 25 // Album Review

Born out of a desire to capture the raw energy of their live shows, 25 25's songs spark and nag and needle away, making your body jam involuntarily and your head throb


Chaka Khan brought the inaugural Cross The Tracks to a jubilant close.

Brody Dalle // Live Review

three sold out dates in London, in the lead up to her solo album Diploid Love, the queen of punk showed us why she’s still as relevant as ever…

Lucy Dacus – 2019 // EP Review

Though it doesn’t sound coherent enough to seem like she’d planned to release the project as a full-length album, as a side-project, it’s given Lucy more space to experiment and she sounds all the freer for it.

The Front Bottoms // Live Review

Coming away from the gig feeling nothing but pure joy, not remembering the last time I saw a gig at The Garage that felt like a Punk Rock show at The Black Heart or The Peel.

Alex Cameron – Miami Memory // Album Review

This new perspective suits him; the mechanical funk of the opening ‘Stepdad’ is among the finest things he’s written, while the irresistible ‘Bad For the Boys’ tackles the #MeToo movement with admirable tact...

Nathan Fake – Sunder // EP Review

Nathan Fake has embraced the messy energy of the recording, adding a personal touch to a record that is simultaneously industrial and deeply emotive.

Dream Wife – Dream Wife // Album Review

Dream Wife's opening salvo feels like indie debuts of old; a 34-minute cobweb-clearer with a few middling-to-good songs and a handful of spectacular ones.

Paloma Faith // Live Review

At her powerful Roundhouse performance, Paloma Faith looks despair in the 
face, yet survives by throwing optimistic pleasure at it

Review // Selebrities – Lovely Things

Cascine // Out Now East-coast-Americans Selebrities first came to prominence with their self-released 'Ladies Man Effect' EP in late 2010, and nearly 3 years later...

Charli XCX // Live Review

an hour and a half of spiky attitude-filled, non-stop pop hits. And tonight there’s no let up: it’s a perfect showcase for Charli’s perfect pop.

Death Grips – Government Plates // Album Review

when the music, and all surrounding it, is this exhilarating and raw, it's impossible to care about anything else.

SWMRS – Drive North // Album Review

Drive North is a disjointed mishmash which ultimately gives off the impression that SWMRS’ don’t really know what they are.

TR/ST – The Destroyer – I // Album Review

Taking a new approach towards writing and recording this album, Alfons sought absolute quiet to make sense of the inner workings of his mind, resulting in an enthralling two-part record.

Project Pablo – There’s Always More At The Store // EP...

This collection of tracks are uncluttered, stripped back and minimalistic in approach, resulting in a concise and purposeful twenty- five minutes.

Yuck – Stranger Things // Album Review

It’s a familiar record, but in the most reassuring of ways.