Cheatahs // Live Review

Cheatahs play 100 club. Signed by Wichita Recordings a couple of years ago, off the back of their strong live performances.

The Acid // Live Review

if you’re happy to wallow in layers of sub-bass, subtle, deliberate instrumentation, and truly haunting vocals, you should probably go and see this band.

Francobollo // Live Review

part of Francobollo’s charm is their ability to scuff over the details and initiate you into their irresistible movement of not giving a shit. Consider me an honorary member.

Ride // Live Review

Whilst there were moments of magic tonight, we know that it's just a promise of what's to come.

Howling // Live Review

In their quest to merge their two spheres you feel like Howling are still finding the perfect match.

Shura // Live Review

She has a lightness of touch (ahem) on record that fosters a feeling of intimacy: personal, confessional references wrapped up in comforting analog synths.

The Magic Gang // Live Review

The Magic Gang are enjoying themselves every bit as much as – perhaps even more so than – the legions of devout followers they’ve already amassed

Dungen // Live Review

They relaxed into the groove and treated the crowd to some sonic meanderings that were truly impressive.

Boris // Live Review

Their overdue return to London saw them celebrate the 10th anniversary of their legendary Pink album.

P Money // Live Review

When P Money finally takes the stage, the mosh-pit explodes as he launches into ‘Panasonic’.

Brainchild Festival // Review

Being free from the grimey clutches of the Man is key to Brainchild’s appeal, joyous energy and critical success. It’s also the only festival I’ve been to and not seen a single can of Carling...

Phoenix // Live Review

Almost two decades in the game, Phoenix deserve every ounce of headline status.

Loyle Carner // Album Review

Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning - 19th April 2019 It’s been two years since Loyle Carner released his debut album, Yesterday's Gone and...

Two Door Cinema Club – AMP London // Live Review

When Two Door Cinema Club were announced as headliners for Annie Mac’s inaugural AMP London series, a buzz immediately broke out as to what the Northern Ireland trio would bring to Oval Club - a tiny, cosy venue in East London.

Oh Sees // Live Review

Last week Oh Sees returned to The Troxy, having brought Castlemania to the venue last year. We headed down on Friday 6th to witness their...

Beatrice Dillon // Live Review

Beatrice Dillon’s latest album explores her interest in control through machines, her show last week showed how this can be done with humanity.

Review // The Dodos – Carrier

Polyvinyl Records // August 27th ‘Carrier' is an album which reveals itself slowly and powerfully. What distinguishes this album from previous efforts is their more...

Young Liar – Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend? // EP...

It takes quite some creativity to tell a story in a lyricless post-rock song, but Young Liar manage it magnificently.

Speedy Ortiz – Real Hair // EP Review

Equal parts Eric's Trip squall and perfectly scuzzed out pop a la The Amps, 'Real Hair' is tried, true and effortlessly lovable.

Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal // Album Review

An exasperating listen, but it opens the door for Parquet Courts to literally go anywhere they want to next. Slackers with a plan... who knew eh?

Twin Peaks – Wild Onion // Album Review

there is much to admire in a young band presenting a sixteen track LP, you can’t help but wonder what could have been shaved in the interest of brevity.