How To Dress Well // Live Review

While alarmingly adept at crafting songs with brutal resonation, How To Dress Well is equally as impressive in the throes of a crisis

Protomartyr // Live Review

Ending with a cathartic rendition of ‘I’ll Take That Pause’, Casey and band have proven themselves adept at this showbiz lark.

The Hold Steady // Live Review

the best part of a decade I abstained from seeing the Hold Steady felt worth the wait for this drunken one night stand.

Joanna Gruesome // Live Review

Having rip-roaring bands like those at Power Lunches in the world seems more important than ever.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor // Live Review

Drums hammer, violins sear and guitars melt and forge riffs akin to molten steel.

Sunflower Bean // Live Review

By the opening strains of ‘The Stalker’ it’s pretty evident that the hype for their live show doesn’t need any justification.

Bachar Mar-Khalifé // Live Review

A night whose rousing musical rendering of identity, anger, passion and lust, of what it is to be human, had seldom felt more necessary.

Dream Wife // Live Review

It's their strong DIY ethos and killer pop hooks that really hit the sweet spot.
Credit: Anna Webber

Car Seat Headrest // Live

There's a breadth and depth to what Car Seat Headrest do that's head and shoulders above anyone else doing "emo" in 2016

The Bronx // Live Review

The Bronx don’t do off-nights, but right now they’re on blistering form.

Husky Loops – Husky Loops // EP Review

It’s a tricky task to pin Husky Loops down. One thing’s for sure: they’re not going to be shining any light into their darkness anytime soon.

Girlpool // Live Review

The LA-based DIY punk duo have brought their acclaimed sophomore album Powerplant to the Village Underground, and seem louder than ever.

Ben UFO // Live Review

XOYO continues its tradition of vital residencies.

Plastic Mermaids // Live Review

Plastic Mermaids, from the Isle of Wight, have steadily built a rare and glittering world that stretches far beyond their island vistas, one that's gravitational pull is irresistible. We went to see them live at The Lexington last week. 

Mac DeMarco… Will See You Now // Live Review

Mac DeMarco and Bird On The Wire curated a day of music, rides and festivities in Margate. We headed down to the seaside-town to join the fun.

DjRUM // Live Review

For his live performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall last Sunday, Djrum leant into the blissful and delicate sides to his greatly expansive sound.  As last...

Review // Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

Wichita // July 1st Despite nearly a decade of experience playing in various bands and musical projects, it’s only with the release of ‘Cerulean Salt’,...

Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals // Album Review

In ‘Bitter Rivals’, they've unleashed something straddling the line between brilliantly compelling and practically unlistenable.

Eagulls – Eagulls // Album Review

A big ‘fuck you’ to society. Frankly, this is one of the most stirring albums I've listened to for a long time.

Douglas Dare – Whelm // Album Review

Bitterly lovelorn and wickedly haunting, Whelm will chill you to your bones

jj – V // Album Review

V is an immersive but pretty damn trying listen, one that seems less interested in offering solutions for the downtrodden than it is in dragging them down with it