Tallinn Music Week // Live Review

We had a blast at this years Tallinn Music Week, listen to our favourite new acts hailing from Estonia.

Nadia Rose – First Class // EP Review

Nadia Rose is a confident rapper who will flaunt her endowments whenever she gets the chance to and, with the EP title, she asserts that she is in a class of her own.

Loraine James – Hmm // EP Review

"Hmm offers us a more nuanced set of emotions: one that harnesses the promise of future shared moments and yet centres on a feeling of nostalgia"

Wireless Connect // Live Review

Wireless have done their bit to ensure that festival season doesn’t end up as one of The Rona’s casualties with Wireless Connect - featuring a bumper weekend of Rap, Trap and R&B from both sides of the Atlantic.

Arya Zappa – Dark Windows // Album Review

Dark Windows, the debut album from Berlin-based artist Arya Zappa has been a long time coming.

Pottery – Welcome To Bobby’s Motel // Album Review

This is the sound of a squadron of percussion posing as human players and so when searching for experienced alternatives, there really is no other competitor.

Knxwledge – 1988 // Album Review

"1988 is predominantly a beat project, perfect for lazy days and aspiring producers."

Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor // Album Review

"Williams made the album together with her self-proclaimed “chosen family” which is most likely the reason behind the album’s organic yet confident sound."

Shabazz Palaces – The Don of Diamond Dreams // Album Review

"the veteran Seattle-born afro-futurist has always been on a different wavelength to his peers." - Geoff Cowart reviews Shabazz Palaces latest release.

Laurel Halo – Possessed // Album Review

Laurel Halo’s musical diversity is prodigious. Possessed is an ethereal, gut-wrenching pronouncement that proves the clear relationship between sound and sight.

Cadet – The Rated Legend // Album Review

The Rated Legend firmly etches Cadet’s name in the history books, a talent gone too early but someone who has left an indelible mark on the industry, fellow artists, and friends.

Melt Yourself Down – 100% Yes // Album Review

Evolution, not necessarily adaptation, is here conveying the band's humanistic strength, positivity and vitality. And that's something we all need desperately in 2020.

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Illusion Of Time // Album...

This sounds a lot like the weather, with soft, swirling synths unfolding into grainy, industrial drone rattles that put me outside on a stormy day.

Cornershop – England Is A Garden // Album Review

At its windswept best, it's joyous, and this album is generous in that regard.

Hilary Woods – Birthmarks // Album Review

And this intensity pervades throughout, as across the eight tracks, Woods explores fluctuating experiences of selfhood and becoming expressed with unbridled ferocity.

Disq – Collector // Album Review

For Disq, on Collector, therein lies the rub: modern life is regularly rubbish, and it stings.

Porridge Radio – Every Bad // Album Review

An album of extremes, Every Bad achieves the enviable feat of being hopeful and embittered, tangled and immaculate, and as classic sounding as it is relevant to 2020.

Little Dragon – New Me, Same Us // Album Review

On New Me, Same Us, the group pull in more acoustic instrumentation, without abandoning their intoxicating brand of alternative club-ready music.

Sorry – 925 // Album Review

Domino - 27th March Floating & flitting between every underground venue in the UK on a cult fanbase formed around the heroism of their Bandcamp...

BBC 6 Music Festival // Live Review

Looking back on how much has changed in just a matter of weeks, no doubt every visitor to 6 Music Festival will be grateful they engaged in its communal live music experience.

U.S. Girls – Heavy Light // Album Review

Weighty themes indeed, but it's an uncomplicated treat of a listen that contains some of Remy's best work.