Lila Tirando a Violeta // In Five

Part of the burgeoning wave of exciting new electronic artists and producers coming out of Latin America right now, Lila Tirando a Violeta draws...

Elheist // In Short

Elheist is the genre-defying rapper, singer and producer bringing effortless swag and self-assured empowerment. With Wholesome Goody out now we caught up with her for a chat.


There's a lot to take from the world of tech in how they market and target audiences, Ivana looks at three ways bands can take these ideas and run with them.

Willie J Healey // In Photos

With his new album 'Twin Heavy' out now, the charming and charismatic Willie J Healey gives us a snapshot into his life for our latest In Photos series. 

Siv Jakobsen // In Five

Ahead of releasing her striking, and aptly titled, new record A Temporary Soothing tomorrow, Siv Jakobsen shares five tracks that have influenced her.

Nana Adjoa // In Five

Nana Adjoa's music exudes a gentle and enchanting resplendence. Ahead of releasing her debut album next month, she shares five influential tracks with us.

Nilo Blues // In Short

Over the past year or so Nilo Blues has been making waves as an exciting new voice in hip-hop. Having released his debut self-titled EP last Friday, we caught up with him for a quick chat.

Miles From Kinshasa // In Five

Ahead of releasing his new EP Beloved later this month, we caught up with Miles From Kinshasa to talk five tracks that have influenced him.

How To Know Your Worth as a Freelancer

Kira Radley shares her experiences of moving into full-time freelancing and how to feel confident knowing your worth in the world of self-employment.

Qhairo // In Photos

As he releases his debut EP 60FOOTNOIR today, the endlessly creative Qhairo takes us on a visual journey into his painting process.

E L L E // In Five

With her blend of distorted hardware, hard trap beats, hypnotic electronica and heady vocals, we instantly fell for E L L E's potent, avant-garde magnetism.

Hovvdy // In Short

Hovvdy's tender, poignant songwriting holds a uniquely comforting and warming space. With their new track 'I'm Sorry' out now, we caught up with them for a quick chat.

Holy Motors // In Short

Enigmatic Estonian four-piece Holy Motors evoke sun-scorched, Wild Western terrains with their nonchalant, hazy guitar lines and smoky, aloof vocals.

J Lloyd // In Five

One half of Jungle, J Lloyd recently released his debut solo mixtape Kosmos. We caught up with him to find out five tracks that have influenced him.

Damos Room // In Short

Part of this year's Future Bubblers programme, Damos Room have just dropped their first instalment of DR Viewings - a series of original mixes taking us deep into the collective's weird, visionary sonic world.

A Love Letter: How music venues saved me, and why we...

Alexa Povey tells us how Music venues were her salvation and why it's so important we save them.

Thoom // In Short

With her debut album Pork released today, we get to know Lebanese-born, Berlin-based experimental artist Thoom In Short.

Nadia Rose // In Short

Ever since she garnered acclaim and made a huge impact with 'Skwod' a few years ago, Nadia Rose has continued to flex her searing...

Sad13 // In Short

With her sophomore record Haunted Painting out this September, we caught up with Sad13 to talk pitbulls, Pom Pom Club and Yves Tumor.

J Appiah // In Five

Having just released his new single 'Chains', we caught up with musician and 19fifty7 label founder J Appiah to find out some of the tracks that have influenced him. 

Iyamah // In Five

With her new single and video out now, Iyamah shares five tracks that have influenced her sound.