Jim Legxacy // In Five

We caught up with South East London rapper and singer Jim Legxacy to find out more about his upcoming new project and five tracks that have influenced him.

Leyma // In Photos

In the age of DIY music, 20-year-old East London native Max Hanley, aka Leyma, is no stranger to producing his own music. Starting his career...

Ella Grace // In Photos

London based singer-songwriter Ella Grace launched her enchanting new single 'Pieces' this week. In the two years since her last release, Ella has been...

Keaton Dekker // In Short

As he releases his debut EP today, we caught up with producer and visual artist Keaton Dekker to talk Rye Wax, Hilary Duff and his fave dish to cook.

Anjimile // In Five

Rooted in healing and recovery, Anjimile's debut album Giver Taker comprises a staggering, raw and powerful collection of deeply personal introspections.

Pillow Queens // In Five

Pillow Queens' energetic, urgent DIY spirit instantly purveys the revolutionary politics and activism the band is rooted in alongside capturing the radical tenderness of queer intimacy.

Yizzy // In Short

As Yizzy continues to prove himself the prolific, self-proclaimed 'Prince of Grime', we caught up with him to talk Bugzy Malone, anime and playing Field Day last year.

How to get yourself out of a creative and mental slump

Creativity is essential to musicians, songwriters, composers and basically anybody else involved in music. What’s less talked about is just how unpredictable and unique...

Tolani // In Short

Drawing on her multi-cultural upbringing, altè artist Tolani blends mellifluous R&B with afrobeat rhythms and her silken, honeyed vocals.

Mega // In Short

With her intricate instrumental and vocal pairing, Mega purveys a striking, raw vulnerability. Having recently returned with her new single, we caught up for a quick chat.

Hey Elbow // In Five

Ahead of releasing their new album We Three next Friday, we caught up with Swedish trio Hey Elbow to talk five tracks that have influenced the...

Greta // In Short

We catch up with the brilliant GRETA to find out more about what inspired her just released debut album.

Hannah Georgas // In Short

Ahead of releasing her stunning new album tomorrow, we caught up with Hannah Georgas to talk Björk, Jack Black and her dream gig. Following on...

A Musician’s Guide to TikTok and Other Social Media

Emily is here with a quick rundown of the dos-and-don'ts of promoting yourself online.

Cults // In Five

Ahead of releasing their fourth album Host later this month, we caught up with New York-based duo Cults to talk five tracks that influenced the...

Anna Sofia // Interview

Toronto-based singer songwriter Anna Sofia has blessed the music scene with two new videos in the past few weeks - an acoustic take on...

L.A. Witch // In Photos

L.A. Witch are a formidable trio and Play With Fire, their new record, further cements their status as psych-rock icons. They also happen to...

Yanó Rude // In Five

Atlanta-based artist Yanó Rude's vibrant Afro-fusion sound instantly brings the sunshine and heat wherever you are. Today he releases his debut EP Kalashion and...

Sarah Walk // In Five

Ahead of releasing her sophomore record Another Me tomorrow, Sarah Walk shares five tracks that have influenced and impacted her.

Your Grandparents // In Short

Southern Californian trio Your Grandparents craft an effortlessly suave, soulful blend of R&B and hip-hop reminiscent of Frank Ocean and The Internet.

Samson Ashe // Interview

Meet Samson Ashe - a singer-songwriter born and raised in London who won hearts with his track 'Too Rough' back in 2017. His most...