Strange Hellos // Interview

Hailing from the small city of Bergen, the power-pop quartet join a flurry of fresh-generation Scandi-pop

Empress Of // Interview

"I've been learning how to say what I really mean - weed out the bullshit..."

Tirzah // Interview

"Just a bunch of love songs; a whole heap of thoughts and feelings."

Alessia Cara // Interview

With the release of her debut album, we talk to quickly ascending star Alessia Cara about where she's headed.

Tommy Stinson // Interview

We chat to Tommy about the new Bash & Pop record, Johnny Thunders, and the comparison between The Replacements, Guns N Roses and Soul Asylum.


iamamiwhoami's Jonna Lee talks to Rob Leedham about her incredible new album and the internet.

Clue Records // Interview

Now approaching 4 years old, Clue Records is launching Clue Club, a monthly singles club and zine that features a different band each month

Evelyn Ida Morris // Interview

Peer into the inner workings of Evelyn Ida Morris in the midst of the release of their new album.

Telegram // Interview

It doesn’t seem to take long nowadays for a new act to have been around ‘forever’. Although that’s an exaggeration in many cases, Telegram certainly have been on the scene for some time – not least where the wait for their debut album was concerned.

Luke Abbott // Interview

Luke Abbott talks to us about what to expect from his sprawling live set at Visions Festival

Julia Holter // Interview

We talk to Julia Holter ahead of her one-off Barbican show of unperformed material.

Fever Dream // Interview

Gareth Ware talks to Fever Dream about making their debut album and being a close knit group ahead of their new cross inn show.

False Heads // Interview

"There's a malaise that is creeping into the bones of society. Mediocrity is being celebrated and that will not fucking do."

Destroyer // Interview

“You know when you read something and your heart beats, your pulse speeds up because it’s affecting you? I had the desire to do that to myself"

Drinks // Interview

Will Dix interviews Tim Presley (AKA White Fence) and Cate Le Bon on their collaborative album Hermits On Holiday

Conducta // Interview

UK Garage producer Conducta, recently returned with his new single “Sleep” - featuring the delectable vocals of ‘pop poet’ Liv Dawson, and producer/song-writer Courage. We caught up with him to chat a little about his journey over the last few years.

Yeasayer // Interview

Rachel Grace Almeida catches up with the Brooklyn trio as they release their latest album, Amen & Goodbye

The Spook School // Interview

Gareth Ware has an indepth chat with The Spook School ahead of their album Launch show at DIY Space for London

Anna Of The North // Interview

With her debut album finally released, Anna Of The North will make you believe in fate.

DEACON // Interview

Amar Mehta speaks to DEACON about his love for London, Akala and his most recent release.

East Brunswick All Girls Choir // Interview

East Brunswick All Girls Choir emerged in the last 2000's amidst Melbourne's strong music scene and promptly marked themselves out from the crowd. We spoke to band member Marcus Hobbs about the release of their new album, Teddywaddy.