Recommended // Celebrating 30 years of Fire Records

Founded by Clive Solomon, 30 Years ago Fire Records was born, they're celebrating in the capital with some of their best acts.

Sudan Archives // Interview

"The key message is that you have to embrace the light and the darkness within you. It’s how it is with superheroes, goddesses, influential people."

Grandaddy // Interview

Ahead of the eagerly anticipated Last Place, Jason Lytle discusses going back to Grandaddy school.

Austra // Interview

Four years since the release of Olympia, January saw the return of Canadian outfit Austra’s brand of dark (and at times operatic) electronica with...

Iglooghost // Interview

On his debut album, the ancient inhabitants of Mamu are in peril and only Iglooghost can save them.

POND // In Photos

Ahead of the release of their live studio album Sessions, and their return to the stage in London as they wrap up their UK/EU...

Sorry // Interview

For some bands, the road to their first album is one filled with lofty ambition, high anxiety and the sense that they could be...

Che Lingo // Interview

We spoke to South London Rapper, Ché Lingo, about his influences - ranging from Wandsworth, to Ghetts, to his nan - ahead of the release of his latest EP, Sensitive.

Julien Baker // Interview

With second album Turn Out The Lights, the Memphis singer-songwriter returns with a record of hope and healing.

Black Honey // Interview

2016 has been an accumulation of highs for Black Honey. In short, they're smashing it.

Iyamah // Interview

Possessing the kind of natural musical and lyrical prowess that seems to have emerged fully-formed, fast-rising vocalist ​Iyamah delivered her soulful new single ​‘Seasons’ late last year. We caught up with the singer as the gears up to unleash new projects in 2019. 

Laura Imbruglia // Interview

In the wake of the release of her latest album, and first since 2013, Scared Of You, we sat down with Laura Imbruglia to talk about the record’s conception, how her interactions with Australia’s creative community helped shape her own perspective, and her feelings toward the country's current creative boom.

Daniel Avery // Interview

"The more negative energy there is in the world, the more clubs demonstrate their importance in our society."

Ray Blk // Interview

The South London singer and Stormzy-collaborator Ray Blk sits down with Rachel Grace Almeida for August's cover story
gruff rhys

Gruff Rhys // Interview

Gruff Rhys tells us of his new album American Interior and the incredible story behind it.

Self Esteem // Interview

"...I love that it’s not perfect and pristine. I realised if I’m gonna do this then it needs to be in a different way."

Courtney Barnett // Interview

Gareth Ware talks to Courtney Barnett on the release of her debut album and its themes and creation.

Anna Meredith // Interview

Geoff Cowart sits down with the brilliant Anna Meredith ahead of her upcoming album Varmints

The Magic Gang // Interview & Win

We catch up with The Magic Gang before they play our Community Stage, Win tickets to the show too.

Nadine Shah // Interview

For our April cover, Nadine Shah talks to Grant Bailey on what influenced her new album and how much things have changed.

Let’s Eat Grandma // Interview

Our July cover stars outline all things I'm All Ears.