Steve Mason // Interview

"I love it when there is no filter and nobody is trying to dilute what you are saying. All my favourite records are the ones with emotional honesty."

Jade Imagine // Interview

We grab a pint in Melbourne with Jade Imagine ahead of her debut EP.

Gwenno // Interview

Le Kov is the antidote to the storm swirling around the world right now - bright, mythical, and magical. For Gwenno, that was always the aim.

Day Wave // Interview

Day Wave's Jackson Phillips talks to Tom Hancock on learning guitar and the sounds of California.

Merchandise // Interview

Tim Hakki gets existential with 4AD's Merchandise before their show at The Laundry

Globelamp // Interview

"I think a good performer is able to have an image as well as a sound. I’m really influenced by Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust period. Even if you don’t like his music, you don’t forget the look."

Telegram // Interview

It doesn’t seem to take long nowadays for a new act to have been around ‘forever’. Although that’s an exaggeration in many cases, Telegram certainly have been on the scene for some time – not least where the wait for their debut album was concerned.

Jaz Karis // Interview

We caught up with Jaz to speak about her views on the R&B genre in the UK and her music experience so far.

Interview // Alunageorge

Photo's by Sonny Malhotra The ascent of AlunaGeorge has always seemed the oft-told bedroom act cliche, but with a twist. While indeed spawned from...

Loose Tooth // Interview

We chatted to the Melbourne three-piece, Loose Tooth, about their new record Keep Up.

Crumb // Interview

2019 was a galvanising year for Brooklyn-based band Crumb, reflected in the long-awaited release of their debut full-length, Jinx. We caught up with them after the first of their two dates at The Dome.

We Are The City // Interview

Grant Bailey talks to We Are The City about winning awards whilst making movies and films.

Mark Lanegan // Interview

Mark Lanegan talks to Eleonora Collini about remixes, the music industry and progressing through the years.

Girl Unit // Interview

"...I just felt like I had a clean slate and I could do whatever I wanted..."

Kate Boy // Interview

Simone Scott Warren sits down with Aussie/Scandi electro-pop outfit Kate Boy to discuss their long-time-coming debut album One

Jay Som // Interview

“Friendships change in that way but it gets pretty depressing sometimes and you start to really think about your place in life and why you deserve all these things and what did you do, are you lucky.”

Kula Shaker // Interview

We talk to huge 90s band Kula Shaker about their latest album, playing live and being vegetarian.

Caribou // Interview

"That’s what music is for’s to get that feeling of release, and euphoria and happiness."

James Holden // Interview

Ahead of his performance at Beat Hotel Marrakech, we spoke to James Holden about Morocco, a state of trance, and collaborating beyond language barriers.

Hinds // Interview

A year on from our cover feature we catch up with Hinds after their Sold Out KOKO show.

Caribou // Interview

Cover Feature: Geoff Cowart talk to Dan Snaith about his new Caribou album for our October issue