Haiku Salut // Interview

We spoke to Haiku Salut ahead of their Metaphysical Virtual Reality Show at a secret location.

Martha // Interview

"I think that kind of sums up Martha: reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and also just being really into wrestling."

Slowdive // Interview

Ahead of their two huge shows at The Forum this week Slowdive chat to us about getting on the road and the return of shoegaze.

Wiki // Interview

"Give me beats, like I can rap and write songs on it, but how can I challenge myself? People aren’t even ready for what’s next.”

Made Violent // Interview

Ahead of their tour with Wolf Alice and Drenge Tom Hancock chats with the force of nature that is Made Violent.

The Wave Pictures // Interview

“Nothing I like is popular,” declares Dave Tattersall, guitarist and frontman for The Wave Pictures, huddled over a pint in the corner of a cosy Stoke Newington boozer, flanked by his bandmates Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm.

Animal Collective // Interview

Danny Wright catches up with the Baltimore trio ahead of their masterpiece of a new album, Painting With

Zoe Wees // Interview

Hamburg born Zoe Wees is a rare artist in the sense she possesses a unique vocal & leaves you hanging on every word she says....

James Holden // Interview

Ahead of his performance at Beat Hotel Marrakech, we spoke to James Holden about Morocco, a state of trance, and collaborating beyond language barriers.

Nilüfer Yanya // Interview

"I've always loved London, I guess it has created my sound in a way."

Twin Peaks // Interview

Twin Peaks chat to Tim Hakki about their crazy live show, their new album Wild Onion and loads more.

Bastille // March 2013

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, "I just can't read you." The musical equivalent is arguably Bastille, a band that no...

Lera Lynn // Interview

"Shutting down is the exact opposite thing one should do when creating, because it is living that gives you all the ideas"

Loyle Carner // Interview

The 21-year-old hip hop sensation who is busy ripping up the rulebook to create startlingly personal and positive rap

Fucked Up // Interview

Fucked Up will play their debut album, Hidden World, in its entirety at Mirrors Festival.

Bicep // Interview

With their debut album finally awaiting release, Bicep discuss stepping outside the club and exploring new territories.

Susanne Sundfør // Interview

Ahead of her shows at Scala and The Great Escape, Susanne Sundfør talks about her latest release with Gem Samways

George FitzGerald // Interview

"Some people have a fixed idea about what music should be and it's actually quite restrictive and it's rewarding to get past that..."

Zola Jesus // Interview

We caught up with her to discuss the making of the new album Okovi, going back to her first label Sacred Bones, David Lynch and returning to the woods.

Silversun Pickups // Interview

We caught up with the heart of the band Brian Aubert to discuss this and their fourth album Better Nature.

Steve Mason // Interview

"I love it when there is no filter and nobody is trying to dilute what you are saying. All my favourite records are the ones with emotional honesty."