Joep Beving // Interview

We went to meet classical composer, Joep Beving, in a serene corner of his home of Amsterdam to talk about how Henosis became the crescendo in a trilogy of albums, whether the pressure in following his initial success effected his creativity, his love for synths, and the magic of melancholy and why it touches us all.

Hinds // Interview

New Sounds 2015: We talk to Deers about a whirlwind of a year in 2014 and what 2015 has in store for them

Jamila Woods // Interview

"I’d been thinking a lot about the question of what will I add to that conversation…"

Summer Camp // Interview

Not a lot of phrases make us happier than ‘Summer Camp are back’, so thank goodness for this day, Friday May 10th 2019, because…...

Interview // Chris Packham

Caught By The River is a new arrival on the London festival scene – and an incredibly welcome one. As a nation renowned for...

They Might Be Giants // Interview

They Might Be Giants are back in London with a new album of scintillating zany pop tunes on their 16th album Nanobots at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on November 19th.

Crushed Beaks // Interview

Crushed Beaks chat to us about their long awaited debut, gaining a new member and of course, horror.

The Magic Gang // Interview

The Magic Gang talk their New EP, touring with indie royalty and Brighton with Tom Hancock

Fatima // Interview

A shining star of Eglo Records, the east London label at the heart of the city’s thriving soul and jazz scene, Fatima spoke to us ahead of tonight's intimate In the Round performance at The Roundhouse on the importance of London, growing with Eglo and her honest approach to songwriting.

DAWN // Interview

"I realised that that woman was someone I was never going to be: someone who I wasn’t raised to be..."

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // Interview

With two high-quality EPs under their belt and a clear, industrious ambition at their core, this could well turn out to be their breakout year.

Wolf Alice // Interview

We talk to the incredible force that is Wolf Alice ahead of their album release.

Total Refreshment Centre // Interview

Ahead of Total Refreshment Centre's show with Blue Note this evening, John Bell speaks with the vital cultural centre's founder.

Interview // Marques Toliver

Marques Toliver is prolific to say the least, although only releasing his debut album ‘Land of CanAan’ now, he’s been on our radar for...

Interview // James Holden

Photo by Sonny Malhotra “Some of the squares were really offended by ‘Gone Feral’. Good. I didn't want them at my gigs anyway.” Immersing oneself in...

Balthazar // Interview

We caught up with Balthazar at Into the Great Wide Open festival in Vlieland to talk about what the future holds for their solo material.
allo darling

Allo Darlin’ // Interview

Gareth Ware catches up with Allo Darlin' before the release of their third album on Fortuna Pop!

Murkage Dave // Interview

Murkage Dave has been working hard on his new album 'Changed My Life'. We spoke to him about his upbringing, music and the Manchester Rave scene, just a day after his UK tour sold out in 24 hours.

Wolf Eyes // Interview

Wolf Eyes chat with Geoff Cowart ahead of Visions festival in London

Daniel Avery // Interview

"The more negative energy there is in the world, the more clubs demonstrate their importance in our society."

Ms Banks // Interview

“I know that I'm as good asa lot of other people who are successful, so all I can do is work – even if I have to work 10 times harder, I'm going to do it.”