Julia Holter // Interview

We talk to Julia Holter ahead of her one-off Barbican show of unperformed material.

Soccer Mommy // Interview

With her debut album Collection on repeat, Rhian Daly explores the stunning bedroom recordings that define Soccer Mommy.

The Goon Sax // Interview

Housed in a snug bar and fuelled by an abundance of pizza, we spoke Forster, Harrison and Riley Jones of The Goon Sax.

Hockeysmith // Interview

When Hockeysmith first came to our attention five years ago it was the project of two sisters making dark, experimental music in a caravan. But things went quiet after the release of their superb But Blood EP in 2014. We catch up with Annie Hockeysmith, who released Tears At My Age EP at the end of last month, to find out what happened – and what’s next.

The Messthetics // Interview

We caught up with Lally from The Messthetics ahead of their two London dates to find out more about the band and how they decided to cover a Sonny Sharrock tune...

Jen Cloher // Interview

"If I'm given the privilege of a platform then I want to say something that's meaningful to me, and if it's meaningful to me hopefully other people will find meaning from it.”

Ibeyi // Interview

In our October cover story, Ibeyi talk Beyonce, Michelle Obama and the powerful connection to their roots.

Lemmy Ashton // Interview

We sat down for a quick Q&A with DJ and producer Lemmy Ashton ahead of Field Day.

Superfood // Interview

We talk to Superfood ahead of their tour and with their new single Double Dutch out on Dirty Hit now

Day Wave // Interview

Day Wave's Jackson Phillips talks to Tom Hancock on learning guitar and the sounds of California.

Transgressive // 10 Years of Madness

We hear 5 tales and 5 songs that shaped the life of 10 year old label Transgressive from founder Tim Dellow

Crows // Interview

“When I decide to get in the crowd, it’s usually because I don’t think anyone’s liking us."

Empress Of // Interview

"I've been learning how to say what I really mean - weed out the bullshit..."

Dream Wife // Interview

"Suddenly we have this big team around us and there are expectations in a way there wasn’t before."

Wolf Alice // Interview

We talk to the incredible force that is Wolf Alice ahead of their album release.

The Mispers // Interview

In the few days between the video debuting and their first show, people had learnt the words of the song and were singing it back to them.

Drinks // Interview

Will Dix interviews Tim Presley (AKA White Fence) and Cate Le Bon on their collaborative album Hermits On Holiday

Austra // Interview

Four years since the release of Olympia, January saw the return of Canadian outfit Austra’s brand of dark (and at times operatic) electronica with...

Evelyn Ida Morris // Interview

Peer into the inner workings of Evelyn Ida Morris in the midst of the release of their new album.

D Double E // Interview

Fittingly titled Jackuum!, we find out why D Double E's debut album has taken quite so long and why it was always going to be worth the wait.

Ulrika Spacek // Interview

We talk to Ulrika Spacek about their debut album and disappointments.