iamamiwhoami's Jonna Lee talks to Rob Leedham about her incredible new album and the internet.

DAWN // Interview

"I realised that that woman was someone I was never going to be: someone who I wasn’t raised to be..."

Little Simz // Interview

"I know that I open myself up to the world, and it puts me in a very vulnerable position– but it’s my way of dealing with things. And I’m very grateful that I have music..."

Shamir // Interview

“That time in the music industry was valuable, if only to figure out that I didn't want to play the game.”

Verge Collection // Interview

Verge Collection on new album Flaneur, coming of age and being a 'poor man's Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever'. With a liberal dose of self-deprecating humour, a...

Ryan Ashley // Interview

With his debut EP out this week, R&B singer-songwriter Ryan Ashley speaks with Amar Mehta on his songwriting process and the creation of 'Innocent'.

Martha // Interview

"I think that kind of sums up Martha: reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and also just being really into wrestling."

Teleman // Interview

Teleman make slick, elegant indie-pop, we caught up with them as they release their debut album this week.

Purity Ring // Interview

Purity Ring Chat Rob Leedham about their new album, progressing and writing songs in the same room

Sodastream // Interview

Gareth Ware talks to Sodastream about their new album Little by Little.

Strange Hellos // Interview

Hailing from the small city of Bergen, the power-pop quartet join a flurry of fresh-generation Scandi-pop

FKA Twigs – Magdalene // Album Interview

Worth the wait? Danny Wright decides with Thomas Hannan and Stephanie Phillips.

Gaika // Interview

"I don't want to be playing catch-up to my own thing, so I’m trying to step into uncharted territory somewhat."

The Go-Betweens // Feature

With The Go-Betweens releasing a huge box set of their classic work, Gareth Ware digs deep to find out what makes this band so special.

Confidence Man // Interview

"We're lucky to have some of the funnest, craziest crowds and they always bring the heat." - Jemima Skala talks to Confidence Man ahead of their upcoming UK tour.

The Radio Dept. // Interview

Tom Johnson chats with the Swedish group about their long awaited album, Running Out Of Love
gruff rhys

Gruff Rhys // Interview

Gruff Rhys tells us of his new album American Interior and the incredible story behind it.

Samson Ashe // Interview

Meet Samson Ashe - a singer-songwriter born and raised in London who won hearts with his track 'Too Rough' back in 2017. His most...

Leon Vynehall // Interview

"It is a vanity project in a sense, but I hope it's one where the doors have opened rather than being exclusive."

Strongroom Studios // Interview

Positive, creative, and a little bit freaky: How one East London studio helped spark a cultural renaissance.

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream // Album Review

Breaking new ground or on the decline like Arcade Fire? Gemma Samways and Danny Wright dissect one of the year's biggest releases.