Slow Club // Interview

doing their best to make out like they’re not the classiest band in the country even when their records suggest quite the opposite.

Kero Kero Bonito // Interview

Tom Walters sits down with the endlessly fascinating Kero Kero Bonito ahead of their new album, Bonito Generation

Pond // Interview

Lee Wakefield delves into Pond's definite barmy appeal, talking to multi instumentalist Jay Watson.

MØ // Interview

"It was this crunk rap, very attitudey thing, I was swearing a lot! That’s why I came up with the name MØ because in Danish that means a virgin so it was ironic."

Lemmy Ashton // Interview

We sat down for a quick Q&A with DJ and producer Lemmy Ashton ahead of Field Day.

Bicep // Interview

With their debut album finally awaiting release, Bicep discuss stepping outside the club and exploring new territories.
Photo by Lucy Johnson

Interview // Summer Camp

Photo: Lucy Johnson “Don’t eat me, I’m just a li’l burger!” Elizabeth Sankey squeals, her impression of an anthropomorphic sandwich as unexpected as the preceding...

Interview // Nadine Shah

Ruminating on adultery, mental illness and death with all the intensity of PJ Harvey or Anna Calvi, Nadine Shah’s gothic-tinged alt-folk shouldn’t really be...

Oneohtrix Point Never // Interview

Daniel Lopatin in conversation with Tom Walters about his stunning new album Garden of Delete

Dialogue // Interview

Following a slew of successful and positively-received nights within Bristol and London, electronic promotors Dialogue have announced they are evolving into an independent label. We caught up with them to find out a little more about their plans for 2019

Future of the Left // Interview

"Sometimes you’ve got to have some meat and potatoes to enjoy the tuna and custard more appropriately." - Future of the Left Talk How to Stop Your Brain In An Accident.

Jamila Woods // Interview

As Jamila Woods' status soars, all she wants to do is give back to the community in Chicago. In our June issue, Rachel Grace Almeida explores how her musicianship is doing so much good for the city.

DENA // Interview

I know that I say things in a funny way, but I really meant everything totally seriously when I wrote it.

Chairlift // Interview

Gemma Samways catches up with the Brooklyn duo to chat about their long-awaited second album

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith // Interview

On The Kid, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is "following what feels good, what feels fun", and it shows.

The Goon Sax // Interview

There are days when things just don't go to plan, and for Brisbane young guns The Goon Sax an already long day of traversing...

CEO // Interview

You might realise something. You might not. It doesn't really matter though, only CEO can judge me.
gruff rhys

Gruff Rhys // Interview

Gruff Rhys tells us of his new album American Interior and the incredible story behind it.

Loose Tooth // Interview

We chatted to the Melbourne three-piece, Loose Tooth, about their new record Keep Up.

Balthazar // Interview

We caught up with Balthazar at Into the Great Wide Open festival in Vlieland to talk about what the future holds for their solo material.

Howling // Interview

Howling chat to us about working across oceans, dance music and their debut Sacred Ground ahead of their Oval Space show,