Little Simz // Interview

"I know that I open myself up to the world, and it puts me in a very vulnerable position– but it’s my way of dealing with things. And I’m very grateful that I have music..."

Matt Corby // Interview

We spoke to multi-instrumentalist Matt Corby about his love-hate relationship with music, finding success at a young age and how the weather effects his song writing...

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // Interview

We spoke to Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever about their breakout 2018, maintaining an energetic quality in their recordings, the changing political landscape of their homeland and how their songs reflect wider forces that we can't control.

The Go-Betweens // Feature

With The Go-Betweens releasing a huge box set of their classic work, Gareth Ware digs deep to find out what makes this band so special.

Death Cab For Cutie // Interview

Eleonora Collini talks to Death Cab For Cutie about their latest album and dealing with change

Julia Jacklin // Interview

Even by the lofty standards of a November in Manchester, it's cold. The kind of savage cold that briefly causes you to go into...

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream // Album Review

Breaking new ground or on the decline like Arcade Fire? Gemma Samways and Danny Wright dissect one of the year's biggest releases.

Tom Murray // Interview

Judging by the reaction he elicits between songs, Tom Murray is nothing less than local royalty.

DEACON // Interview

Amar Mehta speaks to DEACON about his love for London, Akala and his most recent release.

Jenny Hval // Interview

“I think for someone who feels different, or is treated differently, being able to feel ordinary is a place of calm”.

Sweet Baboo // Interview

Sweet Baboo chats to Gareth Ware on his influences, making his new album and hopes for the future.

Digitalism // Interview

Over ten years on from Digitalism's debut album, Katie Thomas speaks to the indie-electronic duo about their journey so far - and where they're going next.

Merchandise // Interview

Tim Hakki gets existential with 4AD's Merchandise before their show at The Laundry

Spoon // Interview

We chat to Spoon about new record Hot Thoughts, difficult career moments and new musical directions.

The Goon Sax // Interview

There are days when things just don't go to plan, and for Brisbane young guns The Goon Sax an already long day of traversing...

Bully // Interview

Having just released their debut album Feels Like, Gareth Ware chats to Bully's Alicia Bognanno

Japanese Breakfast // Interview

Michelle Zauner talks tragedy, Sufjan and her debut album Psychopomp

Tricky // Interview

On latest album Ununiform, Tricky has unearthed a newfound freedom that results in some of his most poignant work to date.

Zebra Katz // Interview

"I didn’t want to make what people thought I should be making..."

Anna Of The North // Interview

With her debut album finally released, Anna Of The North will make you believe in fate.

Trust Fund // Interview

New Sounds 2015: Lee Wakefield chats to Turnstile's new signing Trust Fund about his 2015 debut