Peter Cat Recording Co // Interview

A year on from being signed to Parisian label Panache Records, Delhi-based quintet Peter Cat Recording Co released Bismillah ahead of a European tour. After...

Alex Lahey // Interview

The Melbourne singer-songwriter talks Courtney Barnett comparisons, gender equality in music and that all-important debut album.

Japanese Breakfast // Interview

Michelle Zauner talks tragedy, Sufjan and her debut album Psychopomp

Walton // Interview

We spoke to producer Walton about the benefits of collaboration, that "uncategorised" area of music and his new 10-track album, Black Lotus.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever // Interview

We spoke to Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever about their breakout 2018, maintaining an energetic quality in their recordings, the changing political landscape of their homeland and how their songs reflect wider forces that we can't control.

Howling // Interview

Howling chat to us about working across oceans, dance music and their debut Sacred Ground ahead of their Oval Space show,

Captain Over & Manga Saint Hilare // Interview

We were a fan of Captain Over as soon as we heard his collaboration with Trim on his debut EP last year and now, carrying the torch for his follow-up, is another of London's finest, Manga St Hilare, on a track that follows the same off-beat, sci-fi, grime path but with a more uplifting tone. We facilitated a chat between Captain Over and Manga to find out a little more about their working processes, why MCs can be "conservative" and what makes an outsider in grime.

Ray Blk // Interview

The South London singer and Stormzy-collaborator Ray Blk sits down with Rachel Grace Almeida for August's cover story

Jamila Woods // Interview

As Jamila Woods' status soars, all she wants to do is give back to the community in Chicago. In our June issue, Rachel Grace Almeida explores how her musicianship is doing so much good for the city.

Iglooghost // Interview

Geoff Cowart catches up with oddball producer Iglooghost ahead of this weekend's Visions festival

Michael Winterbottom – On The Road // Interview

In 2015 filmmaker Michael Winterbottom followed North London rock band Wolf Alice as they toured their debut My Love Is Cool.

Merchandise // Interview

Tim Hakki gets existential with 4AD's Merchandise before their show at The Laundry

Hinds // Interview

That notoriously difficult second album? No sweat, as Kate Solomon finds out.

Haiku Salut // Interview

We catch up with Haiku Salut ahead of their London shows this week.

Panda Bear // Interview

Danny Wright talks to our February cover star Panda Bear to find out all about his new album and creative process.

Surfer Blood // Interview

“The title, ‘Snowdonia’, actually came to me in a dream. I wanted to write really long songs with lots of different, non-repeating parts”.

Kano – Hoodies All Summer // Album Interview

Danny Wright dissects Kano's essential new album with Robin Murray and Caitlin Scott.

Deap Vally // Interview

Before meeting Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, a.k.a. blues-rock queens Deap Vally, based on their music and stage presence I had pictured them as two...

Metronomy // Interview

As Metronomy release their latest album Summer 08, Danny Wright catches up with frontman Joe Mount to talk about how far the band has come

Allo Darlin’ // Interview

Allo Darlin give one of their last ever interviews to Gareth Ware.

Baths // Interview

“As long as the song makes you feel emotional, even if you can’t pin down what it is. That’s key for me.”