Weslee // Interview

Amar Mehta caught up with electro R&B duo Weslee to talk the band's inception, making music across time zones and Grey's Anatomy.

Crumb // Interview

2019 was a galvanising year for Brooklyn-based band Crumb, reflected in the long-awaited release of their debut full-length, Jinx. We caught up with them after the first of their two dates at The Dome.

Girl Ray // Interview

"We didn’t want it to be an album for any particular ‘in crowd’, or whatever. We wanted it to be accessible for everyone and not be too exclusive about it."

Total Refreshment Centre // Interview

Ahead of Total Refreshment Centre's show with Blue Note this evening, John Bell speaks with the vital cultural centre's founder.

Sudan Archives // Interview

"The key message is that you have to embrace the light and the darkness within you. It’s how it is with superheroes, goddesses, influential people."

POND // In Photos

Ahead of the release of their live studio album Sessions, and their return to the stage in London as they wrap up their UK/EU...

FKA Twigs – Magdalene // Album Interview

Worth the wait? Danny Wright decides with Thomas Hannan and Stephanie Phillips.

Anna Of The North // Interview

“It was like losing that part of me, so I had to find that again. You just have to start over.”


We had a chat with Phoebe Bridgers ahead of her headline performance at Mirrors Festival.

Anna Meredith // Interview

"I’ve got a kind of masochistic desire to work my ass off and to push further."

Clipping. // Interview

"Every moment in time gets the monster it deserves. It’s always some sort of representation of some anxiety within a culture."

Lindstrøm // Interview

“I think it’s possible to express your inner musical visions using a lot of hardware.”

King Princess – Cheap Queen // Album Interview

Danny Wright discusses King Princess' first album, Cheap Queen, with Katie Thomas and Kezia Cochrane.

Jacques Greene // Interview

Ahead of his new record 'Dawn Chorus' coming out this Friday we speak with Jacques Greene on collaboration, inspirations and his ever-evolving sound.

Tony Njoku // Interview

“I’m drawn to music that feels like a sonic blackout; anything that makes me work appeals to me” - Esme Bennett speaks to Tony Njoku on his latest album.

World Mental Health Day // Interview Feature

For World Mental Health Day five artists share their experiences and struggles with mental health, and reflect on how their music has factored into...

Jenny Hval // Interview

“I think for someone who feels different, or is treated differently, being able to feel ordinary is a place of calm”.

Blanck Mass // Interview

Ahead of his US tour, Esme Bennett caught up with Blanck Mass to discuss painting, capitalism, snakes and more. His new album Animated Violence Mild is out now.

Kano – Hoodies All Summer // Album Interview

Danny Wright dissects Kano's essential new album with Robin Murray and Caitlin Scott.

((( O ))) // Interview

“The mission statement for The Sundrop Garden is to change the way that we create everything.”

Shura // Interview

“Even in the four years since I released my first record there are so many more queer female, male, non-binary, gender non-conforming artists."