Polly Money // Interview

This week, DIY Pop upstart Polly Money released her debut EP, Trip2020.  It's a collection of songs that follow the highs & lows of...

Goss // Interview

Today, Danish artist Goss releases his debut album Group Therapy. This is an album which almost has been therapeutic by revealing his own personal...

Hope Tala // Interview

With her Girl Eats Sun EP hot on the horizon, Hope Tala follows up her stunning single All My Girls Like To Fight with a captivating new track, Crazy. ...

Anna Sofia // Interview

Toronto-based singer songwriter Anna Sofia has blessed the music scene with two new videos in the past few weeks - an acoustic take on...

Samson Ashe // Interview

Meet Samson Ashe - a singer-songwriter born and raised in London who won hearts with his track 'Too Rough' back in 2017. His most...

Will Hyde // INTERVIEW

Australian newcomer will hyde continues to drum up the hype around his name with the reveal of new single, over u. The stellar track...

Finlay // Interview

Finlay is a name to know who hails from Yorkshire. Having moved to London recently he's been releasing a collection of songs that shows...

DWN2EARTH // Interview

Atlanta based fast rising newcomer Dwn2earth today lives up to recent hype with the reveal of his stunning debut body of work, ATLANTIS, out...

Zoe Wees // Interview

Hamburg born Zoe Wees is a rare artist in the sense she possesses a unique vocal & leaves you hanging on every word she says....

Khruangbin // Interview

With their third album out now, Al Mills discusses Third Space Theory, travelling and their transcendent new record Mordechai with Khruangbin. 

Dream Wife // Interview

"We started writing and there was just...an energy there. It was like a well-oiled machine, and that really allowed us to dig in and be sensitive together, without being afraid.” 

Jockstrap // Interview

Since they formed in 2017, Jockstrap have been turning heads with a sound that is somehow ludicrously catchy, abrasive, heartfelt and syrupy sweet all at once.

Westerman // Interview

"I wasn’t thinking about a pandemic when I wrote it, but it’s music that could be helpful for feelings of isolation, and it’s supposed to be sort of hopeful"

Bullion // Interview

Prolific producer and musician Bullion talks Lisbon, collaboration, and dance music. His latest EP We Had A Good Time is out now.

Melt Yourself Down // Interview

It didn’t feel that my music needed any form of political comment to be relevant, but as soon as we started making this album, we sat down and we were like, ‘well, we’re not gonna start writing songs about love',”

Caribou // Interview

"That’s what music is for me...it’s to get that feeling of release, and euphoria and happiness."

Wiki // Interview

"Give me beats, like I can rap and write songs on it, but how can I challenge myself? People aren’t even ready for what’s next.”

Zebra Katz // Interview

"I didn’t want to make what people thought I should be making..."

Kano // Interview

"it’s not about being a ‘role model’, it’s about being as real as you can. I’ve experienced a lot and I wanna share that experience, I wanna help people."

Sorry // Interview

For some bands, the road to their first album is one filled with lofty ambition, high anxiety and the sense that they could be...

Thundercat // Interview

“It starts out with me on the couch with my cat...that’s how it always starts.”