Jen Cloher // In Five

You already know Jen Cloher. You might not know it, but you do.

Kagoule // In Five

They might be barely out of their teens, but Kagoule are busy carving out their own identity.

Klangstof // In Five

We talk to Klangstof about five tracks that inspired new EP Everest.

Exploding Head Sessions // In Ten

Our friends from Exploding Head Sessions let us know what they've learnt from a year of throwing parties. Exploding Head Sessions throw a monthly night...

Farao // In Five

We caught up with Farao to find out about a few tracks that have influenced her new album Pure-O

Layfullstop // In Five

Having just released her mesmerising new single 'Cherries', Layfullstop shares some of the tracks that have influenced her hip-hop tinged soul.

Kris Baha // In Five

Our latest In Five comes courtesy of Berlin-based Kris Baha.

Why Bonnie // In Five

Ahead of releasing their new EP Voice Box next Friday, Why Bonnie talks us through five tracks that have inspired their sound.

Nuala Honan // In Five

Ahead of releasing her new album Doubt & Reckoning next month, we caught up with Bristol-based artist Nuala Honan to talk five tracks that have influenced her.

Shopping // In Five

Ahead of tonight's show at the 100 Club Shopping run us through five formative records.

Johnny Foreigner // In Five

In celebration of their 10th year and 5th album, Johnny Foreigner share their top 5 hidden tracks.

Husky Loops // In Five

All sludgy basslines and mid-song energy changes, they bring their live show to Kamio tomorrow.

Mellow Gang // In Five

The appropriately-named Mellow Gang's chill-out indie is awash with psych elements.

Saoirse // In Five

AVA Belfast, Gottwood, Love International, Freerotation, Lovebox and Houghton... You only have to scan over Saoirse’s festival bookings for 2018 to see that she is a DJ in serious demand.

Linn Koch-Emmery // In Five

Stepping into the limelight in 2017, Linn Koch-Emmery has been stated as one of the most rapid rising stars in modern indie rock. Ahead of her performance tonight at Ja Ja London, we spoke with Linn to find out about a few tracks that she's got on repeat.

Lowkey // In Five

We caught up with rapper and campaigner, Lowkey, to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his new album ahead of his live show this Friday 19th at EartH, Hackney.

Panic Pocket // In Five

Ahead of playing Spectrum's show at Strongroom Bar tomorrow, we caught up with Panic Pocket to find out about five tracks that have inspired them.

Tree Trunks // In Five

Ahead of their night at Grow Tottenham tonight, Pumping Velvet talks us through five of their fave dancefloor anthems and gives us a taste of what to expect later.

Zsela // In Five

To mark the release of her debut EP 'Ache of Victory' we caught up with Zsela to find out five tracks that have influenced her.

Transgressive // 10 Years of Madness

We hear 5 tales and 5 songs that shaped the life of 10 year old label Transgressive from founder Tim Dellow

Mass Gothic // In Five

With his debut album coming out on Sub Pop this week we talk to Mass Gothic about what inspired this masterpiece.