Katie Malco // In Five

There's a powerful vulnerability at the core of Katie Malco's music, delivered with a resolute self-assurance, that makes her such a remarkable songwriter.

Abyss X // In Five

Abyss X's bold, brooding and experimental pop is spellbindingly intoxicating. With her debut album out next month, she shares five influential tracks with us.

KG // In Five

Standing tall as one of UK funky's most important figures, KG reveals five tracks that have influenced her from across the musical spectrum.

HAWA // In Five

Having started her musical journey early as one of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra's youngest composers, HAWA is now turning her prodigious creativity to crafting incisive and intoxicating rap. Get to know her In Five.

Bradley Zero // In Five

Bradley Zero highlights five of his most pivotal records...


IGLOOGHOST's latest track 'Amu' offers a certain unique, transcendental magic that makes us want to live inside the track. Get to know him In Five.

Remi Wolf // In Five

Remi Wolf makes candy-sweet, kaleidoscopic pop that is undeniably, exuberantly fun. As she releases the infectious 'Photo ID' today we caught up with her to talk five tracks that have influenced her.

ADULT. // In Five

With their new album out now, cult dance-punk duo ADULT. talk us through five tracks that have influenced the sounds on their latest offering.

Zsela // In Five

To mark the release of her debut EP 'Ache of Victory' we caught up with Zsela to find out five tracks that have influenced her.

404 Guild // In Five

Elison 404, aka 404 Guild members Eliot and Sonny, release their highly anticipated debut record Pebbledash. To celebrate the release they share a choice selection of tracks that have influenced them.

Flo Milli // In Five

Anytime Flo Milli drops a new track it's a guaranteed good time and 'Eat It Up' is no different. Get to know five tracks that have influenced her and her inimitable sound.

Fran Lobo // In Five

Bold and compelling, 'Monster' sees Fran Lobo take her sound confidently to new realms and we can't wait for her new EP to drop this summer. In the meantime, enjoy her In Five selection.

Mouse // In Five

Rising Bristol pop star Mouse is here with the infectious dance tunes we need; we caught up with her to talk five iconic tracks that have influenced her upcoming EP.

TrueMendous // In Five

The first female rapper to sign to the prestigious High Focus Records, TrueMendous channels a raw realness in her inimitable and astute flow. Get to know her In Five.

Toya Delazy // In Five

Pulsing with heady basslines and powerful, quickfire vocals, 'Qhawe' is the latest single setting out Toya Delazy as a pioneering artist bringing her 'afro-rave' to the world.

Becky and the Birds // In Five

Cascading with angelic harmonies and gloriously mellow beats 'Wondering', the latest release from Becky and the Birds, is a pensive and poignant track.

Nimmo // In Five

'Do I Have To Learn It?' marks a welcome return for Nimmo and sees them deliver a sublime slice of disco-infused electro-pop. Get to know them In Five.

Pieces of Juno // In Five

The wonderful Pieces of Juno talks us through her journey as an artist in five tracks.

Why Bonnie // In Five

Ahead of releasing their new EP Voice Box next Friday, Why Bonnie talks us through five tracks that have inspired their sound.

Denai Moore // In Five

A multi-talented and singular creative force, we caught up with Denai Moore to talk five tracks that have influenced her sound ahead of her new album coming this summer.

Charmpit // In Five

With their harmonic blend of high-octane pop and crystalline, melodic punk, self-proclaimed "Anarcutie" DIY punks Charmpit are exactly what we could do with a dose of in our lives right now.