Hot Shorts // In Short

The amount of times the word 'short(s)' was used to organise this In Short with Hot Shorts borders on ridiculous.

Phoebe Bridgers // In Short

We catch up with Phoebe Bridgers ahead of her show at Mirrors Festival this weekend.

Cookiee Kawaii // In Short

Taking her name from her love for Animé and cookies, Cookiee Kawaii is the Jersey club artist who's debut track is a bonafide summer anthem and a Tiktok sensation.

Mac McCaughan // In Short

We caught up with Mac McCaughan while he was conquering Portugal and asked him a few of the burning questions.

Baths // In Short

An effervescent and transcendent slice of electronica, 'Mikaela Corridor' is the latest single from the enigmatically alluring Baths. Get to know him In Short.

The High Dials // In Short

Ready to dig the High Dials? The Canadian band make anthemic pop shaded with a touch of shoegaze.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic // In Short

Melodic folk-tinged alt-pop from Australia, anyone?

Deerful // In Short

Debut album Peach is off-kilter synth-pop, managing to be both sad and endearing in equal measure.

Virgin Suicide // In Short

Virgin's Suicide's glittering guitar-pop is heaps more cheerful than the film they got their name from.

Martha // In Short

Hailing from a town called Pity Me from Durham, the four-strong group trade in a unique brand melodic punk pop that celebrates uncertainty, fear and loneliness

Tommy // In Short

After watching people close to him suffer through mental illness and heartbreak, Tommy’s feelings became detached from the everyday life and towards deeper meanings. He began to write songs that, although often bleak, look to bring hope to those that are experiencing pain. Through his own struggles, music has always been there as a form of comfort, when people are not enough. We spoke to the singer-songwriter as his new single 'Pyre' graces the public realm...

Hatchie // In Short

Hatchie is the golden shoegaze-y pop project of Brisbane-based Harriette Pilbeam.

Gang // In Short

Ahead of a show next week at The Waiting Room, we caught up with the Brighton fuzz-rock trio.

Aldous Harding // In Short

We caught up with Aldous to ask her all of our burning questions

Ivy Sole // In Short

We caught up with rapper-singer Ivy Sole to find out a little about what makes her tick. Drawing from her childhood heroes Missy Elliott and...

Martha Da’Ro // In Short

Get to know Martha Da'Ro ahead of her show as part of this year's Roundhouse Rising...

Jerome Thomas // In Short

With the release of his new project this month, Jerome Thomas is taking his 6-piece band on a UK nationwide tour including a special headline show at The Jazz Café. We spoke to the artist to find out a little more about him via some quick-fire questions.
Amen Dunes

Amen Dunes // In Short

Clearly people are starting to take notice of this immense talent, and there's no stopping him, with Love proving to be his most touching collection of tracks yet.

Jaguwar // In Short

Describing their sound as "noise & detail”, Jaguwar emit a multi-layered wall of sound, shoegaze, noise & pop.

Twin Peaks // In Short

We caught up with Twin Peaks before their London shows to find out more about them

Delhia de France // In Short

Released last week, Delhia de France's 'Razor' is flawlessly and breathtakingly striking. We caught up with her to talk Oscar Wilde, the universe and what dish she loves to cook