Arms & Sleepers // In Short

We catch up with Boston duo Arms & Sleepers before their album release and show at Cargo

Pile // In Short

Boston's brilliant Pile are coming to London so we catch up with them ahead of that and implore you to go see them

Jaakko Eino Kalevi // In Short

We caught up with Jaakko Eino Kalevi for all the usual In Short questions, to get you in the mood for his astounding live show which, you know, you really should get yourself to.

L.A. FOSTER // In Short

Pop Montreal's UK Tour comes to Queen of Hoxton so we caught up with L.A. Foster

Oscar // In Short

Oscar plays The Dome at Tuffnell Park tonight.

Wedding // In Short

Dreamy lo-fi Wedding - the project of Manchester-via-Berlin songwriter Thomas Craig - pair spaced-out guitar fuzz with dreamy vocals. Listen to latest track '18' below: Having...

Ariana and the Rose // In Short

Cosmic synth-pop talent Ariana and the Rose is making waves both sides of the Atlantic with her cool-girl pop beats.

Grace Carter // In Short

We spoke to soul's new sister Grace Carter ahead of her 2018 shows with HAIM and Rag N Bone Man.

Catching Flies // In Short

Early 2019 saw the release of more exceptional new music from Catching Flies, this time in the form of a unique collaboration with legendary UK Grime MC Trim which has been one of our favourite tracks of his to date. We caught up with the London-based producer to find out a little more about him via some quick-fire questions. 

Tommy // In Short

After watching people close to him suffer through mental illness and heartbreak, Tommy’s feelings became detached from the everyday life and towards deeper meanings. He began to write songs that, although often bleak, look to bring hope to those that are experiencing pain. Through his own struggles, music has always been there as a form of comfort, when people are not enough. We spoke to the singer-songwriter as his new single 'Pyre' graces the public realm...

Iyla // In Short

With everything she does, iyla exudes a strong creative identity and confidence. Last year the LA artist and activist, who's on the Youtube Music US Foundry programme, released her debut EP. Get to know her In Short.

Ojerime // In Short

Ojerime fuses nostalgic 90s R&B vibes with dark, pensive electro and honest, poetic lyricism to offer her own striking blend of avant-garde R&B. Get to know her In Short.

Marie Naffah // In Short

We had a little chat with winner of the MTV Unsigned award 2013, Marie Naffah to find out more about what makes her tick:

Gang // In Short

Ahead of a show next week at The Waiting Room, we caught up with the Brighton fuzz-rock trio.

Krill // In Short

We caught up with the Boston trio ahead of their UK tour to talk meeting Jon Hamm and playing in awful jazz combos

Shamir // In Short

We get to know the enigmatic and brilliant Shamir ahead of his Visions festival performance

Ry X // In Short

Ahead of The Great Escape we chat to Ry X about his likes and loves, and all the ace bands he likes.

Iglooghost // In Short

You’ve got less than a month before the Visions festival blows your mind. And to help you get fighting fit ahead of the one-day...

Pale Honey // In Short

When Pale Honey burst onto the scene in 2015 with their self-titled debut album, their simple yet striking brand of indie rock made waves...

George Maple // In Short

George Maple answers our questions ahead of The Great Escape and her show at Birthdays London.

Jaguwar // In Short

Describing their sound as "noise & detail”, Jaguwar emit a multi-layered wall of sound, shoegaze, noise & pop.