July Jones // In Short

With her new video for 'Switch It Off' out today, we caught up with rapidly rising pop star July Jones to get to know her In Short.

Delilah Holliday // In Short

A name you may already be familiar with as one third or Skinny Girl Diet, we caught up with Delilah Holliday to find out her dream gig, fave tour food, and more.

Allie X // In Short

Allie X is an infinitely entrancing creative visionary. Her idiosyncratic dark-pop creations have garnered her a great deal of acclaim. With her new album out soon, get to know Allie X In Short.

Zanillya // In Short

A name we'll be hearing plenty more from soon, get to know the multi-talented Zanillya In Short.

Minimal Violence // In Short

Get to know Berlin-based duo Minimal Violence In Short...

Namasenda // In Short

The latest signing to PC Music, get to know Swedish pop sensation Namasenda ahead of her shows with Hannah Diamond tonight and tomorrow.

Josie Man // In Short

With her debut EP due out next year, we caught up with Josie Man to find out a little more about her and her dreamy, charming pop creations.

Chikaya // In Short

Enjoy Chikaya's latest single 'Himalayas', coming out on Illegal Data's debut compilation, and get to know her In Short.

Soleima // In Short

If you're not yet familiar with Soleima then rest assured you'll be hearing a lot more from this Scandinavian pop sensation. Get to know Soleima In Short.

The Gotobeds // In Short

Ahead of playing The Islington tonight, we caught up with Eli Kasan of The Gotobeds to ask some quick-fire questions. Their third album Debt Begins at 30 is out now.

DJs Pareja // In Short

Argentinian duo DJs Pareja feature in our latest In Short...

LEYMA // In Short

Ahead of his headline show this Friday we catch up with rising lo-fi rapper, musician and producer LEYMA. Get to know him In Short.

Austel // In Short

For their last show of 2019 at Strongroom, Spectrum Gigs hosts a glorious line-up of electronic artists. Ahead of the show this Wednesday we get to know Austel In Short.

Birgitta Alida (JA JA JA Special) // In Short

The next Ja Ja Ja night is fast approaching and happens to fall on the spookiest night of the year. Ahead of the show, we get to know Birgitta Alida In Short.

Brooke Candy // In Short

When Brooke Candy dropped 'XXXTC' in the middle of summer, with the promise of her debut album imminent, the anticipation for the full record...

Slow Hollows // In Short

Opening with a sultry blend of dreamy brass melodies, hushed vocals, and dusky beats Actors, Slow Hollows' latest offering, showcases a distinct evolution from...

Francis Lung // In Short

Francis Lung's dreamy, kaleidoscopic sonic creations are at once mesmerising and intricate taking you on a meandering, captivating journey with each song. Ahead of...

Tawiah // In Short

Tawiah's sound is instantly and uniquely captivating, imbued with a rich, soulful warmth. With her debut record Starts Again out today, we caught up with...

Mysie // In Short

Get to know Mysie ahead of The Great Escape First Fifty show...

Lazy Day // In Short

With their new single 'Real Feel' out earlier this week, we caught up with Tilly of Lazy Day to get to know the band In Short.

Pizzagirl // In Short

Living up to the vibrant name, Pizzagirl makes infectious, off-kilter pop that feels like the soundtrack to a forgotten John Hughes movie. With his debut album first timer out today, we get to know him In Short.